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Catch Up My Prince 公子不可逑 [Pending]


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MiD0QAH.jpgChinese title: 公子不可逑
English title: Catch Up My Prince

Genre: Historical, romance, comedy
Episodes: 24

Director: Xi Dao
Screenwriter: Huai Yu, Hu Wen Yi (胡文逸)

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Period:



Liu Yi Chang as Zhao Chenyi
Xu Ruo Han as Lu Renjia
Xia Ning Jun as Xu Youzheng
Qin Shan as Yun Zhu
Wang Jia Meng as Zhao Chenxuan
Jin Chong as Zhao Chenyao
He Cong Rui as Zhao Chenyi
Yu Xin Yi as Yu Zixin

















Official Site:


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