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SKY Castle スカイキャッスル [July 25]

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SKY Castle 






Director : Naomi Tamura, Yuji Nakamae, Kazunari Hoshino
Writer : Hiroshi Hashimoto
Network: TV Asahi
Episodes : TBA
Release : July 25, 2024
Runtime : Thursday 21:00



Sae Asami (Nao Matsushita) is a housewife, married to a doctor, and has two daughters. Her family lives within the exclusive SKY CASTLE neighborhood. She works hard to get her eldest daughter into the most prestigious high school and she will do anything to accomplish that goal. Her neighbors in SKY CASTLE include Izumi Minamisawa (Fumino Kimura), Kyoko Nikaido (Manami Higa), and Misaki Natsume (Maryjun Takahashi). All of these women try to send their children into the same elite high school. They hear that the son of their neighbor Kaori Saejima has passed the entrance exam to the high school that they desperately want their children to attend. They are eager to hear from Kaori Saejima on what was used to help her son pass the exam. Kaori Saejima reveals the existence of exam coordinator Ayaka Kujo (Koyuki). Ayaka Kujo only tutors two students a year and charges an extraordinary fee, but she gets her students into any school that they want. She boasts a 100% success rate.

(Source Asian Wiki )


Remake of K-drama SKY Castle (JTBC, 2018).



Nao Matsushita - Sae Asami
Fumino Kimura - Izumi Minamisawa
Manami Higa - Kyoko Nikaido
Maryjun Takahashi - Misaki Natsume
Koyuki - Ayaka Kujo


Official website 


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