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Guess the Drama Game!

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1. Seo Ye Jin, Lee Jong Seok

2. Ji Seung Hyun, Yoo Ah In

3. Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung

4. Jo Jeong Seok, Lee Yoon Ji

5. Ha Seok Jin, Jung Kyung Ho

6. Kim Jae Wook, Kim Dong Wook

7. Yoo Jae Myung, Lee Hee Joon



1. Baron Chen, Dylan Quo

2. Hu Bing, Sun Jian

3. Leo Wu, Liu Haoran

4. Tu Songyan, Zhang Xi Lin

5. Darren Chen, Caesar Wu


Other Dramas

1. Tanaka Shunsuke, Osamura Koki

2. Jolin Chien, Deyn Li

3. Julie Andrews, Rupert Young





Guess the 3 dramas that are represented in silhouette on the Guess the Drama banner on the home page!


Get all 3 correct - 50 points

Get 2 correct - 25 points

Get 1correct - 10 points


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Additional answer

K drama


3. moon embracing the sun

4. the king two hearts 


I’ve guessed these two and gone back and forth so many times with their different posters. My mistake was I didn’t zoom in enough to spot that piece of puzzle that fits :laugh:

C drama 


3. legend of Fei

Other drama


2. Pleasantly surprised. (Watched this, but it was so long ago haha)

3. Bridgerstone. (Watched a bit but didn’t continue. Never paid attention to the poster though)


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cr: silverhtree

Currently watching: Bossam // Mine // Doom // Gumiho

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4 hours ago, Tofu said:

Wow, you get 50 points if you get all three of them correct?! Are you sure I can't join, @stroppyse?! 




Actually, I'm happy to make special point categories for you @Tofu, you lose points for every one that you get right. Cool?


You always say that you watch too many dramas, so this is motivation to not watch as many perhaps?  :laugh:

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Thanks to everyone who played the game!


Amazing work by @Tofuand @mayicorynwho guessed all 15 posters correctly on the first round!



@SilverMoonTea, @mademoiselle, @Chocolate, and @LaLa got all 7 K-Drama posters correct in the first round.


@NiteWalkergot all 5 C-Drama posters correct in the first round.


No one got all 3 of the silhouettes.


Strong work by everyone who played. If I weren't running the game, I honestly don't know if I would have gotten any right. :smile:


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