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Kono Koi Atatamemasuka (A Warmed Up Love) - この恋あたためますか [JP Drama 2020]


A Warmed Up Love Poll  

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  1. 1. Will Asaba confess to Kiki?

    • Yes, he will soon.
    • No, he consider ex gf feelings.
  2. 2. Which Episode will be a kiss for Asaba & Kiki ?

    • Ep 8
    • Ep 9
    • Ep 10
    • No Kiss
  3. 3. Will Asaba able to meet Daifuku in person?

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Tonight episode title is


I want to warm you up tonight! 


I think it's worth mentioned again about Asaba's background traumatic with Christmas & cake


In his childhood, he prepared a homemade Christmas cake for his busy parents with the help of Makoto, but instead of being in a family, the cake was dropped on the floor and his parents couldn't eat it for the first time. 


Cr. Japan Wikipedia


I hope we got a warm & satisfying ending tonight! 

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Ep 10 live raw


Kiki go back home, mentioned to Sue angrily that sachou came. 

The next day Mako go to office, he peek from window if Kiki is there or no. 

Meanwhile Asaba back in konbini, look a bit dazed. Then the colleague came to Kiki's house! And guess who's coming? Yes Asaba lols. Kiki panicked, and try to clean the house quickly. 


There is even picture Kiki in girlband, and she don't want to show him. They washing dishes together. There's 1 more picture, he want to see it and take from her hand. Both of them fell in awkward position. Their colleague watching and ask them to continue lols... 



20201222-215922.jpg 20201222-215912.jpg 20201222-215859.jpg 20201222-215950.jpg 


Asaba go to office, met Shintani briefly. Kiki go to kitchen and I think want to talk to him. While Asaba being introduced back in main office, Kiki & Shintani go to cafe nearby and talk, she looks sad & cry. She confess she like shachou. And apologise with bowing her head. 


Asaba go to see Kiki desk and saw her Christmas cake proposal. And remembered when he talk about his childhood cake. And he runaway looking for Kiki, she also running to him. They met at the bridge, he hug her. They confess their feelings again. And she go to kiss him first, and they keep kissing multiple times, but group of kids passing by lols. They walking together, she take picture of him, and he ask to hold her hand. 



20201222-220038.jpg 20201222-220052.jpg 20201222-220118.jpg


Shintani broken heart, drinking and talking to the konbini people. They singing in karaoke. Asaba meet the stakeholder in front of the truck mobile. 

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Shintani in suit, he took picture and being interviewed together with Kitagawa. Asaba & Kiki watching them. Asaba talk to Shintani outside, they seems still in good terms. 


Kiki & Asaba going to shop for Christmas preparation. Kiki & Shintani back in kitchen, they seems back per normal as well. Kiki working on the cake until night. Kiki going to Takumi house and she put Christmas tree. She put Tanabata wishes in trees and he said not suitable. They bickering, and he carry her omg! To sofa, hmm he actually quite passionate haha... He stroke Kiki hair softly too (swooned!


20201222-220216.jpg 20201222-220202.jpg 20201222-220150.jpg


The president and the secretary have dinner lols, discussing about present. Think this couple sail too. Kiki roaming alone in street, seems Asaba busy or not replying (?) She continue making the cake and finished it. 


Kiki back in office, some of the colleague want to propose or something. She seems waiting for Asaba and go to konbini. She check the phone, looked lonely. She bring the cake with her too.  


Makoto seems back in his shop and Riho come to help him. The secretary and the president daughter exchange present. And he give her one too. 


Ah haha he knocked on the door again, caling her Kiki. She keep complaining, he want to hug her, she keep stopping him. And he kiss her. Guess the gift? Crystal ball. Haha. Riho & Mako looking at Kiki IG and he saw his old cake. 


I think Asaba saw Kiki wish in his Christmas tree, not sure what written. They go outside looking at snow. President, daughter, secretary, Mako, Riho also looking at it on their place. And Kiki & Asaba back in konbini to eat the cake. 






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Thanks 💐💐💐@stroppysefor your super lovely help to make the 🦔Hedgehog Love Event 🦔 possible. 


What I ♥️ so much about the drama

❄ The natural acting from all the casts. It's been long I never enjoy J-dorama so much. 

❄ The storyline is pretty simple, yet every episodes always give me something to look forward next. I think the story is relatable for everyone and heart warming.

❄ The FL was on the way to success, and then the ML got demoted haha... But his fallen from grace is really so exciting to watch. 

❄ The way they created quadraple love conflict might not suit everyone taste, but I'm okay with it. It's creating the tense atmosphere that lead to everyone to finally accept theirs/others feelings too.

❄ The ending, is just so sweet diabetic induced. I somehow love it haha, normally I hate too diabetic stuff 😅


Just some minor cons:

I think the business story can be made simpler in the beginning. 

Not enough of Daifuku shot 🤣


I'm going to miss this drama so much, I hope there is SP edition or more interview / magazine shot?


And btw the actor will have B-Day tommorow haha he's a real Christmas guy 🎄

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