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Cham Cham Cham - Battle of Villains


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Cham Cham Cham - Battle of Villains ~Who is the luckiest of them all?~   Hello Villains  Are you tired of being beaten (ehemm...always) by the so called 'heroes'?  This is your

@Darkarcanawill be confused, all her oppas are villain..😆 , 🌻killer, Kosuke, rabbit, dentist? 🤣

1. Lee Seo Jin / Kang Woo Hyun - OCN 2019 Drama Trap Reason : Try to watch this drama. You will be amused by him. I was trully shocked. This is another level of craziness.    2. Looki

:GrowDerp:Thankfully I remembered this...gotta get to work...see my sad face . Eversince WFH, hard to call in sick


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@mademoiselle thank you for pointing that one out :pandascared: i truly missed her (it wasn't intentional :laugh:). And yes...you would have been so upset if you changed your answer :Ghastlel:



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1 hour ago, SnowBlob said:

Who is the luckiest of them all?


:Party01:SHIN SUNG ROK:Party02:


Yay!!! Congratulations to Lee Hyuk, Kang Do Young, Kim Do Chi, Oh Tae Suk, Jo Hwe Ryung, Lee Jae Kyung, Chang-gil...I feel like I might missed some villain roles 😆



42 minutes ago, Tofu said:

Congrats to Shin Sung Rok! He is truly one of the best villains. :LarvitarSDab1:





Also him....


Dugeun dugeun



Help himmmmmm. Palli palliiii



Hahahaha 🤣


Gumawo everyone for the fun game! And thank you @SnowBlob and @stroppyse for organizing!!! 🥳

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81NYo5.gif - Royal Hotness x Coffee

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