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You're My Glory 你是我的荣耀 [2021]


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my very first impressions @abs-oluteM lols....


okie enough spazzing about the exploding visual that i had been entertaining myself with....


i have to say....the overall cast is very nicely put and not to mention they are sticking very close to the book...i might not remember most of the parts of the books however they capture most of the essence for me....


they included the part where JingJing bribe the friends with skin gifting so that they will continue to carry her and not cast / blacklisted her as she is what you call a beginner = noob in gaming jargon lols....


i enjoy everything....YangYang playing as YuTu had it pad down...his emotion boiling deep down for unable to provide better for his parents while he went to chase after his dream to be part of the national team for aerospace, he felt like he had neglected his responsibilities towards his parents when he could had actually provided better for his parents...looking deep in, he is suffering and also trying to pull things together, he is struggling with whether he had to let go of his dream, its a uphill climb for himself as he wanted to continue with his dream and also he want to be able to provide for his parent who had unconditionally supported him on all his decision....


of course they pick the absolutely best person to play Jing Jing, Reba!!! she is already a star on her own...and looking at her now as JingJing doesnt take much convincing for me....she shine and she is cute....she had a better path and career wise and doing something she does best....being a star...i can almost felt like Reba is actually playing herself in the drama.....and i love how she dwell and play the games however whenever YuTu tried to school her with what tactics was to be use....she term it as 'HOMEWORK' something she detested hahahah....


too bad....she had the devil evil master Rabbit as her teacher now....:love:


the sides cast and supporting cast is very good too....they got a good casting in this particular drama....and im enjoying side cast acting as much as im eagerly awaiting the times when both YangYang & Reba graces the frame for me

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I just barely reaching ep. 6 and I feel can be dying soon because too much squealing over Yu Tu. Yang Yang plays him so well??? The INTJ vibe so strong?? There is something in his introverted, seriousness, strategic thinker, bit stiff, cute small gestures OMG :zzzz: :pandablush:


and I know this may not be the focus of drama but ngl the MOBA parts are very entertaining for me that kind of game enjoyer! Hahaha

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  G O O D   V I B E S  ♪  


cw on air : Lost, Hospital Playlist 2, Hometown Cha Cha Cha

cw free : Police University

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I have to applaud Yang Yang because he is bringing Yu Tu to life. His interpretation of Yu Tu is beyond what I'd imagined. The struggle between living your dream or being financially stable is real. Someone mentioned it earlier but it is a common struggle among all the dreamers out there. 


I saw the trailers for episodes 9-12. I think I might have to hold off on watching them until the weekend. I don't want to watch and have to wait a few days for more episode. I think this is why for a while I only watched completed dramas. :cry:


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