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Cham Cham Cham - Battle of Villains


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47 minutes ago, SnowBlob said:

@NiteWalker what's her name and from which drama? Not from cdrama (surprised)? 

Han Yu Ra from kdrama dailies "The Secret Man" aka "The Man in the Veil" (although we never found out which man was the one in the veil and why):laugh:

42 minutes ago, Chocolate said:



I thought Mo Tae Gu was a typo error 😆 But I think Min Tae Gu will lose- he's a cutie 😭


Before Min Tae Gu, there was Mo Tae Gu :cool:

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5 hours ago, NiteWalker said:

Here you go....this is definitely one of the worst villainess i seen for this year or maybe since last year.......she never say sorry...and she never ask for forgiveness either.....and she only went crazy and never stop demanding hahaha...i guess i like the way it ended for her...cause i wont be able to take it if she ask for forgiveness and everyone start saying 'oh....she is sorry....lets us let bygones by bygones instead'


KDrama Daily: Main in Veil

Villainess: Han Yura


I watched her in Home For Summer. My God, I wanted to reached into the screen and throttled her to death.....






Like this???

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11 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:


@JenLJoin us play game? Any handsome villain? 


Hahaha do my villains have to be hot? I can't think of any hot ones!!! :thinking::laugh:

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1 minute ago, JenL said:


Hahaha do my villains have to be hot? I can't think of any hot ones!!! :thinking::laugh:


Woman villain also can like @NiteWalker @LaLa

But me personally appreciate handsome murderer beauty more :laugh:


I think the organizer intention was not to turning this into admiration of oppas.... but ... whatever :smug:

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4 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:

I think the organizer intention was not to turning this into admiration of oppas.... but ... whatever :smug:


Maybe this is a hidden mission? Playing games while appreciating oppa great features :brb:


@SnowBlob I don't watch Voice but even I knew about Mo Tae Gu. His character is really scary from what I read. 

Oh since you are EO, you can't nominate your choice of villain. But if you could, who will you nominate? You watch many detective or crime dramas, which always have villain role :pandathink:


@katakwasabi not going to use Shin Sung Rok's character from My Love from the Star? :mine:

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18 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

Did I start to convert this thread become villain oppa tracker @abs-oluteM:PikachuFacePalm:

When @SnowBlob wakes up tomorrow she's gonna be shooketh :shocked2:

But even if they get redeemed , can still use them . But I thought you chose yours? 

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@LaLa my brain chose not to store information about Mo Tae Gu at all :idk: now i'm tempted to rewatch Voice 1 for a bit buttt....there are so many dramas I havent watched so I don't want to spend time rewatching just to get my memory back on MTG :pandajustright:  i dont know whom i'd choose if i played this game...your villain def one that i disliked very much (and she left quite an impression). The other will be ahjussi Heo jun ho..he's playing the villain character in Designated Survivor or I would choose any villain ahjussis to show them some love. But i think i never like any villain :lol:

@abs-oluteM @SilverMoonTea should have held this event in your oppa tracker's thread next time Hhahahahaha...but then i want to see ladies' villains too so that wouldn't work :niu:

On 2/23/2021 at 3:52 PM, SnowBlob said:



@SilverMoonTea - Kang Woo Hyun from Trap (played by  Lee Seo Jin)

@Darkarcana - Flower Killer from Busted ('played by' Lee Seung Gi)

@mademoiselle - Lee Sung Hoon from Duel (played by Yang Se Jong)

@Chocolate - Min Tae Gu from The Negotiation (played by Hyun Bin) - not to be confused with another villain with different surname :jhopebtsidea:)

@abs-oluteM - Oh Young Seok from Designated Survivor (played by Lee Joon Hyuk)

@LaLa - Kim Soo Young from Sky Castle (played by Kim Seo Hyung)

@NiteWalker - Han Yoo Ra from Man in a Veil (played by Lee Chae Young)

 @katakwasabi - Shin Sung Rok, the villain who has stolen her heart

@OsmanthusTea - finally....Mo Tae Gu LOL from Voice 1 (played by Kim Jae Wook)



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Waiting for more participants ... :brb:  

The thread will be locked in a few hours in preparation for tomorrow's battle. 


If any of you miss the introduction, you can always jump straight into the battle! 

Let me do some final roll call here for those who might be interested (LOL honestly I just checked Havenites Dabang and call you here :SquirtleNiceAhah:)

@Jane @mirmz @Thong Thin  @ssteph @Alice Wonderland

For those who already joined in the conversation here but not sure yet...

@MayanEcho @ktcjdrama @JenL @joccu__


Did I miss anyone? 


No brain required, no commitment required (you can join for any round) and yet haven points will still be granted (though not much :psweatduck:). 


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@ssteph so...basically it's a cham cham game (you know the game right?). You will need to avoid posting your pic looking to the direction the EO hand points. You win if you do that. 

What you need to do is...on each round just post one pic (either looking to the right or left). That's it. We'll do the rest. 

The tricky part is..you won't know when each round start/end...so you ll need to check often. But it doesnt matter even if you miss a few rounds...:CharmanderOK:

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