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Rainbow Oppas (Oct 10 - Oct 17)

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Rainbow Oppas 





Let me explain! So oppas hair always in classic black colour that is boring ? Then this thread is basically a gift for you. You can share oppas with light brown, pink, green, yellow or whatever striking colour you like.


NO Restriction! 


For those don't like rainbow hair, you can also share your dislike here. We're democratic people, always took positive & negative view with ease. 


Rainbow Party START!!!!!!


ME AGAIN FIRST? Okie okie! 


Song Geon Hee / Thomas Cha


I have to admit normally I love my oppa in conventional dark hair. But there is some exception, like this case. I love his light brown hair. And it suit him so well.


He looked like fairy cafe owner in drama Missing Other Side! I do think he looked better with this color. You can decide for yourself, here's the eyecandy pictures of him. Seeing is believing?


song-geon-hee-looks-like-an-actual-cafe- img-20200816-105227-cb3860728ede180c906f song-geon-hee-looks-like-an-actual-cafe-


Black is so mainstream! 




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K-pop is all about the colored hair!


BTS at the 2019 GRAMMYs

BTS at the 2019 GRAMMYs


It doesn't matter what color their hair are, V, JK, Jin, Hobi, RM, Jimin, and Suga always look fantastic, move so smoothly, and sing to move your hearts!



And this is the junior unit at Big Hit: TXT (Tomorrow x Together). They don't have my heart like BTS, but they also rock the hair colors.


TXT Members Talk Dreams, Debut, and Destiny in Teen Vogue Cover Interview |  Teen Vogue
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I think it's just to be different. Also, their hair tend to be part of the coordinated look. Not so much in the BTS pic that I posted, but on the TXT pic,you'll notice that their hair color works with their outfits. :smile:


Suga mentioned at one point how hard it was having to change their hair color all the time, and jokingly threatened to sue PD Bang if he goes prematurely bald because of all the hair coloring. LOL


Also, women going with lighter hair colors is the rage among K-ent, but this is an oppa section, so didn't want to post pics of women with colored hair.

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@SilverMoonTea How can Song Geon Hee is your oppa? He's even younger than me :Ghastlel:


When I read this thread title, all I can remember is my oppas from kpop group. Actors... I only remember several

When I heard rainbow hair color....



G-Dragon of Bigbang. This picture, if I remember correctly was from 2012 when he's promoting his new song Crayon




All BigBang members have varieties of different hair color. You can check it in google. The one who experiments with various hair color is definitely GD.



Seo Kang Joon @SilverMoonTea what do you think about his blond hair style?





@abs-oluteM I remember you like Go Kyung Pyo? What do you think about his blond hair stlye?




All pictures are credit to the owners. I found them on google.

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I'm like 👀👀👀 @abs-oluteM what's with that rooster hairstyle 🤣... 


I felt like got blinding with all that LJK shining hair @bluepebbles 🤪


@LaLa I should not discriminate age for oppa category :laugh: Everyone welcome to become my oppa. No limit... eh well maybe shd be above 18 haha


Park Bo Gum try to be different lols... I think he also should just stick to standard hair... 


temp-76360270b53e207e2e507e3ec160a1ca.jp wasssqq.jpg qBNFIlv.jpg



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@LaLa yes I do love GKP , which reminds me that I should actually go start on his new drama :D

But omo Seo Kang Joon - just no with that hair color...not for GKP as well...


What happened to my this oppa Kim Jae Young... waiting for his casting news since Beautiful Wonderful Life ended  @ktcjdrama @Ameera @stroppyse





He still looks best with black hair and lots of abs



I have to say @bluepebbles Wookie looks amazing in all sorts of looks ...he can carry off a lot of styles 


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@im0202 I wasn't particularly focussing on the hair after the 2nd photo. But yes SiWon can really carry that look. I like.

@bairama I am laughing my head off at your posts on the mustache poll...did your bro color his hair before ? 

@TRaNz do you colour your hair ? 



KWB  (pic credit amino apps)..ahahah not sure what to think


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56 minutes ago, bluepebbles said:

Golden Dongwook

Oh my. Is he a modern british prince?


I would like to sip the english breakfast because of it.


5 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

@bairama I am laughing my head off at your posts on the mustache poll...did your bro color his hair before ? 

:laugh: nah he is not so i dont have killer submission to deal for my advantages:zzzz:

9 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

KWB  (pic credit amino apps)..ahahah not sure what to think

M why not sure? Because the abs distract more the rainbow theme😂

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