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My Dear Guardian 亲爱的戎装 [2021 - June 1st]


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@abs-oluteM I know right, they didn't show us the explanation about the transfer, which is prolly why he said not around this time. I think that's why she ends up being taken hostage? She prolly asks to be transferred or will take on a stint abroad to see him? Shierking cousin is so funny, reporting to the aunt about them going to the marriage registrar and after that congratulating her on an impending grandson!  Hilarious, actually she doesn't look a bit like she's 21 though, so I found it more believable for her to talk like that to her aunt, like coming from someone more matured.


And Tian Yong putting down the phone and calling the cousin was just as funny. Seriously you can't have privacy on camp, with such inquisitive team-mates.


OK, after watching E22, I think we are going to go through a period where they get separated before they even actually get together. [SIGH]. I think I know what she is thinking, she's afraid of getting hurt, of losing someone again, after her first bad encounter. She doesn't want to tell him to change his career, she probably realises that it won't be easy if someone were to ask her to change hers as well, it's something he's passionate about and terribly good at. And he's waiting for her to ask him to, because that's an indication that she is sure about  being with him. But I hope he realises that after such a traumatic first love for her, she won't be able to so easily commit to a second one, the fear will be real. Look at how frozen in the past she is, something will need to happen to compel her to move forward, and that 'catalyst' hasn't quite happened, just yet.


I like though that he was forthcoming, he's finally admitted that he likes her, and that he's going to get redeployed. The ball is in her court.


I am not sure I am looking forward to tomorrow's episodes. And I hope for goodness sake, they bring on the flood of episodes next week.

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2 hours ago, SnT said:

But one point i don agree w is dr zhang asked xc to go get the lungs like its a parcel of food or something. I mean if muze is not arounf say in camp or zhang doesn't know they r staying together, xc will go in a taxi? Ehmmn... isnt it better procedures to ask an ambulance n a doc to escort it back. Can even avoid the jam if they hv siren on. 

yes and there should be some professional that able to take better care of the transfer … at the rate they jolt the organ around… I wonder it still stay in one piece ? That some very stable and compact container I guess 


I remember when my uncle needed to go to hospital … my brother told me to get ambulance for him cause it’s definitely the better choice as they will have better access thru the traffic jam and also better care

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Looks like he is expecting transferring camp or another station. Oh dear. He is thinking too much. 


Ep 22 i m tearing out my hair over these two. They kissed 2x n behave like couple then they say they r not in a relationship. What?!!! She says she doesn't like him.. At least he admitted many times, in the car, their kitchen talk. 


It looks like she is suspecting zr n felt uneasy w him. But just stubbornly refused to think badly of him. Guess it is like u just trust ur childhood friend whom u din see for so long but still feel the bond. Feelings wise she is over zr. That is clear. N She obviously sides lmz. In the hospital she apologised to zr for lmz behaviour. That is what a gf or wife amd mother would do. It is obvious subconsciously its like i m his so i need to apologise for him. 


N Thank God mommy comes n want to chase our er miao. Otherwise that bug will he thrre for don know how long. er miao looks relieved wo that mic. 


But that buying dress stint is so good, i never see a c drama ml dealt w jealousy so beautifully, classy haha lol.. I lol lots these 2 episodes. But tearing my hair over their dragginess. Guess she is also a thinker... N she want the complete rituals of confession n guy askinh gal to be his gf. That i can concur. Cause to me the man need to be responsible n pop the question before hand holding n kissing. Even if later comes first, the question still need to be formally asked. I m old chinawoman style. 

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Oh my god @IpohBanana ...did you watch eps 22 yet? 

Like what in the world just happened? It went from really sweet at the start to being back to square one in terms of where they stand with each other, and then he tells her about him being redeployed! 


Hmm this is definitely the episode that needs a lot of processing. I was under the impression after the kiss and sweet mall date that they were officially an item. But a chance meeting with Dr Zhang who had gone to see Xia Jun & mum resulted in a conflict ( which actually does underlie their differences in some things) . I think like Xia Chu , I was somewhat surprised at how against LMZ was to Dr Zhang courting XJ's mum. I can understand he is protective of the mother & son, and I suppose Dr Zhang is somewhat notorious for being a serial dater of sorts. But still I don't think it is his place to decide for XJ's mum. In this respect XC was right.

Anyhow it seems that both LMZ and XC cannot see eye to eye on this , and somehow it set off some really pertinent questions about where they stood with each other. LMZ is clear on his feelings for her. She wasn't as sure. As the audience we can clearly see she likes him but of course XC has yet to come to that full realisation. I will cut her some slack here. I do think with so many things going - her confusion about ZR ( not so much that she has any feelings for him  , but more about who he really is now) , work pressures and LMZ's sudden kiss confession in front of shrieking cousin , it is hard for her to recognise if the feelings are true. It doesn't help that they are on a fake dating arrangement. Of course the discovery of the wire tap ( like finally ), LMZ's meddling mum and now LMZ tells her he's not going to be around - I am suddenly feeling quite bewildered myself on behalf of XC.


Agreeing with you @SnT that LMZ should have properly confessed. 


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@abs-oluteMso glad i m not the only confused one. Exactly like back to sq 1. He is like i like u but i m not going to do anything yet. Ehmmm.... Aarghhh


To her: its like u just kiss me n show me all the jealousy signs n tell me as much but when i asked for confirmation you just keep quiet.. To save face i guess i will tell him i don like u but i can kiss u too (the kitchen scene). Not to forget she almost did a confession n got jolted by those boys. Must be darn embarrassing. Kinda felt he is making her a fool. All that on top of what u say about mum n fake dating arrangements. PLUS in less than 48 hours, It is a lot happening: she had a 14 hour shift n had not slept at all, not to mention the fact she join the operation after being dunk into the sea n trapped in a car. N having  a car chase. I would be traumatised. My head would be swimming. 


But i really hv to kick lmz for bugging into ppl relationship. Dr zhang n xj mum. Next is ty n cousin. He really think who works n who don. That i agree w xc. Who are we to decide. In normal relationship msybe, but in love relationship u gotta leave ppl to decide for themselves. In a way he is deciding for them too. 

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@abs-oluteM @SnT yes I feel like it's one step forward and 10 steps back. I feel completely at a loss for XC, she must be so conflicted right now. She is not one to let go of relationships easily judging from how long the first one has haunted her. And now she has this second one that is making her feel insecure. 

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Insecure is a perfect word. She has a relationship when the guy vanish into thin air. W lmz n his profession vanishing  into thin air is already a norm.. N now he is not really giving her that relationship security by confirming. The car conversation in ep 22 is very strong in showing their standing. She wants certainties n he cant give.


Oh well... Hope it will work out soon. As tomolo is thurs n hsrsh if we end the week w some cliffhanger. 



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