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Coming to Myself 待我醒来时 [Pending]

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Dai Wo Xing Lai Shi






You Ming Xu, a female detective from Jiangrong City, went deep into western Sichuan to investigate a serial murder case. She met Yin Feng, a criminal psychology professor who was injured and had amnesia, and the two formed a detective partner.

Yin Feng, who had lost his memory, returned to his boyhood, innocent and enthusiastic, and walked into You Ming Xu's closed heart due to the loss of his mother at a young age. In the process of handling the case, Yin Feng showed excellent criminal psychological analysis skills, while You Ming Xu relied on many years of case-handling experience and keen intuition to solve the case repeatedly with the help of Yin Feng.

The two went from strangers to tacit understanding and gradually became familiar with each other. Falling in love with each other.

Yin Feng also regained his memory. He looked cold on the outside but was still full of feelings for You Ming Xu on the inside. But Yin Feng deduced that his brother might be the murderer of You Ming Xu's mother.

In order to solve the mystery of the death of You Ming Xu's mother nineteen years ago, the two of them worked hard to uncover the truth that had been sealed for many years and finally revealed the real culprit.

(Source: Chinese = Weibo || Translation = MyDramaList)

~~ Adapted from the web novel "Dai Wo You Zui Shi" (待我有罪时) by Ding Mo (丁墨). 


Native Title: 待我醒来时
Also Known As: When I'm Guilty , When I Wake Up , Awaiting My Awakening , Dai Wo You Zui Shi , 待我醒來時 , 待我有罪时
Director: Tsai Yueh Hsun
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Drama
Tags: Adapted From A Web Novel, Professor Male Lead, Detective Female Lead, Serial Killings, Web Series, Amnesia, Investigation, Suspense 
Country: China
Type: Drama
Episodes: 32
Original Network: CCTV Tencent Video


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