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Meeting You Loving You 人海之中遇见你 [2021]

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Meeting You Loving You 人海之中遇见你 



Chinese title: 人海之中遇见你 / Ren hai zhi zhong yu jian ni
English title:  Meeting You Loving You

Genre: Romance


Director: Zhu Dong Ning

Broadcasting Network: 

Broadcast Period: TBA



Deng Chao Yuan as Su Zhinian
Zhang Xi Ye as Song Qingchun
Zhao Yao Ke as Tang Nuan
Zhou Rui as Qin Yinan
Li Xing Chen
Liang Zhen Lun as Yan Yuan
Chen Shi Min as Cheng Qingcong



Coming soon...





@Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list.








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13 hours ago, NiteWalker said:


i just finish Maiden Holmes and Way Back into Love, i dunno if i can switch so fast to see Zhang Ling He romancing another person after seeing his chemistry with ChenYao in Maiden Holmes so fast hahahaha

yeah too fast, give it time first lol struggles living in a cdrama land haha

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