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Cold Case 3 – コールドケース3 ~真実の扉~ (Japanese Drama Current)


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@SnowBlobSome episodes are extremely memorable and stay with me even if the details may not be as clear cut, but you give me too much credit for remembering the exact season and episode. All that is thanks to our trusty companions Google and Wikipedia :cool:  As for the suspense, I guess in that sense, you're probably right, assuming I remember the case clearly. However, that does not detract from my enjoyment of the story, especially since the production quality is high bolstered by strong performances and an excellent soundtrack selection for each case. More often than not, the adaptation holds its own very well indeed and still draws effortlessly me into the narrative, evoking the very same feelings of shock, horror and sadness just as the original did.


Try as I might, and even when I think Ep3 seems familiar, I can't seem to tie it back to a specific episode from the original. Perhaps it is an original screenplay after all. If not, hopefully it will come to me some day. A tale of an unwavering love spanning 60 years for whom he would go to any lengths to protect; a self-centred woman who trampled over anyone for the limelight until that fateful night, but very easily forgot the past as she moved on with life, though the limelight she basked in would elude her hence, and she would find life not as rosy as she envisioned. What little sympathies I have lie solely with him who planned every detail for her to the end, and far far less for her and the victim whose actions eroded any pity I had for him very quickly. While the plot is more simplistic, the casting is spot on, particularly the older counterparts, and Edith Piaf's Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien very reminiscent of the era that the case is based.


Ep4 on the other hand is clearly adapted from S5 Ep12 Sabotage. Another taut, well-crafted narrative that brings us through dawning horror each time we hear the fateful tune play out followed by the inevitable explosion. Here, the focus is on the perpetrator, allowing us to see why he spiralled out of control as everything he held sacred is destroyed or taken from him one by one, and I feel keenly his pain while I watch in fear of what he would do next. My one gripe would be how the team managed to


save the last victim. Timing is far too off to be believable since we have seen how quickly the music box explodes after the tune is played, yet we are supposed to suspend belief that they managed to rush from outside the recital hall in there, past the audience and children to save her. Also, what on earth was she doing bringing the music box along with her to a recital and only choosing to open it then? It makes no sense.


Ep5 next.

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Signal, Thank You, Missing:The Other Side, Children of Nobody, Misaeng, Tree with Deep Roots, Story of a Man

步步惊心, 琅琊榜之风起长林, 平凡的荣耀, 大鱼海棠, 九州缥缈录, 风声, 剑雨

Ice Kacang Puppy Love, Garden of Evening Mists

Mother, 空から降る一億の星, Ouroboros

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