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My Liberation Notes 나의 해방일지 [Current]


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My Liberation Notes 나의 해방일지



Korean Title: Naeui Haebangilji / 나의 해방일지

English Title: My Liberation Notes

Director: Kim Seok Yoon (Previous Work: Law School)
Writer: Park Hae Young (Previous Work: My Ahjussi, Another Oh Hae Young)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April 9th, 2022
English Subtitles: Netflix

Official Website: LINK



The drama is about three siblings, Chang Hee, Ki Jung, and Min Jung (Lee Min Ki, Lee El, and Kim Ji Won) and a mysterious person, Mr. Gu (Son Seok Ku) looking to escape from this "no answer" life -- a life that's reached it's limit. They are all looking for liberation to free themselves from this state. It is being advertised as a "human drama". 




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Lee Min Ki as Chang Hee 

The middle child. He initially hoped to move to the city and get a taste of a more exciting world, but life didn’t go according to his plans. Aimless, dreamless, and lacking any particular ambition, Chang Hee might be immature, but everything he says is always surprisingly logical.



Kim Ji Won as Min Jung

The youngest in the family. She's a born introvert, the timid Min Jung has always gone through life feeling completely alone. Unable to take it anymore, Min Jung eventually attempts to make a change in order to “liberate” herself from her dreary, monochrome life.



Lee El as Ki Jung

The fiery eldest child of the family, who is only well-behaved on the day she receives her paycheck. Ki Jung feels that she wasted her entire youth commuting back and forth to Seoul for her job, and she is desperate to find love.



Son Seok Ku as Mr. Gu

The charming and mysterious outsider who suddenly arrives in town. No one knows who he is, and his arrival is even more mystifying because their town is considered so boring that “while people may leave, no one ever moves in.” Mr. Gu, who seems as though he’s been through his fair share of misfortune, is drunk 365 days a year and has lost his way in life—until one day, Min Jung approaches him.


Character Description Credit



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On 7/9/2021 at 12:25 AM, abs-oluteM said:

@Tofu praying hard that this drama has got a good plot for LMK’s sake . I am traumatised ! But cast is excellent.  

Trauma? What trauma? You can't be traumatized by something that doesn't exist. What are we talking about again?


Yeah I'd really love to have a LMK drama that I DON'T have to erase from my memory. This has to be it. Right? Right?


I love this writer, PD, and all 4 main cast members SO MUCH. Don't wanna get too excited, but with this solid of a team it's gotta be at least decent. I consider My Ajusshi to be the best drama of all time. 


On an unrelated note:



It was also just announced that LMK is making a special appearance in the new Lee Jong-suk movie Decibel (directed by the Spellbound PD) and I can't help but wonder if LMK is also trying to erase Oh Master from his mind, LOL)


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Just now, mindy said:

Trauma? What trauma? You can't be traumatized by something that doesn't exist. What are we talking about again?


Yeah I'd really love to have a LMK drama that I DON'T have to erase from my memory. This has to be it. Right? Right?

Helooooo dear....did you even finish that drama that shall not be named? I managed to somehow watch it on FF and with a lot of spoilers from @Tofu

Anyway I am happy that he has this new drama  - don't want to jinx it but the cast and writer are looking good !

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Mon-Tues: Bloody Heart  Wed-Thurs: Fri-Sat: Shooting Stars Sat-Sun: It's Beautiful Now, Our Blues, My Liberation Notes C-drama: 

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I second @ktcjdrama (although at this point of time I'm neither excited about this drama nor about LMK ahahahhahaha)... I'm just excited that SSK is getting another drama :laugh: Maybe somehow he has a loveline here with KJW??? I really want to watch him in a drama that I like..chaeballl 

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Here's another poster:



@SnowBlob Here's a part of Soompi's article where they translated what's said in the teaser:

The teaser also shows the four characters’ struggle to find happiness in what they consider to be their bland and meaningless existences. Kim Ji Won says, “Relationships is just another form of labor.” Lee Min Ki says, “Since I was born, I’ve never experienced delight, pleasure, happiness,” while Lee El breaks down in tears. Kim Ji Won declares, “It feels like I’ve been trapped. But I’m going to break free. I want to be liberated.”


As Kim Ji Won and Son Seok Gu enjoy the sight of the sunset by the river, she says, “I wish we could all be happy. Like we’re out in the shining sunlight, without any crinkles.”


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