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Koi Wa Deep Ni (Love is Deep) 恋はDeepに [JP Drama 2021]


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Native Title: 恋はDeepに
Also Known As: Love is Deep , Koi wa Dipu ni

Director: Iwamoto Hitoshi, Suzuki Yuma
Screenwriter: Tokuo Koji
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Tags: Oceanographer, Cold Male Lead, Tsundere
Airs: Apr, 2021 - ?
Airs On: Wednesday
Original Network: NTV

A romantic comedy about a 'forbidden' romance between the tsundere son of a prominent family entrusted with the development of a marine resort and the oceanographer opposing it. Nagisa Mio is an oceanographer at the Shibaura Institute of Technology.


Her true identity is shrouded in mystery, including her past and upbringing, which will gradually be revealed throughout the drama. Hasuda Rintaro is the second son of a family-run resort development company called Hasuda Trust. He returns back home from London in order to realize his dream. At first, Nagisa's sense of duty conflicts with Hasuda's resort plans, but they gradually become attracted to each other. 


Cast :


Twitter Official : @deep_ntv

Website Official https://www.ntv.co.jp/deep/

Instagram Official : deep_ntv

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Cos life too short with just one oppa ❤ Oppa Tracker ❤

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I watched both of them before in their respective dramas. 


Ishihara was on 5 to 9 Ji Kara & Unnatural. She's quite natural & cute on all her roles. 

Ayano was on Soratobu. Pilot drama that I quite like. It's quite low-key. But it's good. 





I think this drama will be on office romance mode? I'm a bit worried I think it will be mature romance? Not sure how mature is mature... It can become good or it can become wrong. So let's cross our fingers.

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Cos life too short with just one oppa ❤ Oppa Tracker ❤

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