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Through the Darkness [Those Who Read Hearts of Evil] 악의 마음을 읽는 자들 [2022]

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Through the Darkness

악의 마음을 읽는 자들 





Story of criminal profilers who struggle day and night to read the minds of serial murderers. Kim Nam Gil is back for another heroic role as crime buster, in smoldering look and suits. While he was previously pegged as the fiery priest, Kim Nam Gil will take a new challenging character to become the mind reader of serial killers and high class criminals. 


Broadcasting Station : SBS

Air date: January .14,2021 (tentative), Fri-Sat , 12 episodes

Director: Park Bo Ram

Writer: Seol Yi Na




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Cast of Characters

character description credit to kdramadiary



Kim Nam Gil as Song Ha Young

-Profiler in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Scientific Agency Unit. At first he appears emotionless but he can look intently into people's emotions. 



Kim So Jin as Yoon Tae Goo

Head of the mobile investigation team . A homicide legend with animal instinct for recognizing details.





Jin Seon Kyu as Kook Yong Soo

Criminal behavior analysis team leader in the scientific investigation unit at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.







Criminal Behavior Analysis team
Ryeoun as Jung Woo-joo, the person who provides information and analyzes various incident data. He later joins Ha-young and Young-soo's team.
Mobile Investigation Unit
Lee Dae-yeon as Baek Jun-sik, head of SMPA's Criminal division.
Kim Won-hae as Heo Gil-pyo, head of SMPA's Mobile Investigation Unit.
Jung Soon-won as Nam Il-young, the youngest member of Mobile Investigation Unit who respects and follows Tae-goo unconditionally.
Gong Sung-ha as Choi Yoon-ji, a journalist from online media Fact Today.
Kim Hye-ok as Park Young-shin, Ha-young's mother.
Ko Gun-han 
Jung Man-sik





Kim Nam-gil to play a criminal profiler in new SBS crime-thriller series

Actor Kim Nam-gil will portray a criminal profiler in the upcoming SBS series "Those Who Read the Minds of Evil" (translated), according to PR agency Ytree Company on Tuesday.
“Those Who Read the Minds of Evil” will tell the story of criminal profilers who struggle day and night to read the minds of serial murderers.
The crime-thriller series is based on the 2018 non-fiction book of the same title written by Korea’s first criminal profiler Kwon Il-yong and journalist-turned-author Ko Na-mu. The book is based on real-life events that happened during Kwon's career.
Kim will play the cool-headed protagonist of the series, which is set to air its first episode in the second half of this year.
BY HALEY YANG   [yang.hyunjoo@joongang.co.kr]


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Kim Nam Gil, Jin Sun Kyu, And Ryeo Woon Team Up To Catch Criminals In Upcoming Drama About Profilers

Dec 30, 2021
by L. Kim

SBS’s new drama “Through the Darkness” has shared a sneak peek of some of its characters!

Set in the late 1990s, “Through the Darkness” is based on the first criminal profiler in South Korea, who looked into the hearts of serial killers at a time when random, motiveless murders were on the rise.

On December 30, the drama unveiled stills of Kim Nam Gil, Jin Sun Kyu, and Ryeo Woon.

First off, Kim Nam Gil will play the profiler Song Ha Young of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Scientific Investigation of Criminal Behavior Analysis team. Although Song Ha Young appears to lack emotions, he’s a figure who reads more deeply into humans than anyone else. He always wear a poker face, but his eyes are filled with complex emotions. With his excellent ability to empathize, he maintains his coolness, which maximizes his professional characteristics. In order to solve murder cases with no specific motives, Song Ha Young looks at the overall picture and the psychology of criminals.


Jin Sun Kyu will turn into Gook Young Soo, the team leader of the Criminal Behavior Analysis team. He recognized the need to analyze criminal behavior, and after a long period of planning, he created the Criminal Behavior Analysis team. Gook Young Soo notices that Song Ha Young is the perfect candidate for a profiler, and his first steps to create that role will become the backbone of a new type of investigation. He gets along well with everyone, but at the same time, he has sharp insight and good judgement.


Ryeo Woon will showcase a new side he has never shown before through his character Jung Woo Joo. He’s the youngest member of the Criminal Behavior Analysis team. Jung Woo Joo doesn’t complain about the workload and quickly and accurately finds results by analyzing various information and date. Thanks to his genius mind, he sometimes plays a decisive role in solving cases.



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@Chocolate It is based on a true story


Press Con:



I extracted some stuff from this article:



Readers of the Mind of Evil' is a psychological crime investigation drama depicting the story of the first profiler in Korea who had to fiercely look into the minds of serial killers at the peak of evil, at a time when unmotivated murders were rapidly increasing. 


Kim Nam-gil takes on the role of Song Ha-yeong, a criminal behavior analyst who has excellent empathy and sees forests and trees at the same time, Jin Seon-gyu plays Kook Young-su, the head of the criminal behavior analysis team, who is like a godfather of a forensic class who is not swayed by authority and formality, and Kim So-jin who is  strong, sharp and rational. She plays the role of Yoon Tae-goo, the team leader of the 1st and 2nd team of the investigation team. 


The Heart of Evil' takes the 1990s to the 2000s as the historical background. According to the production team, time flows quite quickly in the drama.


Park Young-soo's EP (Executive Producer? ) said, "As it is a period drama, there were difficulties. For example, I had a hard time filming while avoiding cars because there were no cars in the angle those days. Also, as the years change, cell phone models keep changing. It would be fun to watch the evolution of old cell phones. And among the places at that time, there were a lot of places that disappeared or were difficult to film. We have prepared special measures for that. It will be interesting to check how it was implemented through the drama."


It was also added that it was filmed with special care as it dealt with a crime story. Park Young-soo's EP said, "The crime scene is unbelievably gruesome. We paid attention to the wounds of those who suffered similar crimes while making it. Viewers, too, while watching the drama, focus on the people who are trying to solve the crime rather than the damage of the crime. It would be nice if you could give it to me,” he said, adding, “I would like to express my gratitude to those who are still working hard to prevent and investigate crime.” 


Regarding the message to viewers, Kim Nam-gil said, "Because we are not a drama like an entertainment movie, we worried a lot about adjusting the gap. They said it was a constant fight. I wanted to organize the filming to some extent, but this is the point I am still worried about. While filming, I came to think that (criminal) is the responsibility of society as a whole rather than the responsibility of any individual. Focus on these points," he said. 



Jin Seon-gyu continued, "It can be brutal and terrifying based on a real-life incidents, but there is a scene where we contemplate and interview the reason for the crime. I hope it will be a drama that can have a good influence.” 


Lastly, Kim So-jin said, "Wouldn't a terrible crime happen again? However, we live in a reality where we face unpredictable crimes. I think that the hearts of people who look out for each other should grow bigger. Also, I hope it will be a time to reflect once again the gratitude and appreciation of the many people who have worked hard to protect our safety net at dangerous crime scenes."

A lot of research went into this show. Hopefully we have subs for this too



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Hi  I love a good crime drama and when it is based on true story. I will be there

It will be aired at Viki 


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