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First Anniversary Game - Guess the Drama - video edition- with Bonus Game!

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Oh bonus?!! Just see it now. Okay so many and they play very fast. My eyes are so slow following every frames move. :BulbaConfused:


Okay random list, I only can get 34 clips for now. 


#1 New drama cha cha, what is the title forgot, the one with PSH and SMH. 

#2 Hospital playlist

#3 You r my glory, yu tu!!!!

#4 Vicenzo

#5 Silvermoontea's fav oppa, SSH drama, probably Voice 4??

#6 Mr. Sunshine

#7 True Beauty

#8 Nevertheless

#9 Crash Landing On You (Couple inteeview)

#10 The devil Judge

#11 Run on

#12 It's okay not to be okay

#13 Doom at your service

#13 Taxi Driver (not sure about the title, but its something to do with this, its LJH drama, I didnt watch but I know. Haha)

#14 Monthly Rent/House (not sure but it sounds like this, the one with JSM and KJS which I dont warch as well, lol)

#15 The nine tailed fox

#16 Do u like brahms?

#17 Hotel Del Luna

#18 18 again

#19 The river where the moon rises

#20 Go Ahead, my faves!!

#21 You Are My Hero hahaha

#22 Strange Forest

#23 Start-up

#24 Beyond Evil

#25 Mouse, my faves!! Ba reum oppa, so sad!!! It reopens my wound for him, sobs... 

#26 Bossam stealing princess, hahaha

#27 The witch's restsurant

#28 You Are my spring

#29 Doldolsollalasol 

#30 The King Eternal Monarch

#31 Mr. Queen

#32 The canny uncounter

#33 Navillera

#34 Kpop???


Fun game, hahaha

@stroppyse tag u so you wont miss my answers. :laugh:

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I love the video, @bairama is fantastic!


Let me try my hand at guessing some:




The Witch's Diner

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Hospital Playlist


Voice 4

Devil's Judge

Run On

It's Okay Not To Be Okay


Crash Landing On You

Monthly Magazine Home

Do You Like Brahms?

Hotel Del Luna

Youth of May

River Where The Moon Rises

Secret Forest 2
Start Up

Beyond Evil


Tale of the Nine-Tailed


You Are My Spring

Dol Dol So So La La So


Mr Queen

The Uncanny Counter



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Currently Watching: River Where The Moon Rises

I can't stop thinking about Hospital Playlist so I wrote some things


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THANK YOUUU SO MUCH HUHU @mayicoryn @mademoiselle @Jane 💚💚💚

@LaLa I'm sobbing (jk it is just me being dramatic typing reaction) reading your detailed comments HUHU THANK YOU 💚


+ sorry if the clips too fast (cc: @ssteph @Alice Wonderland) making you :BulbaConfused: , has a reason, if I could I want to mash up all havenites favorite but I got limit!! AND ITS BONUS GAME AFTER ALL HAHAHA :Ghastlel: PLUS I'm in awe for the answers 👏💌


7 hours ago, LaLa said:

 I have to say that for I really take a wild guess for the Chinese Dramas based on what @NiteWalker @Lynne occasionally @abs-oluteM have been tweeting in my timeline because I watched no Chinese dramas at all :psweatduck: Sorry for any misspelled of the drama tittle I tried to guess. Oh one that I think I'm sure I will make it right @bairamarecent favorites hahaha

much of you all talked about this one and I will defend this everywhere like I said before, it just my foreseeing & the hype came true in JH villagers :laugh: 

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  G O O D   V I B E S  ♪  


cw on air : Lost, Hospital Playlist 2, Hometown Cha Cha Cha

cw free : Police University

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@Alice Wonderland awwww :fam:


from all 34, you have 1 false answer. It's not Mr. Sunshine

clue: try to have dramas that spazzed start from the very start of JH in mind, Mr. Sunshine was not the one bcs we just started 2020 X)


+ #34 yes you got the clue, needs more specific answer to get it right!


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  G O O D   V I B E S  ♪  


cw on air : Lost, Hospital Playlist 2, Hometown Cha Cha Cha

cw free : Police University

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And I just remembered to say this while it is a right opportunity, for those whose posted on 100 Days JangHaven thread, I'm sorry I used your lovely words in the recent compilation video while I was aiming it for surprise video right in 100-days-event. Real life got so tough & I can't finish my promise there to make special video of it after holding the event idea.

So the video, I titled it as JH100 because it is :1000: love from you all, and to you all finally realized. Now we are on 1st anniversary, I hope it is still valid use for those who were sayings that in 100 days?? 🥺🥺

Thank you for the love & looking forward for so much more of love ahead! :fam:


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  G O O D   V I B E S  ♪  


cw on air : Lost, Hospital Playlist 2, Hometown Cha Cha Cha

cw free : Police University

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I don't know if I made it before the deadline but here's my guess for the bonus video



Clips from the following dramas:


  1. You Are My Glory
  2. Vincenzo
  3. True Beauty
  4. Hospital Playlist
  5. It's Okay Not to be Okay
  6. Doom At Your Service
  7. Nevertheless
  8. Crash Landing on You
  9. Monthly House Magazine
  10. Do You Like Brahms
  11. Run On
  12. Moon Where the River Rises
  13. Go Ahead
  14. You Are My Hero
  15. Dear Guardian
  16. Start Up
  17. Mouse
  18. Tale of the Nine-Tailed
  19. Kingdom
  20. You Are my Spring
  21. The Eternal Monarch
  22. Mr. Queen
  23. Navillera
  24. Hometown Cha Cha Cha



LOOOOVVEEE the video! Great job @bairama

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