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Twisted Fate of Love  今夕何夕 [2020]

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Chinese title: 今夕何夕/ Jin Xi He Xi
English title: Twisted Fate of Love 

Genre: Ancient, Romance

Episodes: 43

Director: Wei Han Tao, Xu Hui Kang, Chen Xiang Juan (陈湘娟)

Broadcast Period: 



Sun Yi as Dong Yue
Jin Han as Feng Xi
Tan Jian Ci as Pang Yu
Luo Qiu Yun as Zi Yuan / Ming Zhu
Yu Cheng En as Dao Le
Zhang Zhi Jian as Lu Yuan Tong
Hai Ling as Li Yu Rou
Wang Xu Dong as Lu Chuan
Shen Bao Ping as Fang Yuan
Hong Jian Tao as Duke An
Zheng Guo Lin as Emperor
Wang Dong as Wen Ye
Lu Chen Yue as Wen Xin
Zhao Xin as Noble Consort Feng
Ruan Ju as Murong Yi



Two brothers: One graceful and elegant, the other flamboyant but low-key, find their tight-knit relationship broken when they fall for the same woman. Under Dong Yue's influence, the two of them make their way back to each other. 





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