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Firstly, thank you to @bluepebbles, a long-time Hyun Bin fan, for transferring this precious thread to me. It is an honour. This is an exciting project. But one which I anticipate will take some time

Dramas - work in progress   List     2019-2020  Crash Landing on You     2018-2019  Memories of the Alhambra

Military Service - work in progess     Hyun Bin: Marine Diary [eBook] courtesy of 'withHyunBin' [Thanks bluepebbles@janghaven for the link.]    

... The "Crash Landing on Love" syndrome continues.

Oct 24, 2020 by reporter Jang Jin-ri



Hyun Bin (left) and Son Yejin. c. kwak hye mi reporter


The drama "Crash Landing on Love" syndrome is continuing steadily.

The tvN drama "Crash Landing on Love" (written by Park Ji-eun and directed by Lee Jung-hyo) has been gaining popularity among fans at home and abroad for 10 months after its end.

"Crash Landing on Love" is a drama about the secret romance between Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), an heir to a conglomerate who made an emergency landing in North Korea due to a paragliding accident, and Ri Jeong-hyuk (Hyun Bin), a North Korean military officer who hides and protects him. The romance reunion between Son Ye-jin and Hyun-bin, who confronted negotiators and hostage-takers in the "negotiation" but also became the main characters of the romance rumor with a "hot" chemistry beyond melodrama, also drew attention.

It was aired from December last year to February this year and received explosive love from viewers. In particular, the last episode, which depicts the reunion of Yoon Se-ri and Lee Jung-hyuk, recorded 21.683 percent based on the pay-per-view platform of Nielsen Korea, the highest ratings ever on tvN.

In particular, it was released on Netflix and gained explosive popularity overseas. In Japan, the center of the Korean Wave, it is so popular that it is still ranked among the top 10 most viewed content 10 months after its end. In particular, in Japan, each program has even created a special section for "Crash Landing on Love" until now.



The poster for 'Crash Landing on Love'. Offered | CJ ENM

NHK's morning information program "Asaichi" also released a story on Oct. 5 about Japanese fans' earnest wish to be "Hyun Bin's housekeeper." "There are many women who are in love with Hyun Bin, a hot man who tries to protect his beloved woman. There are a lot of women who have become fans of Hyun Bin through this drama.

In particular, Hyun Bin is said to have once again ignited the Korean Wave in Japan after "Winter Sonata." "If it weren't for Corona 19, Japan would have been turned upside down because of Hyun Bin," a Japanese management official told SPOTV News. "Some Japanese officials even say that a fan meeting at the Tokyo Dome is possible. "It is true that the Korean Wave has slowed down due to K-pop, but the Korean Wave is gradually becoming stronger due to the 'Crash Landing on Love'.





In the play, January Jones (right), who lived along Yoon Se-ri's coat. Source | January Jones Instagram

Son Ye-jin, who showed off her colorful fashion as a chaebol heiress, has captivated Hollywood actors. Famous for "Love Actually," "X-Men: First Class" and "Mad Man," January Jones boasted that Bottega Veneta coat following Son Ye-jin, who plays Yoon Se-ri. January Jones recently released a photo of herself and Son Ye-jin wearing the same coat on her Instagram account, saying, "I love Yoon Se-ri and Lee Jung-hyuk." "I've never been in love like this," she said. She also posted a poster photo of "Crash Landing on Love".


The popularity of "Crash Landing on Love" is expected to continue in the future. One proof is that Netflix is maintaining its popularity in the overseas content rankings. "It is encouraging that dramas continue to be popular not only in Asia but also in North America and Europe. We look forward to continuing the Korean Wave", a drama led by the two.

Source: SPOTV News | Translated by Papago


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Hyun Bin receives the President's citation for '2020 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards'




The '2020 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards' hosted by South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and sponsored by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KCCA) takes place live later today on October 28 at 6 PM KST!


Each year during the 'Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards', the government recognizes excellent figures in popular entertainment who contributed to the advancement of South Korea's culture and arts. This year, a total of 20 teams were selected to receive the honors of: Order of Culture Merit (6 awards), President's Award (6 awards), Prime Minister's Award (8 awards), and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's Award (9 awards). Check out the winners below!


President's Award

Actress Kim Hee Ae

Actor Hyun Bin

TV Personality Kang Ho Dong

Musician Kim Ki Pyo

Scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee

Actor Chun Ho Jin




Order of Cultural Merit

Actress Go Doo Shim

Actor Byun Hee Bong

Singer Yoon Hyang Gi

Voice Actor Song Do Soon

Scriptwriter Song Ji Na

Actor/Comedian Lim Ha Ryong


Prime Minister's Award

Actress Gong Hyo Jin

Actor Kang Ha Neul

Comedian Park Mi Sun

Musician Seventeen

Producer Shin Choon Soo

Actress Yoon Yoo Sun

Choreographer Choi Young Joon

Voice Actor Kim Yong Shik


Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award

Actor Ryu Soo Young

Comedian Jang Do Yeon

Singer Lim Young Woong

Actor Jung Sung Ha

Actor Jo Jae Yoon

Actress Jung Sung Hwa

Musician No Brain


Source: allkpop



Watch it here


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Gosh, just look at him ❤❤❤❤❤


2020 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards Ceremony & Red Carpet

Hyun Bin arrived at Kyung Hee University to attend '2020 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards' on Oct 28. He received President's Commendation at a ceremony held online @ 18:00 KST.
[credit: withhyunbin]



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Vast Update Oct 28, 2020


The Shining actor Hyun Bin just 🌟 there 🌟
was awarded the President's Award on the 2020 pop culture art 🎷🎉
always cheer haejusigo many who gives love
Thanks again 🙏



Source: vast.ent


Congratulations Actor Kim Tae Pyung.

This is to commemorate you for the contribution in society through Korean Cultural Asset.


2020 y 10 m 28 d

President, Moon Jae In.


Translation of the certificate: @wrtr_liltash85


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Dec 14, 2020

Esquire Jan 2021 Issue featuring Hyun Bin and Omega - Teaser 1


Love that he looks really good in the Omega shoots ❤❤❤❤❤


Source: esquire.korea

"The teaser video of Hyunbin, the cover model of the January issue of Esquire is released. As he was accustomed to shooting pictorials, he showed a relaxed appearance at the set. Above all, it has elegantly digested various Omega watches. The main video will be released soon."



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Dec 15, 2020

Esquire Korea Jan 2021 with Hyun Bin on the Cover


The last in-depth interview Hyun Bin did was also with Esquire in Sep 2019. Looking forward to the new article. Hope the interviewer asks some interesting questions.


Source: esquire.korea

"As mentioned yesterday, the cover model for the January issue of Esquire is Hyunbin. I won't explain the phrases. This is Hyunbin. Tomorrow, we will return to the pictorial video."






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Dec 16, 2020

Esquire Jan 2021 Issue featuring Hyun Bin and Omega - Pictorial Video


Source: esquire.korea

"We have met with HyunBin. I was impressed how he is kind to everyone even when the camera is not rolling, and his good looking look. I knew the Omega watches were elegant, but it was even more elegant when he was wearing it. Check out the video to find out."



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Dec 16, 2020

Esquire Jan 2021 Issue featuring Hyun Bin and Omega

Discovering Hyun Bin


Winter or summer, which season would Hyun Bin prefer more? Is he a morning person? We asked him some private questions.


Q. Morning person or a Night owl?
A. Night owl
I work late a lot because of night shootings so I am used to staying up late. I guess that’s why I do more things at night.

Q. Summer vs Winter?
A. Winter
The air is definitely cold in winter but I like it because it feels clean.

Q. Hero vs Villain?
A. Villain
I feel like villains are less tied to the common norms. I think I am drawn to them because I can be more liberal in terms of the interpretation.

Q. Vintage 007 movies vs recent 007 movies?
A. Recent 007 movies for me.

Q. Long coat with turtleneck sweater vs Padded outerwear with hoodies?
A. Long coat with turtleneck sweater.

Q. What’s your favorite watch among the ones you wore today?
A. Omega Seamaster 007 Edition


Source: esquire.korea


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Nov 18, 2020

'Oppa' Hyun Bin is the first Korean celebrity to be named an Omega ambassador



Omega's newest global ambassador is Korean star Hyun Bin. (Photo: Omega)


The Korean star joins Hollywood icons George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Eddie Redmayne as global ambassador of the Swiss watch brand.


Korean star Hyun Bin is the new global ambassador of Swiss watch brand Omega, the brand announced on Wednesday (Nov 18). This makes the actor the first-ever Korean ambassador of Omega.



Hyun Bin models the Omega Seamaster Diver. (Photo: Omega)


Hyun Bin first gained recognition for his role in the 2005 romantic comedy television drama My Name is Kim Sam-soon. Since then, he has starred in several K-dramas including Secret Garden and Memories of Alhambra. 


Most recently, he played the role of North Korean soldier, Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk, in the hit series Crash Landing On You. He is set to star as a national intelligence service (NIS) agent in the upcoming thriller film Bargaining, based on the 2007 South Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan.


The actor has also been acknowledged in a number of prestigious award nominations and wins, including the Grand Prize for TV at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards.


Speaking on Hyun Bin’s appointment as global ambassador, Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of Omega said, “Hyun Bin shows great skill for his character performances, always delivered with confidence and quality. We truly admire the excellence and attention-to-detail he brings to his work, which are values we also share at Omega. Furthermore, he is a man of impeccable style and we’re looking forward to bringing him together with our most illustrious timepieces.”



A man of impeccable style indeed. (Photo: Omega)


Of his new role, Hyun Bin said, “Omega’s pioneering spirit and quest for innovation has endured throughout the times, and has created many 'first steps' in history. Hopefully, as an ambassador, I can deliver Omega’s philosophy and message, and we can create some special new footprints together.”


Hyun Bin joins fellow Omega ambassadors from around the world, including Hollywood stars George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig and Eddie Redmayne.


Source: cnaluxury


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Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann on straps, stars and spies

Words by ROB CHILTON | Posted 12/08/2019


The energetic Omega boss tells EDGAR why good relationships with the right celebrity ambassadors are so important and how he keeps the brand – and himself – young.


How do you choose your ambassadors? 

We don’t choose people just because they’re number one, that’s not our style at all. People can go up and down the rankings but we stay with them. The best ambassadors like Rory [McIlroy], Sergio [Garcia], George [Clooney] are powerful and they could easily change brands but they don’t want to because they have a special story with us. We want a long relationship.


Do you personally choose the ambassadors? 

Oh yes, I’m always in the discussions. We don’t choose a name from a list of 20 on a piece of paper. I want to meet them and talk to them. Eddie Redmayne for example, I met him and it was very clear to me that we could work with him.




What do you like about Rory?

What I like about him first is his career. He had a vision and worked hard but kept his down to earth way of looking at his sport and who he is. Secondly, after having spent a lot of time with him, I like his attitude and the way he talks to journalists and fans. He has values we like at Omega: achievement and respect. We are not arrogant. I was talking to him yesterday about the way he’s going to educate his children, they won’t be spoilt and will respect others.


Rory McIlroy tees off in Dubai.

1  Rory McIlroy


I associate Rory with Dubai…

Yeah, me too. We can almost call him ‘a kid of Dubai’. He may not be a UAE citizen but for me, he is the best ambassador for what’s happened here. He’s a sign of Dubai growing and becoming a capital of the world. And obviously he’s an incredible golfer.


What about Sergio Garcia, why is he a good fit for Omega?

He has charisma. Charisma makes the difference. He was in golf’s top 10 for five or six years but never won a major.


Were you ok with that?

We were fine with that because he’s Sergio. You can have big hype and millions of followers but without charisma it doesn’t mean anything.


And then in 2017 he finally won his first major…

Yes, we were sure it would happen and we were so proud of him.


Eddie Redmayne for Omega watches.

2  Eddie Redmayne


Perhaps your most famous ambassador is George Clooney, right?

Yes, he’s a big fan of the Speedmaster – he knows everything about that watch. We made a film for Omega in London where George met Buzz Aldrin in a movie theatre in Shoreditch. There was no script but there was a special relationship between them. They talked about space, life, and being on the moon.


Do you personally choose the ambassadors? 

Oh yes, I’m always in the discussions. We don’t choose a name from a list of 20 on a piece of paper. I want to meet them and talk to them. Eddie Redmayne for example, I met him and it was very clear to me that we could work with him.


What struck you about him?

We had a long discussion about watches and watchmaking and he asked questions. He wasn’t acting; he had a will to understand. I liked him.


Raynald Aeschlimann and Michael Phelps.

3  Raynald Aeschlimann and Michael Phelps


Where did you meet?

I remember we met at one of his favourite hotels in LA, Shutters on the Beach, which is on Venice Beach. It’s also one of my favourite hotels and I think just being in that hotel already made me think this is something we share.


What do you think of his movies?

His career so far is incredible, he’s been in movies that have made history and is the sign of a generation. The Theory of Everything [in which Redmayne plays Stephen Hawking] was fantastic. We support the Stephen Hawking Foundation actually.


Have you met Stephen Hawking?

Yes, it was a very emotional moment, I must say. We met in 2017 at the Starmus Festival, a conference of geniuses, professors and scientists, where we gave watches to three winners. Stephen loves Omega and James Bond.


Are you glad Daniel Craig is doing another Bond movie?

I’m happy he’s staying with James Bond because he’s dedicated to the character. Daniel is another guy with an incredible career in theatre and film; I think he’s a very modern actor.


James Bond's Seamaster from Spectre.

4  James Bond's Seamaster from Spectre


Let’s talk about the NATO strap on Bond’s watch in Spectre. It felt like a big moment that modernised the character.

That’s exactly what I wanted. I fought hard for that strap and Daniel helped me – that’s why we are friends! It was very clear to me that having Bond wear a NATO strap in Spectre was a unique opportunity to show the world that this was a new James Bond for a new generation. It’s brought a lot of young people to the brand. We’re aware of our history and we respect it, but I think Omega is also modern, young and fresh. We’re not boring.


Does that keep you young?

I’m trying! I’m 47, but I stopped counting at 39.


Are you confident young people today will buy mechanical watches?

Yes, of course. Look at fashion and sneakers. Look at Supreme – old men didn’t create this brand, young people made it and then they collaborated with Louis Vuitton. It’s a sign that millennials are very brand orientated. This generation want to have real brands. They’ve even recreated brands second time around that we killed off. I think we have the same chance now with mechanical watches. Kids are born with an iPhone but they still want to have a special watch on their wrist. As well as image, I think young people like quality. Luxury is about emotion and in the luxury world today you must have true brands.






OMEGA Constellation Gents 41MM


To mark this announcement, Hyun-Bin fronts a special shooting, where his impeccable style and the Swiss watchmaker’s illustrious timepieces – Omega Constellation Gents' 41MM, Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph, and Omega Seamaster Diver 300M – are brought together.



OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph



OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300M


Other Articles



2020.11.18 | Naver

2020.11.18 | Naver

2020.11.18 | Soompi

2020.11.18 | Kdrama Stars

2020.11.18 | Tatler Singapore

2020.11.19 | Elle Singapore



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2020 Vast Advent Calendar

From Dec 1 to 31, each day, Vast will post photos of one of the artistes under its management.




Day1 / Bin Season Greeting - his dimples 😍 coming in fits at a glance pulsyat

Day1 / 현빈 시즌그리팅 - 풀샷에서도 한 눈에 쏙 들어오는 그의 보조개😍






Day11 / Bin profile - flowers help to make even modest man with a flower # 💐

Day11 / 현빈 프로필 - 꽃도 겸손하게 만드는 원조 #꽃을든남자💐





Day20 / Bin gurgling - buried my brother's face causing a well to the left of the right face 🔥

Day20 / 현빈 앙앙 - 오빠 왼쪽 얼굴 오른쪽 얼굴에 잘생김 묻었어요🔥






Day31 / Bin Esquire - own neulne (Wash) only 39 months old baby eunikka looks good but I hit my brother 😉

Day31 / 현빈 에스콰이어 - 나만 늙네 나만 늙어 39개월 애기냐구 근데 잘생겼으니까 오빠 맞음요😉





[Google translate doesn't always make sense so including the original korean words here.]

Source: vast.ent


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