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Fire Investigator 火场追凶 [Pending]

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Fire Investigator 





Title : 火场追凶

English title : Fire Investigator

Director/screenwriter : Xing Jian Jun

Genre : suspense, detective, crime

Episode : 24

Release : TBA

Network : Youku



Fire investigator Yu Tong accidentally reunites with his long-lost friend, criminal policeman Lin Yao Yao, because of a spontaneous combustion case in a lake. The two rush to various fire scenes to investigate and arrest the culprit. They are not afraid of hardships and use efficient and reliable investigation methods, advanced technical means, and flexible and changeable inspection methods to solve complicated fire cases. While exploring the truth of the accident, they also summarize effective methods to prevent and control fire risks. In the process, Yu Tong gradually uncovers the truth about the fire that once occurred in his own factory, finds the real culprit behind the accident, and clears his father's name.

(Source : Douban , translated with Google Translator)



Xu Kai - Yu Tong

Liu Yi Tie - Lin Yao Yao


Official Weibo电视剧火场追凶

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Synopsis, character description of Yu Tong and Lin Yao Yao. English translations by XuKai_Soso0305.


"Each fire case tells the story of human heart, life and society."








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