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Please! 8 Hours 拜托了!8小时 [Pending]

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300px-Please%21_8_Hours.jpegChinese title: 拜托了!8小时 / Bai Tuo Le Ba Xiao Shi
English title: Please! 8 Hours

Genre: Romance, science fiction


Director: Ding Yang Guo, Lan Hai Han Yiliqi

Broadcast Period: 



Tong Meng Shi as Ye Tian
Xiao Yan as Bai Wei
Ren Yan Kai as Lin Feng
Zhu Dan Ni as Zhang Yun'er
Zhao Bin
Zhao Tian Yu as Zhao Jialiang
Fan Shi Ran
Liu Mei Tong
Xiong Nai Jin
Gao Zi Qi
Yan Xiao
Hou Chang Rong
Chen Xuan Ming
Wang Neng
Lan Man Yu as Xiao Dou Zi





A love story across two parallel universes - a fictional wuxia world and a modern-day workplace.





@Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list.








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