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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 [2021]

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Chinese title: 花好月又圆
English title: Truth or Dare

Genre:  Historical, Comedy, Romance

Director:  Xu Hui Kang

Episodes:  30

Broadcast Date: 08 Jun 2021



Li Geng Xi as Xiao Wanzi
Huang Jun Jie as Mei Sanshao
Sun An Ke as Lu Yingyao
Ding Jia Wen as Bandit Mister Xiao Bao
Fan Wei as Qiao Yun
Dai Ya Qi as Nan Xiang
Wang Jia Yu as Mei Keheng



Two girls get married on the same day, but both get on the wrong sedan, setting on their accidentally journey to discover love.



avirtualvoyage, dramawiki


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i havent try this one @Tofu @UnniSara the story is pretty interesting, didnt knew they were going to remake it....not sure if they follow the old path....i let u guys know once i press 'play' lols


"Based on the story written by author Xi Juan, "Wrong Carriage, Right Groom" is a romance story set in the Tang Dynasty. Two women set out on the same day to be married, but as they were traveling to their new homes, rain forced them to take shelter in a temple; they are Du Bingyan and Li Yuhu. As soon as the rain stopped, they quickly set out again. Unbeknownst to the people lifting the carriages, the women had accidentally got in the wrong carriages!

Through a series of trials with their new spouses, the two new couples grow to love each other. As they say, it's fine to get on the wrong bridal carriage, as long as you don't marry the wrong person." (Source: Dramawiki)


上错花轿嫁对郎 - 2000


"Wrong Carriage, Correct Groom"




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I watched the first episode and it actually was not that bad. The female lead is fun to watch and the male lead isn't too bad either. He's pretending to be blind to heighten his other senses. It's also so he can figure out who the evil people are. There's not too much about the second couple yet. They were only briefly mentioned/shown in episode one. I'll watch the next few episodes before I decide if I'm going to commit. 

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Just finished episode 16 with english subs and episode 27 without the subs…Feels soooo saaaad it only has 3 episodes left…the hunt for an easy watchin’ and sweet fluffy romcom drama will begin soon for me again. :pandasad:

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19 minutes ago, NiteWalker said:


okie i probably let it finish airing before i pick it up....i still prefer binging to be honest

Me too, for some reason that is when I can actually finish a drama. Lol 

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Red Sky /홍천기 , Amor Fati 아모르파티 , The Road: The Tragedy of One, 

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