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Hyun Bin asks

Will you #Merry me? 😍🥰😍🥰


Of course! You look so good! Love the hair, the smile, the dimples! ❤❤❤❤❤


Source: vee🍓@hyunbinsfiancee


And a longer version.

Merry White Christmas.



Q: What do you look forward to most at Christmas this year? ❄



"I seem to dream of white christmas all the time, with the one I love in the white snow, just thinking about it has already made me feel great" then "Will you *merry* me?"


The rest is just about him being asked what kind of Twosome cake he likes then send the greetings to everyone 😊


Source: vee🍓@hyunbinsfiancee


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Firstly, thank you to @bluepebbles, a long-time Hyun Bin fan, for transferring this precious thread to me. It is an honour. This is an exciting project. But one which I anticipate will take some time

Dramas - work in progress   List     2019-2020  Crash Landing on You     2018-2019  Memories of the Alhambra

Military Service - work in progess     Hyun Bin: Marine Diary [eBook] courtesy of 'withHyunBin' [Thanks bluepebbles@janghaven for the link.]    

Dec 21, 2020



Hyun Bin, who finished filming "The Negotiation", said he was "charging" for a better performance.

Hyun Bin, who has been running nonstop, said he wants to recharge. You said it was all for acting.

* The Negotiation refers to Bargaining / The Point Men


Hyun Bin is charging


Part 1


Q  Last year, I met with "Esquire" Korea in time for the tvN drama "Crash Landing On You" At that time, he/she said, "If I can go to the future, I'm curious about the viewer's reaction at the end of 'Love's Emergency Landing'. Now that I think about it, I didn't have to worry at all. (laughs)

A  Oh... I'm worried then. I'm worried about some things, but filming a drama is so hard that I wanted to skip that period. (laughs)


Q  "Crash Landing On You" is where I keep looking at the rankings of countries through Netflix tracking sites. The response was amazing.

A  I found out through articles and articles posted by fans, and they've been at the top for a long time. Especially in Japan.



Speedmaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 42mm Silver Snoopy Awards 12 million won Omega.




Q  It's been more than half a year since it was released, but it's still in fifth place.

A  That's right. I heard it too.


Q  Normally, I'd have to go to a place where there are foreign fans right now. That way, you can feel the popularity with your local skin.

A  As much as you love us, it would be nice if we could meet in person and share our gratitude. That way, we can have more pleasant moments. Now, I can't face many requests from abroad, so I'm replacing my mind by sending a handwritten letter.


Q  But you're still doing something.

A  Yes. I send letters to Japanese radio or TV shows or say hello through videos.


Q  I heard that the response from the Chinese side (Hyun Bin's popularity) is also great. It comes up on Weibo a lot.

A  Is that so?


Q  Of course. Hyun Bin's character, Lee Jung Hyuk, has various charms. Hyun Bin's character, Lee Jung Hyuk, is actually a key figure in a political thriller, and he's also the main character of a traditional melodrama like Romeo and Juliet, and he's also a romantic comedy guy. So I thought it was a role with much higher difficulty than watching it. He is a South Korean agent who has to kill Cho Chul-gang (Oh Man-seok), but he had to be a soft and cute man in Yoon Se-ri's apartment in Seoul.

A  I don't think there's an easy character in any work. There's no easy situation. It's also what actors have to do to show various aspects of each work. That way, viewers can enjoy it more. The more layers you accumulate in different situations, the richer it becomes. The character and the work. We prepared a lot and made it while filming.




Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer 41mm 27 million won Omega.



Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Co-Axial Master Chronometer GMT World Timer 43mm 52 million won Omega.




Q  Personally, I really liked the scene where he said he can't play games. When I saw that scene, I thought that I would be successful while filming it.

A  Uh... that's... (laughing) I honestly don't know.


Q  Really?

A  I don't think I've ever thought that I'm going to succeed. You can only find out after the movie is released, and you can feel the drama little by little when it's in the middle of the show. You can also see the indicators of ratings, but you can also feel the reactions of people. (From the middle of the story) It can be seen in the atmosphere of the scene. But at the beginning of the shoot, I don't know anything about it.


Q  While working on the lines with Son Ye-jin, it felt like we were in perfect harmony, right?(laughs)

A  "Love's Emergency Landing" was not our first work together. It was the second time we did it together, so I felt much more comfortable. Since we're comfortable with each other, we came up with ideas for almost every scene. Each person will think about one scene and make it while rehearsing.


Q  But during "Negotiation", there were few scenes where you two acted in the same space, right?

A  Right. Only in the latter half.


Q  I think there were only about 6 or 7 cuts in the second half.

A  Not a lot, but (as I said before) we filmed the entire movie simultaneously on a bi-dive broadcast. We didn't face each other, but we were filming each other live at the same time.


Q  It was to show both action and reaction.

A  Right. We turned 3 cameras at the same time. There was a difference in style, but they actually acted together.


Q  It's similar to the ending of "Crash Landing On You". Far away but together, separated but not separated.(laughs)

A  (Laughter) That's right.


*Full versions of Hyun Bin's pictorial and interviews can be found in the January issue of Esquire.


Source: Esquire Korea

Photo Credit: vast.ent

Translated by Papago.


Alternative translation by @taepyvng








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Hyun Bin's next film, 'Bargaining', 'The only one that has completely completed its overseas locale' 

2020.12.21. 10:48 am | Reporter Kim Kyung-hee


Actor Hyun Bin decorated the cover of the January 2021 issue of men's fashion and lifestyle magazine "Esquire". In the first half of 2020, Hyun Bin was reborn as a global star through Netflix with tvN's drama "The Sudden Landing of Love." On the news of Hyun Bin's appearance on the cover, requests for re-publishing such as "Esquire Korea" in China and Taiwan are pouring in.




Hyun Bin, who played Lee Jung-hyuk, a North Korean soldier who fell in love with Yoon Se-ri (played by Son Ye-jin), a daughter of a South Korean chaebol family, in "Love's Emergency Landing," showed humility, saying, "The scene was so funny that the writer Park Ji-eun's lines were able to convey her intentions." Also, Hyun Bin recalled the time, referring to seniors such as Kim Jung-nan and Kim Sun-young, who appeared together, saying, "The seniors made the taste of the lines well and the situation much more fun and abundant."

As for the next film, "Negotiation," which finished filming overseas location in September, he said, "I know that it is the only work that has completed its overseas locale completely," adding, "It is the result of thorough quarantine, with inspections every two weeks and limited movements." Regarding fellow actor Hwang Jung-min, who starred in "The Negotiation," he said, "I had a great breath."


Source: Naver

Photo Credit: vast.ent

Translated by Papago.


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Dec 21, 2020



Part 2


Is there a scene in <Crash Landing on Love> where 'Oh, this is what I really saved'?
(Laughter) Did you live well? I was well saved... What could be? I do not know. Author Park Ji-eun’s writing is very interesting.
Yes. I felt it too.
The lines were so interesting that the scenes came to life even if only those articles and the author's intentions for the situation were delivered intact. However, the role of the actor was the difference in how he moved his body and at what tempo he exchanged dialogue. I don't think it's easy to say 'Oh, this is what I've done well' because the text itself was fun.

Speedmaster Moon Phase Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 44.25mm 13 million won Omega.

In particular, the ambassadors of female comrades in North Korea where Lee Jung-hyuk lives was shining brightly. Ma Young-ae (Kim Jeong-Nan), Na Wol-suk (Kim Sun-young), Hyun Myeong-soon (Jang So-yeon), Yang Ok-geum (Cha Cheong-hwa), etc.
The lines are also lines, but the seniors expressed them very well. They served the taste of the dialogue well and made the situation even more fun and enriching.
In an interview in 2018, he said, 'I want to show you some more popcorn movies'. I was impressed with those words.
In 2018, it will probably be after <Rampant>. I thought it would be nice if it was a work that the audience could enjoy. I thought it would be nice not to use my head or worry while taking a break. Of course, it doesn't mean that thinking and thinking is bad. However, there are many different mediums that deliver messages that make us worry. For example, there may be books. Movies and dramas could also convey a message, but I thought I needed a piece that made the time pass by simply laughing and having fun, saying, ‘Hiri-ric’. That's why most of the works that were long back then were like that. So did <The Swindlers>, and so was the <Negotiation>.
I thought that might be a bit difficult for an actor to say.
Is that so?

Most of the actors seem to want them to be considered serious actors in serious work. By the way, the character of the popcorn movie is never easy to act, right?

Especially funny acting is really difficult.
It's really difficult. You have to be modest, but the viewers have to be interested and entertained.




Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer 42mm Necton Edition 7 million won Omega.



That's why actors with many years of experience often say that it's harder to be funny than to sound.
Yes. It's hard to make someone laugh. Even if it's not acting.
I wondered if the character of Hyunbin's main body was revealed a little in the scene where Seri was saying that Lee Jung-hyuk couldn't play.
I thought it would be nice to show a difference from the character in the first half. If Jung Hyuk sits there seriously with the same expression of Jung Hyuk, the scene wouldn't be fun. I put out my lips a little more, and I'm sitting in a sitting posture that doesn't look like it was. I wanted to draw the scenes that keep chasing after Seri, in contrast to the character of Jung Hyuk who built in the beginning. In such a situation, I tried to show that there could be such a side to Jung Hyuk. I thought that scene was the image of Jung Hyuk, who can only be shown to Seri.
Yes. Even the coldest person becomes like a child in front of a lover. Is there a little childlike innocence in your personality?
I'm not sure about being pure (laughs)... Like Lee Jung-hyuk, who fell in love with the game, when you like something and get interesting, you just say 'Wow!' There is a side to tackle.
When I searched YouTube, there were a few videos called 'Hyunbin's Half Horse Moment'. I think fans love it a lot. Do you easily get acquainted with actors your age, such as Han Ji-min and Son Ye-jin?
I think it takes a lot of time to get acquainted.
It's not a style that makes friends easily, but are there any actors you are close to?
In the case of Jimin's case, both works were done together, and Yejin also worked on both works. Regardless of whether there are a lot of scenes or a few acting together in a work, there is a period of time for one work. It's a style that you learn slowly while communicating for 6 months to 3-4 months.
Then, to become close with Hyunbin...
(Laughter) Wouldn't it be fastest to work together?
First of all, you have to become an actor. (Laughs) You are famous for watching screenplays carefully.
I think that the scenario is also very interesting, but it completely depends on when you read the article. For example, a scenario that deals with a subject that I'm interested in recently and a recent thought looks different. It seems to be a little different depending on the condition. The scenario seen when the condition is really bad and the scenario seen when the condition is very good are read differently. So do books. Some books may be better to read when you are in your teens, while others are better when you are in your 30s. Written messages seem to have such a peculiarity. Rather than 'reading the scenario carefully,' I tend to read the scenario while considering these points a little. So when I work, I don't look at other scenarios. Scenarios can look different during physically difficult times. On the other hand, it is because I felt sorry for the work I was acting at the time. It's because I'm reading the scenarios of other works when I need to devote myself to the work. So I watch it a few times when there is no work.
What do you think is your turning point in filmography? I thought it was <King's Wrath> and <Negotiation>.
Well… It's a bit difficult to say that it's a turning point, but in the case of <King's Wrath>, it's the first work I did after leaving the military, so the meaning is a little different. It is also the first historical drama in a movie. But I don't think I've changed something.
<Negotiation> is also a little different. Wasn't it the first time you played the perfect villain? Until then, I had a rough male role in <Confidential Assignment>, but I wasn't a complete villain. The character of <Negotiation> is a bit complicated, but he is a villain. So it was fun too.
It was fun for me too. I kept filming a scene in full like a play. It was really fun to film the movie that way the whole time.
When I think about it, the scene of Min Tae-gu (played by Hyun Bin) would have been almost one scene. It's an environment where you can't divide cuts. But there was also such a thing. Since Hyunbin came out as a villain, there was no way I could just hate it.
(Laughter) I have to get excited.




Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 44mm Price TBD OMEGA

In movies, I mainly focused on genres, but in fact, in the drama field, I achieved 'Roco Three Crowns'. It also goes through generations. Honestly, isn't it unfamiliar to see your character in <My Name is Kim Sam-soon>?
(Laughter) I'm embarrassed when I see it now But, on the other hand, I think it was an act that was only possible at that time. It contains expressions and images that could only be shown at that time. If I tell you to do it now, I don't think I can follow it.
People who later became fans of Hyunbin are surprised when they see <The Secret Garden>. The roles of Gil Ra-im (played by Ha Ji-won) and Kim Joo-won (played by Hyun Bin) who have changed inside are comical, right?
The work is similar. I myself have changed a lot now. My thoughts have changed, the way I express myself, and my view of a scene has changed. (When I look at the acting at that time) Acting is of course embarrassing, and (when I look at it now) I look immature, but on the other hand, I think that I can only do it then.
After filming <Bargaining>, he returned to Korea in September. In the coronavirus situation, we drew attention by completing successful overseas location shooting. Maybe it is the only team that has been abroad.
I know that it is the only work that has completely finished overseas locations since the start of the Corona 19 situation. Teams that have already been filming overseas may also stop filming due to returning to Korea, or change locations. There are also many works waiting. We only changed the order of shooting. Originally, I was planning to shoot the Jordan first and then the domestic one, but I did the domestic shoot first and then moved on to Jordan.
I heard that the quarantine procedures were really thorough.
I have an examination every two weeks, and the movement is limited to some extent. I think that's natural. If any situation such as infection occurs, the shooting itself will stop all. Fortunately, it was over, and no one came in safely.
How was the local shooting environment?
The weather is hot in Jordan. When we went, it was about 43 degrees. The local staff in Jordan were so good. He worked so hard, and he was very kind. Basically, even among Jordanians, it's not polite to get angry or raise their voice while looking into the eyes. So, I didn't have to raise my voice directly.
How is your breathing with Hwang Jung-min?
I really liked it. I have been personally acquainted with it for a long time, but this is the first time I met in the work. I think I learned a lot. First of all, the will to create a work well, and the gaze that encompasses everything in the field is so big. (Senior Jung Min) All of the director, production, lighting, camera, makeup, and costumes. I'm watching everything. So, if there is anything that could be of help to this scene, I catch each one, talk to the department, and hold a meeting. I watched a scene where one scene and one scene were made without taking a blank picture. The passion and energy for that acting is really great. Would you say that energy keeps driving from morning to the end of the day?
Incredible. It's usually possible to manage your physical fitness really well.
Yes. I think I was surprised a lot in that respect.
There is only one line of synopsis released from <Bargaining>. 'The story of a diplomat and a NIS agent struggling to save a Korean kidnapped in the Middle East'. Is there anything you can tell me about?
I think I can only tell you that much yet.


Source: Esquire Korea
Translated by Google
Alternative translation by @taepyvng















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Hyun Bin Reflects On "Crash Landing On You" Success, Talks About Working With Hwang Jun Min For Upcoming Film, And More

Dec 22, 2020 by S. P


Hyun Bin took part in a pictorial and interview for the lifestyle magazine Esquire Korea!


Hyun Bin previously had an interview with Esquire when he was appearing in the hit drama “Crash Landing on You.” At the time, he mentioned that he wanted to travel to the future to see the reactions of the viewers after the drama’s finale. Now that that moment has arrived, Hyun Bin commented with a laugh, “I had a lot of worries at that time. Actually, since filming for that drama was pretty difficult, there were times where I wanted to skip forward in time.”


Hyun Bin also remarked that he found out thanks to his fans and news articles that “Crash Landing on You” was still charting high on streaming services. Hyun Bin expressed regret that he was unable to go overseas to convey his gratitude to international viewers, adding, “When I receive offers from overseas, I respond with handwritten letters since I’m unable to visit them myself.”






Although “Crash Landing on You” achieved great success, Hyun Bin admitted that he has never once predicted the success of any production. “With films, I can only know after they premiere, and with dramas I only get a sense after about half of the episodes have aired,” he explained. “Although viewership ratings can be an indicator, I can also sense people’s indirect reactions. The atmosphere on set reflects that as well.”


Hyun Bin then spoke about his experience working with Son Ye Jin, with whom he had previously appeared in the film “The Negotiation.” He said they were much more comfortable as it was their second time working together, and they would brainstorm ideas for their scenes before coming to the set to rehearse. The actor also had high praise for the writer for creating such an interesting script, as well as for his fellow cast members who he said really brought each scene to life.




In a 2018 interview, Hyun Bin once mentioned that he wanted to bring his viewers more “popcorn movies.” Elaborating on his comment, Hyun Bin said, “I wanted to bring the audience a production that they could enjoy, one that they could watch without thinking or worrying too much. Although thinking isn’t a bad thing, there’s other forms of media that deliver messages to make the consumer think.” He concluded that there was a need for productions that would make time pass by in an enjoyable way, saying that his films at that time, such as “The Swindlers” and “The Negotiation,” were just the kind of production he was describing.


When asked about his own personality, Hyun Bin compared himself to his “Crash Landing on You” character Ri Jung Hyuk, who falls in love with computer games. “Just like Ri Jung Hyuk, when something interests me I fling myself at it wholeheartedly,” he revealed. He also shared that he’s not the type to make friends easily, but he finds himself slowly getting closer to actors that he’s worked with in multiple productions.




Also known for his roles in romantic comedies such as “My Lovely Sam Soon” and “Secret Garden,” Hyun Bin confessed that he feels embarrassed when he watches his acting in his earlier dramas. “I’ve changed a lot since then. I have different thoughts, a different way of expressing myself, and my perspective when looking at scenes has changed as well,” he shared. “Although my acting was embarrassing and I looked immature, on the other hand I think that those roles were something I could only do at that time.”


Hyun Bin then shared his thoughts on his experience filming in Jordan for his upcoming film “The Point Men,” which is the only film so far to film overseas since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. He explained that the cast were tested for the virus every two weeks and that their ease of movement was somewhat restricted in order to ensure a smooth filming process.


To wrap up the interview, Hyun Bin spoke about working with hwang Jung Min, whom he said possessed a strong desire to create a good film. “If he thinks something will make the scene better, he’ll tell the department in charge and hold a meeting,” Hyun Bin revealed. “His energy and passion for acting is truly amazing. His energy lasts from that morning all the way until the day’s filming ends.”






Source: Soompi


This article should clear up some of the translation errors in the earlier posts.


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On Jan 1, 2021, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin became Dispatch's 2021 New Year Couple. This is when Dispatch reveals a couple who has been quietly dating.




[Exclusive] "This romance, it's real."...Hyun Bin ♥ Son Ye-jin, No. 1 Lovers in 2021


The article stated

  • The previous dating rumours were not true
  • Their meet-up in US in Jan 2019 (grocery photos) was coincidence
  • In reality, their relationship had progressed over time
  • They have been dating for about 8 months, after CLOY
  • They have a common hobby - golf


Source: Dispatch


Several close acquaintances to the two actors have commented on their relationship.

  • “Honestly, during the filming of Crash Landing On You, they were so into their roles. I don’t know their feelings, I can’t tell if it’s acting or real love.”
  • “I think Hyun Bin had developed feelings after the drama finished and when they had to separate, he developed that feeling of longing for her.”
  • “It wasn’t easy for Son Ye Jin to change her relationship with Hyun Bin. But, the busier they became, the more affectionate of each other they became.”
  • “They have filmed two projects together now. They have been watching each other for a long time, and even at their age, they have been carefully starting to date.”

Source: koreaboo


A few hours after the Dispatch article was published, both agencies released a statement. And this time, it was a confirmation!



Source: koreaboo


Meanwhile, we have yet to hear from Hyun Bin directly. However, since official statements have been issued, there may not be further updates too. [Commentary: Could he be feeling like this now lol?]



Source: gfycat


For more information, please refer to the BinJin thread.


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Dr.ForHair Update


Nov 25, 2020

Hyun Bin's Congratulations Message for 1st Place Shampoo at the 2020 Olive Young Awards


Dec 31, 2020

I put everything on my hair. (TVCF Full Ver. 31s)


Jan 1, 2021

I put everything on my hair (16s)


[I'm buying this.]


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Jan 7, 2021 | Source: Naver


[Hyunbin] 2021 Beanie's 'So' special feature

(aka Taepyeongso)



•  •┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈┈*┈┈┈*┈┈┈*┈┈•  •

  r⌒    ⌒ヽ
 (       ヽ

(  人_人_(  )
 ( ●_ ●(  )
 ヽ(〇 ~ (_
  /    |
  |   L/|


In the new year without fail Beth tree appeared in 2021's

worthy of new year 'cow' hero of today's post!







Only the silhouette that seems to have been blurred  , but the sharpness is the best for The Soon. 

(Only me?? Bestri is now Gothic)




Just a simple Rear
925m earlier,
the heart and the and the like shakes 




New Year's Fuzhou money there as




Right empty






the heart of deodorant, /  / cooking / cooking /
/ Gogoi /


We present Hyeja memory card  Say who we are? 
Hye! Now! T! Lee!



I only_heard_the glass of water, but who wants to be so handsome.jpg





In the title of the article

Our current actors  
give ten days like cattle "Cow" I'll start a special
cucumber - along cow !  ・ᴥ・





That ꧁⍢⃝꧂ I met at the magazine <Esquire>




A cup of water.

The film noir look to monitor even look like
feeling ever felt (increased. Tie uh to Kim. No. Oh. Always. That is also exposed causing well-steamed)





Before the start, 
there is a behind-the-scenes that the studio was delayed due to a sudden water leak




Well causing the dripping away.

What yirwotji the Han River (• ̩̩̩̩_ • ̩̩̩̩)


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oh! oh! oh!
Visuals that call a shoal




#Tone destroyer in this area





pause in jelly beanie







Why are they aware that jelly is giving even money motsal 

years old (on) Gel (First) Address (severe)  Jelly sounds only be






Before going to NEXT STAGE




★  Side view of working hard  ★


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Did you really know that?





Bin  learn  
Guinness Book a  listed 'll be obvious .. ☆




A visual that survives even in the lighting of the hearth.

Are you curious about what kind of record it is? ㅇ_ㅇ






Record a series of visuals 24 hours a day 365 days a year


(All knowing~)





The red lights that seem to be  burning are less hot than their hearts













Zap! Zap!






Professional Bean has
a  skillful pose and eyes on this day

I made the tension
of all the staff in the field  high





Covering one eye




Even if I cover my eyes




Ugh_in the light of your eyes_the heart is_out of the earth.JPG

Even if I don't see, in my
head, in my eyes





Are  they  drawn clearly?


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Following the black and white  covering

Undecidable code


Red wave VS Blue Wave More choice of the order in the comments :)  for the blue waves






Refreshing feeling parade




No matter what background you put on it, it creates a perfect atmosphere!




January_phone background_determined with you.jpg

It's definitely midwinter, but it's
like a summer sea MAGIC ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~~


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From being cute and refreshing 

trapped in the  gap between your serious charismatic eyes like this




I only heard oranges, but, something that will
overflow with edge like this 





No matter what mood he is
ALL A ++

✷ ·    ˚ *.       * * ⋆.  ·       ⋆ ˚ ✦ ⋆    ·    * ⋆ ✧ · ✧ ✵ · ✵ 





 smile of conversion that makes you feel like it is even in the midst of a super cold wave !




Look look should not adapt,
without a sense ratio 1,
gireokji Figure ll access report 


Looking forward to Vinne's splendor that will shine in 2021




Best Lee will leave one TMI and
do this.. .★

Outbreak QUIZ . . .


Which instrument Vestry will love most in 2021  ?



Source: Naver Encyclopedia of Knowledge

[Correct answer]
! (Kim) Taepyeongso!









2 Even the Pona's cut for those who are disappointed by the pros!


So, looking at the completed
Esquire pictorial cut, Best Lee is
really a gunshot .... ★





τнänκ чöü♥



Source: Vast


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