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[K-Artist] Song Joong Ki 송중기

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Song Joong Ki sent food truck for actor Hwang Jung Min. Jung Min's new drama is HUSH 🤫 They worked together in movie Battleship Island.




SJK banner :


Snack is stronger than a pen. SJK shoots (I found it from internet, 쏩니다 means to shoot but it also means “to buy someone meal”, no wonder he used Yoo Si Jin photos 😅). HUSH staff and cast, please eat sandwiches & drink well, and fighting for the filming.


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2020.12.24 SJK Baidu fans (China) sent coffee truck for Joong Ki and Vincenzo team at Vincenzo's filming site.


Joong Ki's message :


BAIDU 감사해요!!
(BAIDU thank you!!)
메리 크리스마스 ^_^
(Merry Christmas ^_^)
(I love you)





SJK Baidu also sent buffet cart



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2020.12.31 Actor Jin Sun Kyu IG update



Song Joong Ki sent pizza and coffee truck for Jin Sun Kyu and Yoo Jae Myung (movie Season of You and Me).




• SJK worked with Jin Sun Kyu in Space Sweepers.

• SJK got an offer to act in Season of You and Me. He decided to step down from this movie due to unexpected scheduling conflicts.

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Actress Jang Young Nam (Park Bo Young's mom in A Werewolf Boy) talked about the movie & Song Joong Ki.








"Even if he wore a dirty makeup, he was bright."


About bathing scene : I had to pretend to wipe it, but I did it without knowing it.








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Vincenzo - script reading








Song Joong Ki impressed with his diverse acting range that encapsulated both his character’s guile and sincerity as he becomes a dark hero to eliminate villains who have their roots deep in Korean society. In doing this, he gets involved with the tenants of Geumga Plaza. 


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