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Firstly, thank you to @bluepebbles, a long-time Hyun Bin fan, for transferring this precious thread to me. It is an honour. This is an exciting project. But one which I anticipate will take some time

Military Service - work in progess     Hyun Bin: Marine Diary [eBook] courtesy of 'withHyunBin' [Thanks bluepebbles@janghaven for the link.]    

Dramas - work in progress   List     2019-2020  Crash Landing on You     2018-2019  Memories of the Alhambra

Feb 22, 2021

What is Hyunbin's exercise routine? Under Armor SS21 collection photo shoot interview


GQ Korea

A GQ photo shoot was released to show the strong side of actor Hyun Bin. What kind of routine does Hyun Bin have to build his current body and show the best performance? What is his favorite way to exercise? I asked Hyun Bin directly who I met at the photo shoot.



Alternative translations by ness@yejinxhyunbin@celest1al1


Translation by ness@yejinxhyunbin


It's been a while since I shoot a quite new concept, it's fun and a little bit difficult.


Q: How do you feel about wearing UA 21SS Collection for a magazine photoshoot

A: Because I like wearing sports wear, so it was so comfortable to the point it didn't feel like shooting


Q: Usual workout routine?

A: Usually when there's time, I go the gym and do weight training. Around one and a half hour the most, I do muscle exercises, and cardio for an hour. I think that's my routine


Q: The importance of strength/stamina as an actor

A: When the shooting starts, it will consume a lot of stamina for a long period of time. If I want to focus more on acting, stamina is needed for support, so I think it's very important


Q: Is there any projects that you had to build your body up?

A:<The Fatal Encounter> and <Confidential Assignment>. During the Fatal Encounter, I searched for body weight training method that might be used during Joseon era and did the training. During CA, I did weight training.


Q: An exercise that you do most often?

A: Exercise method? I think I use the dumbbell most often, because I like shoulder exercises.


Translation by @celest1al1


Q: How do you try and maintain balance in your life?

HB: I try to separate the actor HB from the person HB. When I have satisfied some of my personal desires, it helps with things regarding my work and acts as a buffer.


Q: How do you overcome moments where you want to give up?

A: Sometimes before we reach the end of something we use the phrase “give up,” so when it’s close to the end, I think about if I will regret my choice... when I think about this and it weighs on my mind, I am able to overcome.


Q: How does HB control his mind?

A: “This too shall pass.” This is one of the sayings I repeat to myself a lot. Whether I’m working out, or I’m having a hard time, I know it will pass.


And @hyunbin's fiancee




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Feb 22, 2021

Dr.ForHair Japan Update





Hello everyone in Japan, I’m Dr.FORHAIR’s model Hyunbin. I’ve been told that Dr.FORHAIR is also very popular in Japan. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude for your interest & love. I think everyone (you) had a very hard time last year but I hope 2021 will be a year full of smiles and happiness. Please show your love and interest to Dr.FORHAIR in the future as well. I’m also planning to meet you all with better projects (/work), so please look forward to it. Everyone! I wish you a happy new year. Thank you.


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 Of all the Dr.ForHair releases, this is the best ❤🔥


Feb 23, 2021

Dr.ForHair Update

The filming scene of an advertisement with Hyunbin! Making Film Part 2 ❤


[Dr.FORHAIR x Hyunbin Making Film VER.2 🎬]

Revealing the commercial shooting scene with perfect actor Hyun Bin.

“Hope you can feel the joy of shampooing with Dr.FORHAIR."

Check out the interview with #Hyunbin in the video.



Thanks again to @hyunbinsfiancee for the english subs. Check out her youtube channel!



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      Play that piece of memory,

      the time when a boy was crying out his mother gone and so he promises to guard his little stepsister,

      the time when a boy was in learning to be a responsible man by sat silently in the middle of the night tried to think what the next step of his family lived in the hit of crisis,

      the time when that man with a tired face rushing towards me then calmly took the knife out of my hand and said sorry that he made me feel lonely,

      the time that I blame my father when I'm spoiled because it felt unfair that he trained him much as my jealousy of him become an overachiever at age within the surrounding environment,

      the time when that man finally relaxed a bit and smile more as he was bringing a group of close friends to home that dumb said (I knew he just made an excuse to know more about her),

      the time when I found out his alter attitude in the forum and mock his shameless side,

      the time later when he introduced me to his very sick best friend made him shattered into pieces in a short time after confession,

      the time when I grieved my mother why she put those burdens on a man so he didn't have a chance to feel hurt bit by bit and it finally triggered to explode asking for recovery time,

      the time when I finally grow up and understand the face behind all the efforts including forced smiles to make sure my teenage life was still good,

      the time when I eventually admire his fight in life,

      by rewinds, there were enough storms to make a man panic and it should be tiring for him, isn't it? I was so clumsy before... Believe it such a pain to safeguard me and so on to keep promise.

      Recently it was his turns to make me, as they took him there to the safest place. I'm still made of greed, in the question of why it was so fast.
      Absurd, and unimaginable. It was like yesterday I thought I will be the next one, but turns that time was the last I can see him within the breath : seven hours from the last smile he made on Friday 5th February.  

      And I'm wishing hard to be able to make him rest in peace someday. He is my best brother. He still is.

      He will laugh at me by how melancholic and TMI I am, but doesn't he realize he was just the same in this place? I miss you, brother. And will always, just like mother, and father. But you are kind of a bit more painful at least for now, the longest two weeks I ever had @abnoch
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