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Firstly, thank you to @bluepebbles, a long-time Hyun Bin fan, for transferring this precious thread to me. It is an honour. This is an exciting project. But one which I anticipate will take some time

Dramas - work in progress   List     2019-2020  Crash Landing on You     2018-2019  Memories of the Alhambra

Military Service - work in progess     Hyun Bin: Marine Diary [eBook] courtesy of 'withHyunBin' [Thanks bluepebbles@janghaven for the link.]    

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by KIM Su-yeon / 05.30.2014


A Smart Actor Whose Name Has Proven Trustworthy




Read article here



Director KIM Tae-yong, who worked with HYUN Bin on Late Autumn (2010), believes that the actor has the kind of powerful charm that you would only expect to find in actors from earlier times. "In Late Autumn, HYUN was powerful and attractive. I saw sheer strength in him. He has the kind of presence that you would find in actors like SHIN Seong-il or James Dean.” Indeed, this is true. At thirty-two years of age, HYUN has the kind of charm that is enough to make him the icon of his generation. That’s because HYUN has the kind of classic charm that his peers do not possess. One of the reasons why HYUN have been able to build such classic charm is that he has been very smart and strategic in choosing his films and characters. He has certainly played typical Prince Charming characters, which earned him the enormous popularity among women that we see today, but he has also been smart enough to keep proving his acting ability to define himself more as an actor than simply a star.

For HYUN Bin, obscurity didn’t last long, and he soon became a star; not just a star but a Hallyu star. His TV show debut was in 2004 in Nonstop Season 4, which was a very popular Korean TV series at the time, and his film debut was in Spin Kick (2004). Back then, he was not very different from other rookie actors, just another good-looking face. He soon earned a following after appearing in a TV show called Island, written by IN Jeong-ok, a script writer with a lot of devoted fans. The character HYUN played was Kang-kuk, a reserved man who only speaks the truth for the girl he loves. This is when he learned for the first time how to deliver a voice full of expressions and emotions. The TV show that put him on the very top of the Hallyu stars was My Name is KIM Sam-soon, where he played HYUN Jin-heon, a picky restaurant manager. This show was a mega hit with more than a 50% of audience rating, sweeping the nation with the KIM Sam-soon craze. Thanks to this show, HYUN did not only become a top star in Korea but in the international milieu as well, cresting with the Hallyu craze.




As a top star, the film and TV projects he first chose were A Millionaire’s First Love (2006) and Queen of Snow. Neither were big hits in Korea but they both did well in the international marketplace, especially in Asian markets, thanks to his well-established popularity. It was a strange situation where his domestic performance was on the wane but his international popularity was still increasing, and he found it hard to keep up with his identity as an actor. “I guess it was when I finished Queen of Snow. Things were so hard, and I seriously thought of quitting my acting career. At first when I started acting, it was something I really liked and wanted to do, but by then, I felt so empty and hollow. I even felt that acting was kind of undermining my life."

He finally got out of this slump when he overcame his obsession for popularity and being self-conscious of his stardom. He let go of his appealing Prince Charming personas that fulfilled women’s fantasies, and instead, he went for new characters that he never tried before. Although audience ratings were very poor, Kill The Love, where he played a passionate and tender-hearted TV producer, brought him many devoted fans. He played a disillusioned character deeply caught in a past trauma who finally exploded out of despair in I Am Happy (2008) by YOON Jong-chan who formerly received critics’ support with Sorum (2001). In LEE Yoon-ki’s Come Rain, Come Shine (2011), which was invited to the competition section in the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, HYUN played Ji-seok who quietly forgives his wife who cheated on him for five years. He also played in KIM Tae-yong’s Late Autumn which was invited to the Forum Section of the same festival, which made him enjoy the rare opportunity to hit the red carpet with two films. Hoon, the character that he played in Late Autumn, is known to be a very attractive character whose boundary between good and evil is quite blurry.




What is especially interesting about HYUN is his ability to go back and forth between the kind of works that focus on his star quality and the kind of works where his ambition as an actor can bloom, in a manner somewhat like Brad Pitt who freely goes back and forth between commercial movies from major studios and independent films. For example, between Late Autumn and Come Rain, Come Shine, he picked Secret Garden (a TV show) where he played the arrogant and picky department store CEO KIM Ju-won, whose body transformed into the opposite sex after taking a mysterious medicine. This character was not very different from those that made him a star, but it was an absolutely necessary step to balance between his being a star and an actor. Thanks to the top audience rating of this show, he produced new vocabularies like “aching for Juwon” and this show also was exported to many foreign countries, becoming another Hallyu hit show following My Name is KIM Sam-soon. 


What is even more impressive about this very smart actor is that he let go of everything at the very top of his popularity, and joined the army right after attending the Berlin International Film Festival. He even joined the navy, which a lot of people try to avoid going to, and became a major newsmaker right from the first day through to the last. The first film that he chose after dismissal from the army was The Fatal Encounter, a film depicting 24 hours of a day in the first year of King Jeong-jo’s reign, when an attempt to assassin the king took place in Jon-hyun-gak. In this film, HYUN plays King Jeong-jo in his young days, beset by conspiracy and assassin attempts, and training himself all the while, keeping a low profile. The Fatal Encounter received harsh reviews from critics, but the audience still passionately welcomed HYUN, and the press also granted him a favorable perspective. That’s because he has been establishing a very credible filmography as an actor, rather than as a star. The audience may keep on trusting this actor because he possesses the skills to cleverly adjust his ambition and his hardworking nature as an actor.




Source: Korean Cinema Tday Jun 2016 Vol 62


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[Herald Interview] Hyun Bin drawn to entertaining action flicks

Nov 14, 2017 By Rumy Doo (doo@heraldcorp.com)


Hyun Bin has been working nonstop in recent years.
After rising to popularity through the 2005 romantic comedy series “My Lovely Sam-soon,” the actor cemented a heartthrob status with the 2010 drama “Secret Garden,” where he played the irritable but charming heir to a vast fortune with a penchant for flamboyant fashion.
He completed his military service, and returned to screens with drama series “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” and the period film “The Fatal Encounter.”



Hyun Bin poses in a photo shoot prior to an interview Monday at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul. (Showbox)


Read article here



Last year, Hyun starred as a dashing North Korean agent in the action flick “Confidential Assignment.” He’s set to return to the box office with another crime action feature, “The Swindlers,” on Nov. 22.

“It’s not necessarily a conscious decision, but I think if I look back years later, I’ll remember this time as a phase where I was drawn to entertaining thrillers,” Hyun said in an interview at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul, Monday.

“I feel like these days, people want to escape and let go when they’re watching movies. They want to empty their minds when resting,” he said. “Then again,” he added after a pause, “That might be how I’m feeling.”

Early in his career, Hyun’s roles were largely dramatic and romantic leads. In the 2011 film “Late Autumn,” directed by Kim Tae-yong, he starred opposite Chinese actress Tang Wei as Hoon, a mysterious love interest on the run.

His romance film with Im Soo-jung, “Come Rain, Come Shine,” premiered in competition at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2011.

“In my 20s and early 30s, I was drawn to scripts that had memorable dialogues and some kind of lingering message,” said Hyun.

In his upcoming movie, Hyun takes on what could be his most mischievous character yet -- the scam artist Hwang Ji-sung, who sports colored, permed hair and a leather jacket. Hwang and a group of swindlers team up with prosecutor Park Hee-soo, played by Yoo Ji-tae, forming a precarious alliance to catch a notorious criminal. The unpredictable Hwang, however, appears to harbor plans of his own.

The film is the debut feature of director Jang Chang-won, who has previously worked on film such as “The Happy Life” (2007).
“More than anything, I was directed to come off as ‘sly,’” said Hyun.



Hyun Bin poses in a photo shoot prior to an interview Monday at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul. (Showbox)


Is he happy about the result?

“I can never focus on a film because I’m conscious of my performance. I’ll have to watch it several more times, but I’m looking forward to seeing how people respond.”

2018 will turn out to be another hectic year for the actor, who is currently shooting “Rampant (Changgwol),” a Joseon-era period piece featuring a zombie attack. The film is helmed by Kim Sung-hoon, who directed “Confidential Assignment.”

Hyun also recently finished shooting the police thriller “Negotiation,” directed by Yoon Je-kyoon, alongside actress Son Ye-jin.
The two films are scheduled to be released next year.

“I’ve been working nonstop, so I don’t really have any hobbies right now,” said Hyun. “But if I get some time off, I want to travel. It’s always about travel, about getting away from everything.”

The actor, notoriously silent about his private life, admitted that things were going well with actress Kang So-ra. The two stars went public with their relationship last December.



Hyun Bin poses in a photo shoot prior to an interview Monday at a cafe in Jongno-gu, Seoul. (Showbox)



Source: KPop Herald


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Yang Kyung Won, who played the role of "Pyo Chisu" in Crash Land on You, was interviewed by Kaori (Japan), published on Sep 18, 2020. Below are excerpts (translated by google). For the full article, please refer here.




Are there any episodes that you remember most when you shot?


In another scene, at Seri's house, the captain (Hyun Bin) instructed us to return to North Korea, but we said, "I will follow the captain." I read the script of the scene and cried. However, I couldn't do it well at the time of shooting, probably because I strongly thought that I had to do this scene well. However, the director was OK. I wanted to do it a little more, but from my point of view I couldn't say I wanted to do it again, and at that time Hyun Bin noticed my mood and asked, "Is there any problem?" When I said, "I feel like I couldn't really do it well with this line," it wasn't because Hyun Bin and the camera director wanted to do it, but just "Why don't you try it again?" He suggested to the director and did it again.


Thanks to that, I was able to finish it well and got OK, but at the moment when that OK came out, Hyun Bin who was standing facing me gave me a thumbs up (thumbs up gesture). I did.


At that time, I was so cool that I was a man. I was so excited that I wondered how happy it would be if a female fan stood here instead of me.


I thought he was a cool person, not only in appearance but also in content.




What if you liken the members of the 5th Company to animals?

I really thought about this question (laughs).


Hyun Bin (role of Ri Jeong Hyeok)

Adolescent lion. It has an aura, but it's cute and cool. Is it like the Simba of "The Lion King"?




Yoo Su Bin (role of Kim Ju Meok)

Donkey (donkey). Do you really understand? (Lol)


Lee Shin Young (role of Park Gwang Beom)

Fennec fox or Siamese cat? It looks timid, but it's often vague and full of gaps. It looks like a cute cat.


Tang Joon Sang (role of Geum Eun Dong)

Maltese. It's white and small. When I was shooting, I always hugged him every time I greeted him. I want to keep it in my pocket (laughs)


(*Not the 5th company) Kim Young Min (role of Jung Man Bok)

It's a deer, but it's a female deer. My brother is like a mother who wraps me up. Being kind and smiling. Such a person.



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This FMV is cool and the music is so good!


By call lee on youtube.

This is Hyun bin's characters mashup, include Crash Landing on You, Memories of Alhambra, Confidential Assignment, The Swindlers, The Negotiation. He's so charming!


Song: Fire by Gavin DeGraw


Thanks to Hello Bin for tweeting the video.



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2007 interview for a Chinese Magazine



Source: Weibo & tamara@pinkeonjin


The article talks about his childhood, overcoming his parents objections and the start of his acting career. There is one part that talks about his first love - I have translated that bit here:


Did not know his first infatuation was love


Chosen by online polls as the person “most wanted to marry”, “most wanted as boyfriend for 1 day”, Hyun Bin had never thought he was handsome. He said “I feel that I have an ordinary face, and was not pursued by the girls in High School.” Hyun Bin’s first infatuation happened in High School Year 3. She was a classmate/schoolmate. “At that time, I, myself did not know that I liked her. After not contacting each other for some time then I realised that I actually liked her… for a long time after that I kept reminiscing, wanted to forget but could not, everything could remind me of her.”


Regarding the girlfriends after that, Hyun Bin would not speak of it except to say that they have all grown up with time. Hyun Bin, who has gone though love’s drunken sorrows and tears, thinks that love is like a marathon, and needs courage and patience. “If I liked someone, before she wants to break up, I will not leave her. To talk about break up is very difficult. Both should not easily say words about break up/be flippant about it.” Since splitting with a girlfriend of two years when he first became an actor, Hyun Bin has not had another girlfriend. Since young, he has envied Superman’s cape/ability to fly, and hopes to quickly find a girlfriend because “I want to ride with her in something that can fly into the air to experience the feeling of flying”!


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The resourcefulness on twitter is amazing! :lol:


Goo Seo Jin is one of Hyun Bin's character in the 2015 drama Hyde Jekyll, Me. He has a dissociative identity disorder. Whenever his heart rate exceeds 150, another personality (Robin, also played by Hyun Bin) emerges. Because of this, Seo Jin avoids anything that might cause him to have a strong physical or emotional reaction which could trigger Robin's reappearance, even if that means shutting himself away from the world and eschewing any meaningful relationships [ref].



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New article from Japanese Magazine, Anan ❤❤❤❤❤ It includes Hyun Bin's thoughts on CLoY and Yoon Seri. Thank you @cloysauce林杨的鱼粥粥粥粥  and Yoshi@binjinfeed@syjadvocatePRNforhappiness for translating ❤


anan 2020/09/30 No.2218 [The shape of enthusiasm. / V6] (Japanese) Magazine – 2020/9/23

anan(アンアン) 2020/09/30号 No.2218[熱狂のカタチ。/V6] (日本語) 雑誌 – 2020/9/23




More Photos












Magazine Snapshot



Cover Celebration 25th Anniversary!
Men with 25 Years of Enthusiasm!










> On HB - translated by Yoshi@binjinfeed


17 years after your debut, where do you think you are now as an actor?

HB: When you reach a certain altitude while climbing a mountain, that place can also become a new starting point. For me, every moment in my acting career is a new experience and a starting point. So I think that my current position (state) is being in the process of constantly searching for the "essential me". In a sense, I feel like I'm standing at a new starting point right now as well.


You seem to be evolving year by year as you try new characters in each work, please tell us (the reason) why you’re open to change.

HB: Seeking for some kind of “newness”, or looking for some “difference” in the things that are familiar. The process of expressing those in acting is always something that stimulates my curiosity. I think that’s why I’ve been absorbed in acting without losing interest in it all this time.


Is that the driving force behind your continuous work as an actor for 17 years?

HB: Up until now, I've come across many projects, and each time I’ve made an effort to have a new realization, or to discover a new expression method. I think that time itself has been my motivation to keep acting continuously. Because for me, the fact that it’s something unknown, something that I’ve never experienced before, makes me want to challenge myself in that work as an actor.


Is there anything you want to do before you turn 40?

HB: I'd like to go on a leisurely trip over a long period of time


You work on movies and dramas without classifying genres. Is that because you approach them the same way?

HB: I don’t feel that much difference between movies and dramas, I don’t draw any lines because any genre for me, is a piece of work. Similarly I don’t think there’s a big difference in my approach to acting. However, there’s definitely a point that I focus on when working on each project. I imagine that every actor feels the same way, to fully comprehend, and to be convinced of the character given to me. I always make sure to finish that before shooting. I think that’s the natural courtesy to pay not only to the cast including my acting partner, the staff, but also to the viewers.


What's something you do to switch between your work and private life?

HB: To go home and take a shower. After that, I'll spend my time drinking beer or wine.


Q. How do u spend your time on your day off?

HB: Watching the movies or dramas that I wanted to watch or going for a light run. I try to enjoy the relaxation of my daily life.


Q. You will be turning 38 this coming September 25th, do u perceive getting older as something negative or positive?

HB: I think I may not be giving much meaning to aging(/getting older). I rather imagine, "what kind of atmosphere will I have(/will I bring) as I have grown?" like that, I'm curious about my future self. I wish to have (more) depth as an actor with every year that I put on, and I'm hoping to do so.


Q. I suppose the actor's own experiences and qualities are also largely reflected in their roles, is there anything u try to do in your personal time to practice(/improve) your acting?

HB: I'm not consciously trying but I think I'm someone who's always interested in daily life and the surrounding environment. Thoughts like "I wonder why~" or "What could that mean?" come to my mind naturally. Understanding something by always paying attention(/being interested) like that- perhaps this thought process happened to accumulate as experience.


> On CLoY - translated by therese@syjadvocate



Can you tell us about the similarities and differences between you and Ri Jyeong Hyuk?

HB: RJH is one of the most sincere and warm-hearted characters I've played in my career. He's the type of person who doesn't talk much. Since I'm not a man of many words, I try to express myself through my actions, which may be similar to his personality. As for differences, I don't think I'm as principled as RJH (laughs).


How would you describe yourself in your natural state of mind?

HB: I'm a quiet person. Rather than getting emotional, I tend to understand and accept the situation calmly.


Is that closer to your ideal?

HB: I'm not sure if it's close to my ideal, but I think it's easier to live with the ups and downs of life than with the ups and downs of life (laughs).


What do you think of an independent woman like Yoon-Seri?

HB: Seri is very open about her emotions and she doesn't give up on her work or love. She has a strong personality, doesn't she? Not only that, she also has a warmth and sympathy for others. I think Yoon Seri is the most beautiful* (most wonderful/most fantastic/great) woman in the world.








What excites you the most about working on a new film like CLOY?

HB: The most exciting part of any work is the crank-in moment (start of filming). I'm sure everyone else is as excited as I am, but I get nervous at the same time when I take on a challenge for the first time. It's the first time I'm in contact with my fellow actors and staff, and I can't describe the tension and excitement I feel.


What do you think CLOY became so popular?

HB: think that the heartwarming romance between RJH and Seri was able to bring compassion & hope to the viewers who're tired of the recent rapid changes in their lives. That's why we received so many words of love from the viewers. However, even though some time has passed since the end of the broadcast, we were surprised to learn that people in Japan and the rest of the world still support and love CLOY. I am grateful to you for your interest in Korean dramas.



> On CLoY - translated by PRNforhappiness



He was asked if he ever watch his old works. He said not purposely watch, but sometime got a chance to rewatch some scenes and made him questioning himself why he was acting like that at that time. Also he mentioned his works in his 20s, “Ireland” as “Kang Guk” he said that portrayed him in his 20/, now in his late 30s, he would act differently as he paid attention to the “process” of how to getting into his character


Part 1: The likeness of RJH and me is I am a quiet person. I prefer to show through my action. In contrary, I’m not such a justice man like RJH. I will decide based on the situation. I don’t live a too serious perfect life but rather enjoy and adapt to my daily life. I am not a kinda person who protect justice as Ri Jyong Hyeok (laughing).


Part2: What do u think of SYJ’s Yoon Se ri character?

YSR is an honest person. She gave all of her on both works and love. She is also considerate on other people’s feeling, that makes her an excellent woman.


Part3: In Cloy, which scene gave you the most excitement?

I think same with every actors, the crack in when start filming.


Part4: Why do you think cloy is so phenomenal popular?

Because the love of RJH and YSR is hard to find in nowadays. Their loves gave hope to people who struggled to their daily lives. We (he said we) hope we can give the audience “a small moment of happiness”. And he thanks that Japan and other countries love K drama this much.



この上でなくdoesn't mean the most, it means, refer from all above mentioned

素敵な女性 excellent woman


Attention, this is more faithful narrative in my opinion:

“YSR gave all to her works and love, meanwhile she cares about other people feelings. These makes her an excellent woman”



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Oooo have you seen this article @Chocolate

Apparently , men also voted for HB!  :smile:


An excerpt from the article

Korean men gave their assertion on which male big names have “ideal visuals”.

As of late, ‘Male Grooming Trend Report’ in Korea uncovered that men between the ages 20 and 39 took an interest in a 4-year survey in which they gave the names of their top choice ‘male superstar visuals’. From 2017 to 2019, 500 men were chosen to address the inquiry once consistently in January. During the current year, 250 additional men were added to the rundown, bringing about 700 answers in the survey.

The top visuals as indicated by the men were:

2020 – Hyun Bin (107 votes), Jung Woo Sung (81 votes), Won Bin (55 votes), et al (counting Park Bo Gum, Jang Dong Gun, Gong Yoo, Park Seo Joon, Jung Hae In, and then some)

Netizens calculated that the impact of K-dramatizations of that year and other social elements add to the men’s choices. 



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giphy.gifMon-Tues : Youth of May , Doom Wed-Thurs :  Daebak Real Estate Fri-Sat : Taxi Driver, Undercover Sat- Sun: Mine C-drama : - 


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I'm constantly amaze by fandoms, and their ability to do things for and on behalf of their stars. 


Happy Birthday to Hyun Bin! I hope he had a fantastic day, with much more to come. Actually, I'm already excited for his films! I haven't watched all of his dramas, but I'm pretty sure I've watched all of his films. Who knows, I may get around to writing reviews of all of them? Assuming anyone wants to read them, of course. :laugh:


On 9/23/2020 at 2:14 AM, Chocolate said:

Especially to be ranked with JWS and WB!


On 9/23/2020 at 2:16 AM, abs-oluteM said:

yes...he beat them by a large margin !


To be fair, it's been 10 years since Won Bin has done any acting projects! Miss him so much!

And, Jung Woo Sung tends to stick with movies where he is a top star rather than in dramas so he's not considered as accessible, while Hyun Bin is coming off of a popular drama.


Having said that, post-military Hyun Bun has really kicked it up a notch in being manly and sexy. He was always good looking, but more in a cute way, but now there is an aura about him that make men want to be him or at least have a bromance, while the women flock to him more than ever.


Not to mention, he's also become a very good and respected actor, willing to push himself.



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Yes @stroppyse please do, love to read your reviews!


The thing with Hyun Bin is, the more I learn about him, the more I admire him as a person, not just an actor. He is a deep thinker, very articulate, humble and down-to-earth despite his success, knows clearly what he wants and works hard for it. He chose a challenging field for military service and did extremely well. Quite an inspiration. When you read about his views on marriage and children... swoon.


It's really an eye-opener the things fans did for his birthday. There were numerous and gigantic billboards in Korea, Philippines and Thailand, flowers, cakes, gifts and donations. But the most innovative must be this joint work by hyunbin.english.global.fanclub and the Taiwan FC. So professionally done!



A Monopoly set customised to Hyun Bin's acting career and personal journey. Look at the Chance and Community Chest cards! So funny! I want to buy!






More Chance and Community Chest Cards :lol:













For the video, click here.




Surprise!! 🎉 This is the special custom-made gift that everyone is looking forward to, which we have kept a secret from the inception, design, execution and the final product! As mentioned before, this was never attempted before by anyone!! Special mention and thank you to Mia Tequila (@mama.mia.tequila) for providing such a great idea and reinvented this traditional board game into an entertaining collection of our fond memories of Hyun Bin's films and dramas!  After giving this idea to the Taiwan team, they took it to the next level and designed this very cool and sophisticated “Art Deco” version of HYUNBINOPOLY with such elegant yet playful aesthetics!  (Do refer to the detailed descriptions written on our photos.) This was 3 months of hard work for us! Together, we came up with all the different details required for the game, where all the properties, card actions and rules can fit perfectly with Hyun Bin's acting career and personal journey.  The game set is also available in 3 languages for the cards with translation effort from both our teams: Korean Hangeul, English and Chinese. 

We hope that through this HYUNBINOPOLY game set, Hyun Bin can enjoy playing with his families (even with his future kids) and friends during his spare time!  We have also given this same game set to his parents so that they can play with their grandchildren at their home too!  We are very sure that the KIM family will enjoy this HYUNBINOPOLY game set thoroughly and treasure it forever. 











For the video on the scrapbooks, click here.




Finally, today is the BIG DAY - THE D-DAY! Happy 39th birthday once again to our favourite actor, Hyun Bin ssi! In order for everyone here to thoroughly enjoy the details of our birthday gifts to Hyun Bin, which by the way, were all well-received by VAST ENTERTAINMENT on Tuesday (22nd September) and promised to be handed to Hyun Bin, we will reveal our gifts one by one in separate posts every 2 hours, starting now at 09:25am.  

First up is our unique "Hyun Bin Birthday Scrapbook", where members from Hyun Bin Taiwan Fan Club and our Hyun Bin English-Speaking Global Fan Club representing 15 different countries, collectively submitted their personal pages to express their affection to Hyun Bin.  The Taiwan team went to great lengths to come up with the best design and binding method for this special book.  With exceptional teamwork, the final product was successfully completed - a stylish 4-volume interactive book series, which can stimulate Hyun Bin as he takes each book out and turns the pages one by one. (Please see the detailed descriptions written on our photos.)  This special Birthday Scrapbook helped create a space for each fan to showcase their creativity and express their love for Hyun Bin in their own unique way.  Each and every page design is different because it is hand-crafted and prepared by the individual fan using various art materials.  While we all share a common love for Hyun Bin, every fan has a different experience in their "fangirling" journey and their artwork designs vary.  Hope Hyun Bin will remember us all and feel closer to us through this one-of-a-kind hand-made Birthday Scrapbook!

Also to note, each photo taken for our gifts is professionally done in a studio.  The Taiwan team has invested a lot of time, effort and thought into the overall presentation of the photos and descriptions.  Hope you enjoy them!  



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6 minutes ago, Chocolate said:



A Monopoly set customised to Hyun Bin's acting career and personal journey. Look at the Chance and Community Chest cards! So funny! I want to buy!



Wow, that is beyond amazing! Some serious amount of work put into that. Wonder if they could work out a deal with Hasbro so that they could sell the HyunBinopoly set to his fandom.  :heart:


Okay, I'll write more reviews of his movies when I get a chance to.

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For the truly obsessed fans :lol:

@abs-oluteM You must see this, there's mathematics here 🤣


@yupibin says

"Speaking of which, I was wondering how many centimeters it was, and when I considered it, I was convinced that it was above average."








And there is a wikifeet collection [source: @hbw0nderland]!








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Hwang Ji-sung's birthday "I miss Hwang Ji-sung!"


Hwang Ji-sung is Hyun Bin's character in The Swindler. On Sep 26, 2020, the character's birthday, vastree.playing updated its instagram. These are more photos than vast posted for HB's actual birthday just the day before 🤣


Source: vastree.playing




Source: facebook
















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