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[K-artist] Lee Jun Ho 이준호 of 2pm

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Flashback Article

[August 2017 | Jpn]

[Eng Trans] eclat August Issue Magazine (Junho from 2PM) (Interview)



There is a person, who managed to change the summer of 4 years to become very passionate. That person is popular group 2PM’s Junho. Looking at his splendor songs and dance moves cause everyone to feel touched. That warm smile and not so sweet conversation yet made him much more charming. As compared to the summer’s sun, Junho who is shining even brighter will now talk a little more about himself.


— Solo artist, Junho. Debut in 2008 in Korea as a 6-member group 2PM as an acrobatic group filled with lots of energy. In 2011, 2PM fulfilled the dream of debuting in Japan, Junho debut as a solo singer in 2013, with his album “Kimi no Koe” (Your Voice). While having activities as a singer, he also managed to accumulate experiences in acting. After debuting officially from the movie “Cold Eyes” in 2013, he continued on with firm steps. Participating together with Lee Byun Hun and Jeon Do Yeon in the movie “Memories of the Sword”, getting his first main lead in the movie “Twenty” in 2015, which became a big hit. At the same time, Korean drama “Memory” (2016) and “Chief Kim” which was broadcast during the beginning of the year with a high record of 17.2 viewership. Even with a villain character, his cute and filled with compassion character caused it to become a non-hated villain, causing the viewers to be charmed by him. As a 2PM member, we do not need to talk much about their activities, his solo activities are also as smooth sailing. He will be starting his concert tour in Japan on 1 July, and waiting for the release of his 5th album.


In group, solo, actor. Junho, who received a lot of good comments from all of his activities, experienced lots of ups and downs in his artiste industry for 10 years, having lots of fans not only in Korea but also in Japan. The special annual summer concert tour, due to his bright and warm sunflower kind of smile, he is known as the “Summer Boy” or “Summer Lee”, gaining lots of passionate support from Japanese fans. However in this chapter, it will be about that smiling Junho, about his own discussion.


Chapter 1 Hard-worker Lee Junho

I often hear people say this term “Hard-worker”. It can be seen as what everyone view it as a type of charm where you have the looks of being serious and hardworking. I am indeed very happy to receive such comments. However, I have a change in mindset recently, and this image is one of the things that I want to change. Is this the type of mentality since last time, of having the looks of being “hardworking”? Everyone in the world is working hard, this is something that should be praised of and it is actually not that handsome at all. Also in the entertainment industry, you must always be sensitive to the changes of trends, including myself, where I will always need to change for the better.


Let’s take an example, if I were to prepare my next album with a theme of “carefree and freestyle image”, if my image of being “serious” and “hardworking” has already been solidified, then isn’t it very difficult for the other party to get into the setting of my album? I will be releasing my 5th solo album in July, “2017 S/S” depicting the bright rays of the summer, and all those days where you will have lots of activities on the street during summer. This is totally different from last year’s album “DSMN” which was about having full speed. Up till today, whenever I am preparing to release my album, I will always change the concept of even my hair and attire, and I will always be troubled about why my concept doesn’t change much.


During my journey, I did not slacken off and worked hard. However, it is only the results that get commented and not the journey, that is already good enough. Even though you work hard for yourself, and also for the fans who contributed a lot, however, the fans are always very positive towards my activities and the things that I do. Of course, that did bring about a great amount of strength for me. However if I were to be satisfied just like that, then I would not have the expectations to grow even more. Whenever I hear these type of praises, I will actually actually fill up my heart otherwise. In order to prevent myself from thinking that I am a genius, I will be very objective and subjective towards myself. One day, not only the fans, but also passerbys, if they are able to recognize me for my work, and when I fully feel satisfied with myself, I believe that at that time, even if I do not have the image of a “hardworker”, the fans are able to follow me on with a peace of mind.



Chapter 2 Expectations of Junho

From the start when I debut, I always use the identity of 2PM to run forward. The work in Japan increased, solo activities and acting activities also increased, I did not reduce my speed, always running forward. However even until now, I am still not satisfied with myself. If we take it as a comparison, I do not want to be solidified. I want to be changed gradually, as a moving liquid, always being able to show changes. If I change too much in one setting, maybe fans are unable to accept them. Thus I want to do this gradually, widening that aspect, to not be trapped in a genre.


After my solo activities started, I was fortunate to have a lot more work coming in, I am happy yet anxious at the same time, with the unsecured feeling of “am I able to do it well”. I have to go through several inexperienced type of work, and always at that time, I will always think “I am able to continue on, I am still able to continue on”, just using the strong passion I have to continue on. If you listen to “Pressure” (one of the songs from his 3rd album “So Good”), you will be able to feel my dilemma at that time (laughs). However no matter how hard it is, I will not give up at all. In fact, I will have more desires to not stop running forward.


The album that I released last year was “DSMN”, Don’t Stop Me Now, which has the meaning of not stopping me. I want to continue running forward, which is something that I always want to express. There are a lot of channels within an artiste most of the time, such as emotional tools, expressing it through songs and acting. During the process of running, it will be used up. In this type of situation, you will need to refill those used up parts and for my case, it will be difficult for me to do whatever I want. When people are away from work, they will go for a casual trip or have a casual meal. I have my own rest time as well. However, those free time will be used to compose songs or used to prepare for my next work. These things became like the norm now. Some people may feel that it is very pitiful for me but I do not feel that way at all. The times when I kept running forward and not take a break did not bring about other things but bring about who am I right now. As I stayed strong until the end, and managed to build 2PM, managed to build solo artiste Junho, managed to build actor Junho. That is something that cannot be denied. Sometimes, I will feel like praising myself unconditionally. However, I will have the regretful thoughts of “I can actually do even better”… If this happens, the members and fans who walked through this journey with me may also feel sad. Even so, when I think I need to rest, the day will definitely come when I have to rest. That can be because of my condition or can be when I want to rearrange my own thoughts, even though I still do not know when that day will arrive.


NOTE: this has been translated into different languages several times thus translations may be inaccurate.

I did not translate it directly from Japanese as I could not find the original magazine.

However, the main idea of the translation is there. 


LINK: https://jerwiepenpan.wordpress.com/2017/07/25/magazine-eclat-august-issue-junho-from-2pm-english-translations/





Chapter 3 Junho’s Loneliness

Last time, I would not talk about my fragile side personality. Actually I am also the type that is quiet and not expressive. When I was young, I felt that if I kept showing my fragile side, it seemed like I was hurting my own pride. During the period right after my debut, as I was still young, I will feel that this is something embarrassing. I feel that whatever I do, I will have to do them right with no conditions. If I did not do something well, I have to act out the image of being able to do well for the other party. Even though I cannot say that I entirely do not have that image anymore, but when expressing my thoughts on some things, I am able to clearly express if I am confident about it or not. For example, if I were to talk about something that happened 8 years ago, in a variety show, I will have the strong thoughts of “even though I can’t really do it, but I must still be able to do it well”. However after a few years, I have the thoughts of “oh I’m really not suited for it” and now I am able to have the quick thoughts of “for different individuals, everyone has something that they are not suited for and suitable for, thus it is fine”.


Recently I am a little troubled. I am the type who feels a strong sense of insecurity when I did not confirm my future plans. If I am unable to see my schedule for the next month, I will feel very pressurized. However from last year onward, my future became really unclear. At that time, I thought I should let myself calm down a little and not worry about the near future, and not holding onto those small details. As I think about it, it is actually due to this personality that led to my current state, growing so much up till today. Through that period of time, I was really troubled. If I let go that kind of nervous personality, maybe I would not be able to grow like before. Even if it is like this, if I continue on with this personality, what would I become… whenever I think about all these, I will start to have a sense of loneliness.


At that time, I was filming for “2PM Wild Beat” with the members at Australia, all thanks to the 6 of us spending some time together, I felt that I managed to find the answer. Even though it is not something that is directly said by the members, it is a hint that was given to me when we spend some time together? If there is something that I have to hold and endure, when I feel the sense of practicality with them, that is what 2PM is able to give me. If I were to be in other groups or debut as a solo artiste, definitely I will not feel this.


In order to remove the sense of loneliness, the most important thing is to say the truth. As I thought about it, it will seem to bring about trouble and hurt for others, and I will think about if I should pour out my feelings to the people around me. Like this, the loneliness will not be gone.


AH~~ There is another solution for it! It is getting a partner that can hold through those emotions. Be it your love partner or an animal, anything is fine. For my case it will be my cats. Other than my working time, my cats are always causing troubles for me (laughs). I practically keep posting photos of my kids on SNS. Other than these, I do not really have anything else to show… The remaining will be the same as what you have seen from the Korean variety Show “I Live Alone”. Even though it seems like my house has been organised in a clean way, my closet is not a joke. If you open it, it will cause a big issue (laughs). I also heard from the others that it would be better to just post my own photos, but I am someone who doesn’t really take selcas. Hence it became the SNS filled with cats only. Whatever it is, because of the kids’ presence, it became my sense of comfort, that is definitely the truth.


Chapter 4 Junho as an Idol

Usually I am really a dark kind of person! (laughs) However even with this personality of me, the fans used “Sun” and showered me with lots of love. I really feel that that is very amazing. For me, fans are “the reason for me to continue to sing”. They give me the sense of happiness when I stand on stage. If I view it that way, does the “Sun” means “Sun Boy” (with the meaning that a person who will always face with a good weather whenever he is out)? Last time no matter if it is raining, if I were to step out, the weather will become good. I have no idea when was the start of the name “Rain Boy”… Before that it was Jun. K who is the Rain Boy… oh I went out of topic (laughs).


During one of the interview, I honestly said that when 2PM is doing emceeing during the concert, I am very clear of what the fans really want to hear, hence is being said to be a natural born idol. However, when we do emceeing, all 6 members are just expressing their own thoughts without any thoughts of being an idol. For example, Chansung does not say to the fans “all of you are pretty” right? He said that because he really felt that way. Same as to me too. We just said what we want to from the bottom of our hearts. If we were to say that we have something special to say, I would want to enjoy the concert with everyone and the members. Usually I am not very sociable, and I am not the type who will start conversations. However once I stand on the stage, whatever that I want to say, no matter what it is, I will be able to say it out. I will feel like I have managed to set my feelings free. My sense of insecurities and stress will be gone.


Honestly speaking, if I were to just make music that I want, then I might as well not release albums. I can just sing all by myself at home. However, this is meaningless. As I sing my own self composed music, when I see fans’ expression of enjoying the music, living in this type of environment is the true meaning of my life. As I want to say “let’s do it together!” to everyone, that is why I want to sing. During the concert, people will also think that “won’t it disturb others if it is too loud?”. However I think otherwise. Hence in my concert, please enjoy it in a carefree way and express your happiness in any type of ways. Please use your entire body to enjoy, to enjoy my summer.



Japanese to Korean Translations by Bluemallowek (Twitter)

Korean to Chinese Translations by Ra (Eternal_盛夏李俊昊个人站)

Chinese to English Translations by jerwiepenpan (Twitter)






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Flashback Article

[August 2017 | Jpn]

[TRANS] Junho BAILA August 2014 Interview

Hey, come a bit closer
FEEL “JUNHO (From 2PM)”!

JUNHO (From 2PM) has returned with his 2nd album “FEEL,” which is more pop and fashionable than his previous work “Kimi no Koe” which was innocent. With his cute smiling face and high level of acrobatics and dancing abilities, we unraveled the blond haired 24 year old’s “present life” using 26 characters for an A to Z interview!


This is the actual size of Junho’s hand!
“Jun. K saw me hold the mic with my hand, and said something to the point of, ‘Your hands are so nice and big. Your face looks small when you hold the mic,’ that’s how big they are. Did you know? Out of the group, Chansung and I have big hands of about the same size.” We’re showing you the actual size of Junho’s hand. Let’s relish what it would be like to high 5 him.



A - Anniversary
[What if you created an anniversary?]
I would make it for my birthday which is January 25th, and when I debuted solo in Japan on July 24th. By doing so, wouldn’t it increase the days the fans and I can have fun together by 2 days? I would prepare something fun and spend it together with everyone.

B - Blood Type
[Blood Type]
When I first meet someone and tell them I’m type A they become surprised. Everyone thinks I appear to be B type or O type. When I’m alone I pay attention but when I’m with someone else I don’t. I also express my opinions clearly. By the way, in Korea A type equates to the image of a cowardly person. It’s different from Japan.

C - Chansung
[What is the relationship between you two?]
Chansung-kun and I have a dangerous relationship (laugh). We live in the same dorm together, so we are close neighbors with rooms that face each other. We also use the same toilet & bathroom. Recently, because the door won’t completely close, we can see everything the other one is doing (laugh). Although there was a time when I thought “hmm~” around the time we debuted, I’ve become used to it after all since we’ve been together for all these years now. Just a few days ago I looked back when I was taking a shower and he was brushing his teeth at the sink where no one should have been, but it didn’t really surprise me.


LINK: https://2pmalways.tumblr.com/post/91929012360/trans-junho-baila-august-2014-interview



D - Dream
[A dream you want to make into reality]
Until now the things I have dreamed have come true. Becoming a singer, solo debut, solo tour. Even my dream last year of performing solo at Budokan came true this year. Then my dream for next year is… to do yet another blessed solo tour like this one! Although it’s completely for myself, it would be nice if it could come true.

E - Emperor
[The “emperor” element inside you]
I know the fans call me “emperor” and “oresama” but, I have no idea why they call me those. I’m only just a tiny bit “oresama.” The regular me is really gentle. I say stuff like “I love you~.” I’m the type to properly express my affection, so…

F - Feel
[The 2nd solo album]
The first time you ride a bike, the first time you draw a picture. When you experience something in your life for the first time. Further, when the thing that you experienced fits perfectly with yourself. There’s that part in the depths of your heart that becomes excited. I made the song called “FEEL” to try to somehow convey that sentiment which I believe is very precious. Although this song illustrates love, it’s not just about love but also the excitement I felt from the increase in the amount of experiences I’ve had that built up this past year.

G - Growth
[The part that matured]
When I promoted my previous solo album, it was different from my activities as 2PM and I learned that, “Working by yourself is not easy, you have to take on a big responsibility.” Since this time I plan to promote while stomping down on that idea, I think I’m somehow maturing. If the previous work had a casual atmosphere, the main focus of this 2nd album is its overflowing energy and liveliness.

H - Hair
[The reason for dying it blond]
I had long hair for about 6 months for movie filming. At home I kept it combed upwards, but for some reason I couldn’t get used to it (laugh). Once the movie was finished I decided I must cut it! I resolutely cut it short and made it blond. Blond hair happened to suit the album concept perfectly. I hadn’t changed my hairstyle since “Hands Up” (2PM album released in Korea in 2011), so the objections from those around me were light. They were like, “Wow, you changed it.” However, when I thought about it, since I like it so much myself, others’ opinions might have gone through one ear and out the other (laugh). When I first changed it I felt uncomfortable, but after several months I’m now completely used to it. I’ve been thinking, “I want to change my hairstyle to something different again.” I might change it during the tour!?


I - I
[A recent happening about me]
On the morning of a work day my manager called to wake me up. I had asked him the previous day to call me up at 5:30 in the morning to record the MV for “FEEL” and I had prepared for the recording. However, if I had thought about recording I would have been too anxious to sleep much…  When the call came at 5:30, I don’t know what I was thinking, but I said, “I have work today?” (laugh). Since I rarely say something like that, the manager responded with, “Is that so?” (laugh). It seems that my behavior becomes strange somehow when I’m too anxious and too wrapped up in feelings.

J - Jump
[Something you want to rapidly progress at]
Composure, for sure. I said this before, but I’m prone to worrying, meaning I have the habit of thinking too much, so I wish to gain composure in order to think about things that are in the distant future. If I could look further into the future and think about things while feeling relaxed… However, that uneasiness could also become the driving force to do things properly.

K - Kkomaengi
[How is the interaction between you and your beloved cat, Kkomaengi?]
I heard that cats sleep 16 hours a day, but Kkomaengi sleeps more than that. Whenever I go to my parents’ house, she’s sleeping. Well, even when she’s awake she won’t play with me, though… When I hold her, she doesn’t like it and goes, “Let me go!” If I keep holding her like that, her nails will extend, too. Even though I raised her (laugh). I guess it can’t be helped since I didn’t even see her once for half a year. However, lately she’s begun to perhaps recognize me as she will now glance in my direction when I wave at her from afar. When I get close she ignores me though… haha.


L - Lee Junho
[Lee Junho]
I’m in a situation where I keep being unsatisfied. No matter what I do, I’m not satisfied. If I maintain the feeling of “something’s not enough” and “just a little more,” it then motivates me to work harder by wondering, “So what do I do to become satisfied?”

M - Movie
[About his movie appearances]
I’ve been active as a singer for 6 years, but as an actor I’m still a newcomer. Since I’m only standing at the starting line, I’m more anxious than usual. It’s standard to memorize the entirety of the script so I think “Shouldn’t I always be giving my very best to express my lines as well?” I think about how to make it as natural as possible… When I think of something, I won’t settle down without practicing it right away. Even inside a moving vehicle, I mumble my lines and even practice acting out crying while looking at the back mirror. I’m sure strangers who see me must think I’m strange. Actually, one time I was practicing my tears when a call came from my mom and I startled her when I answered the phone with tearful voice (laugh). My objective as an actor is to very naturally and completely absorb myself into the character I portray for every piece of work.



N - Necessary
[What is necessary to JUNHO]
I want to say this in a serious manner, but… when I’m standing on stage, please let me hear your voice. To stand up there on stage alone means my sensitivity sharpens, so your voices really reverberate in my heart. That becomes JUNHO’s strength. To those who come to my concerts, please let me hear your voices a lot!

O - Originality
[In order to be the one and only of its kind]
Having confidence. Who listens to songs by a person with no confidence? Who thinks that’s cool? I think that if you don’t have confidence, you can charm those who watch by creating a performance as if you are confident. I believe that will bind one’s charm.

P - Play
[Something fun you remembered recently]
When I bungee jumped. I did it on the program called “SAY YES” and it was super fun! Bungee jumping is when you jump from a high place; it’s a dangerous game. You step forward and fall. A lot of bravery is needed for that, and after it’s done I gained confidence in myself. At first I wondered if I should jump or not, though (laugh). I really recommend it. If there are any readers who want to try doing it, I’ll do it with you. If there are a lot of hopefuls, let’s commence a “BAILA bungee festival”! If everyone jumps one right after the other, I’ll stand next to you and sing a song that will make it easy for you all to jump. When I do the chorus “♪Can you feel feel feel” please go all at once (laugh).

Q - Quest
[Something you want to quest for]
Of course it’s always music. However, since that’s pretty obvious… maybe something scientific. For example, wondering what’s out there in space. I think it’s brilliant to go to a place where people who are talents and artists like us can’t usually go to visit. Find a place no one knows, or see something charming no one’s ever seen, achieve knowledge in one’s own way, isn’t it just like when you receive an enthusiastic response for creating a piece of work? In my case, that’s how I took an interest in things like science and space.

R - Relaxation
[A place to relax]
For a singer it’s on stage. I truly do become relaxed. Sad songs, fun songs, since I put my feelings into it when I sing, my five senses become sharpened. For my private life it would be home. I’ll sit on the sofa and turn on the TV. I’ll watch my favorite movies or comedy shows while snacking on sweets. Normal is the best.

S - Special
[What is special about you?]
My butt. Even if I diet and my body whittles down, I will end up with nothing but [my butt] (laugh). Just what in the world is inside my butt?

T - Three
[Junho’s lips]
I knew from pictures that when I’m concentrated on something, my lips form the shape “3,” but only today did I learn for the first time that there a lot of fans who love my lips. For my anniversaries, shall we make it one more and add Lips Anniversary? (laugh).

U - Unknown
[A habit you recently learned you have]
That my lips form a “3” (laugh). I wouldn’t have noticed if it hadn’t been pointed out just now. And to hear that these lips are really charming, too!

V - Victory
[A match you won recently]
I went bowling with some friends and won! At first I was throwing it with my left hand and made an easy victory with a score of 140. After that I tried throwing with my right hand and got 160. I did rather well and was pleased. Although I won the match, I paid for the meal (laugh).

W - Wild
[Your wild side is?]
Um, when I struck out in bowling? My wildness doesn’t usually awaken in regular daily life. … However, I think I’m wild when I’m taking a shower.

[A secret story]
I accidentally put on Chansung’s underwear. When I was putting my legs in I had a sudden moment where I thought “huh?” but I put them on anyway (laugh). Truthfully, it happens often. It’s because the person who cleans up our dorm puts our washed clothes in a pile in the same place. Even though I write the letters “JH” onto my underwear, it happens anyway. … Wait a second. I’m sure I had put on ones that said “JH” on them but they seemed big. Which means… perhaps Chansung wore them before me and I put them on after he stretched them out? That would make writing the names meaningless (laugh).

Y - Yes!
[When you are naturally honest]
When I’m with people I’m really close to. I laugh really loud no matter what the topic, and do impressions (laugh). When I’m honest, I laugh easily and become a prankster. Also, playing music I love is the best.

Z - Zeal
[What are you super into lately?]
Preparing for my album “FEEL.” I have no memory of going to sleep before 3 in the morning during the production period… However, I was really able to enjoy the work process. Because I was spending time completing making the music that I love, even getting tired of working left me feeling good. Since I used all my might to make “FEEL” just that, please feel it throughout your body.

The actual size of Junho’s face!
Junho has a rather small face. “My face is small and my hands are big, so I can hide the entirety of my face with the palms of my hands. My favorite part of my face is my eyes. I used to think that my eyes were small and that it was hard to make facial expressions, but now I add all kinds of expressions into my eyes. Hey, it’s mysterious, right?”



Scans: Timing_Kei
JPN-ENG: dawnjelly

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 excerpt from Articles on upcoming

I Live Alone guesting featuring LJH's nephew

For his nephew, Junho’s turns his smartphone on and becomes a music video director. We should also expect a 2PM dance medley with ‘little Junho’ and ‘adult Junho’. Junho turned into a ‘must do it uncle’ who can do anything for his nephew…



From bicycle flex to assembling, even on a busy day, the aegyo of ‘little Junho’ who is his uncle’s chewing gum, melts away at once and shows off a golden chemistry.  


Especially Junho who spends the day with his first nephew reveals, “an unexpected feeling I’ve never felt before. My nephew is my first love”

credit Les (@Ok_bingu) | Twitter



Upcoming Guesting for Radio Star on November 3, 2021


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Flashback Article


Lee Junho “Torturing Myself for Acting, Body and Heart Becoming Tired” (Interview)

(skips front part about location of press conference)

Lee Junho said, “To use a simple mind to look at the character Kangdoo,  firstly he has a leg injury and has a serious problem of hallucination. However this is only the psychological trauma on the surface. The most difficult part is that I did not experience this first hand. In real life, some people have experienced this and still living, and I would need to know how to use my feelings to portray about them.


Lee Junho also added, “Even though for those people who are hurt and I cannot completely understand one percent of their mood, Kangdoo and Moonsoo’s process of loving each other, if it is able to cure a little it will be good, and I used this understanding to get into the mood. I will always think on the surface that my body is hurting, and amazingly, as I kept thinking about pain, I really started to feel in pain. Maybe it is just self comforting. Hence when I am alone at the filming site, it was very tough for me. When I am alone, I try not to talk. I will be very merciless towards myself and block myself from anyone.”


Lee Junho specially added, “Being quiet in real life on purpose, I felt that I have the feeling of being stuck. As I want to bring out the tiredness in my acting, I will torture myself instead of just following plans of working hard.”


Korean to English Translations by jerwiepenpan (Twitter)

LINK: https://jerwiepenpan.wordpress.com/2018/01/10/eng-trans-lee-junho-torturing-myself-for-acting-body-and-heart-becoming-tired/



Junho hopes to shed light on survivors in ‘Rain or Shine’

Jan 10, 2018 - 14:58

Starring in JTBC’s “Rain or Shine,” Junho hopes that the drama will be of help to victims of disasters and accidents who suffer from survivor’s guilt.

In the show, which airs Mondays and Tuesdays, a newly built shopping mall collapses, leaving hundreds of casualties. The fictional incident is reminiscent of the collapse of Sampoong Department Store in 1995, which killed more than 500 people. 

Junho, a member of K-pop act 2PM, plays Lee Kang-doo, a survivor of the incident. Traumatized by the loss of his father in the accident, he suffers from both psychological and physical scars.

“The role has not been easy for me. I have been going through psychological difficulties,” Junho said at a press conference Tuesday. “Lee hears things and hallucinates, unable to cope with the stress. Imagining that I was Lee, I actually began to feel pain myself.”

For the drama, the singer-actor shed 7 kilograms as part of efforts to depict the character’s psychological trauma. To immerse in the character, he tried to be alone whenever possible, refraining from speaking to others.

“As I am just playing the role, I do not fully understand how it feels to be a survivor,” he said. “I cannot imagine the pain, no matter how hard I try.”

Junho’s character begins to heal by taking on the job of erecting a monument for victims of the accident. Listening to stories of other victims, he faces and deals with his own scars. He also meets another survivor and falls in love with her.

The drama’s Korean title is “Just Between Lovers,” and Junho likes the word “just” in the title.

“My character often says the word ‘just’ and I understand him. It’s just life, we just live, there aren’t any other reasons,” he said.

“I hope that the drama can comfort the survivors of any accident by showing how the characters in the drama ‘just’ live their lives.”

By Im Eun-byel (silverstar@herladcorp.com)

LINK: http://www01.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20180110000695

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