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Seo Bok [Movie 2021]


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33 minutes ago, Chocolate said:

How about you?

I have! I streamed it today and thought it wasn't too bad. It's pretty on par with your usual 'nuclear weapon, we must immobilize this before it destroy the world' type movie. 


Seobok is considered a "weapon" because of his ability to control the pressure around him. Seobok is pretty straightforward with his thoughts and questions; however, at the same time there's a sense of innocence in the way he says/asks them. The movie reminds you that he's not a human, but his actions and thoughts are very human-like right down to the emotions he feels. Seobok was created out of greed. It was because of his "mom" unwillingness to accept that her husband and son died in a car accident -- human's unwillingness to believe and accept death. 


I enjoyed the conversation Seobok and Ki Hun had about life and death -- being scared to die but also scared to stay alive. 




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