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Please Class Mate 拜托了班长 [2021]

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Please Class Mate 拜托了班长



Chinese title: 拜托了班长 / Bai Tuo Le Ban Zhang
English title: Please Class Mate

Genre: Youth, school, romance

Episodes: 24

Director: Kevin Ko (柯孟融)

Broadcasting Network: Tencent Video

Broadcast Period: TBA



Yan Xu Jia
Xia Zhi Guang
Dai Lu Wa
Zhou Yi Ran
Si Wai Ge
Wang Yi Tian
Zhong Yi Xuan
Qiu Hong Kai
Chen Yi Che
Gao Xuan Ming
Xie Lin Tong
Li Ying Ying‎
Yuan Ming Ze



The story tells of two groups of youths who are at odds with one another, who must work together to merge the two factions together. Chaos arise when the leader of the Northern faction Ming Zeyu, and the leader of the Southern faction Yi Zhenghe become classmates.






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The school format is quite interesting. There is 2 group Academic & PE class. They also called South & North class. Apparently they both have their insecurities and quarel a lot. The FL & SL both from academic, and the ML is from PE. Soon the school planned to combine them into one. 


So far it's funny. The ML not so bright lols, he wear shirt with word Retarded and don't know the meaning of it. The FL seems strongheaded and independent. The SL good at play rubic cubes, and seems kind of genious. He's so calm too and always supporting the FL. (SLS ALERT AGAIN, yes) 

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So the daily prank continue going on. This time the academic student Pan Hua hide the PE's sneakers. And they were very sad because each of the sneaker is meaningful for them. I almost teary when Li He mentioned about each sneakers story. After this incidents, the situation is a bit better in class. 


Li He also start to liking Caixi and start being open about it. He was mistakenly thought CX's brother is her lover. This misunderstanding is also hella funny. He ask her for her QQ ID openly in the class too lols. But she rejected him out straight. 


Both of them also being paired in chemistry class, and Li He again looks don't know anything ahahaha.... But I have to admit he start to grow on me. So funny and clueless. 


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I will just call the guys no 1,2,3. 


This pic is no 2,3,1 😅🤣


So no 3 has arrived in the school, he's a superstar who's also a childhood's friend of the FL. He was a fatty boy who save her last time. But he become so thin and handsome.



No 1 & 2 worried with this new enemy lols. Actually what I appreciate on this drama, no 1 & 2 eventhough often being petty to each other, when a serious matters happening, they will help each other. 


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