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Song That Is Stuck In Your Head At The Moment

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Mine is:   Circles by Post Malone    

Put the video of the song that you can't get it out of your head at this moment.....Mine is:          

I've been humming this song randomly since this morning. I'm not joking lol 🙄    

13 minutes ago, abnoch said:

like the wet studio setting and the light works there 


exactly i love the way they dances in the water, and i think Cai XuKun did it great and better than the trainees but then he isnt on heels like them hahaha

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On 9/27/2020 at 8:37 AM, abnoch said:

I know you played this a lot these days before.

Lol. How can I get caught? Bro look up my playlist?! Or u r actually not sleeping sigh. I miss them. And thank u that I can still "I hope its not" on you. I dont wanna cry. HATE U!!!:letalQQ:

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  G O O D   V I B E S  ♪  

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im not sure about you guys hahahah after i hear this one....i cant get it out of my head......its like listening to a woman and man duet....however both are guys


ZhouShen voice are finer than any girls i heard


ZhouShen & Hawken Lee Duet - Chase



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Currently Watching:  You're My Hero (C) Hello Mr. Gu (C)


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