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Flight to You 向风而行 [Pending]


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Title: 向风而行 / Xiang Feng Er Xing
English Title: Flight to You
Genre: Aviation, romance

Original writing: Yun Guo Tian Kong Ni Guo Xin (云过天空你过心) by Mu Qing Yu
Director: Wang Zhi
Screenwriter: Yu Qiao
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network:
Broadcast period: TBA



Wang Kai as Gu Nanting
Tan Song Yun as Cheng Xiao
Liu Chang
Dong Si Yi
Ge Xin Yi



The story revolves around Cheng Xiao, an aspiring Civil aviation pilot who is cold and sharp-tongued; and a domineering yet affectionate captain, Gu Nanting.


Additional Links:

Weibo l Baidu l Douban

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bringing this onto forefront once again since it has released the posters... @NiteWalker @SilverMoonTea @themarchioness @Tofu @OsmanthusTea @40somethingahjumma @IpohBanana 


Let me know i have missed someone here....



Video of Captain Gu -



IQIYI power of growth segment ... both Road Home & Flight to You..



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2 hours ago, movingwheel said:

@SilverMoonTea if u want to know how amazing Wang Kai is , pls do watch When a snail falls in love and Nirvana in fire.... He is awesome.

Agreed...my favorite is When A Snail Falls In Love. :wow:.


TSY seems to partner many of the male leads that I love. Wallace, LGX and now Wang Kai. Will check this one out when it airs. 

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@SilverMoonTea he does look thinner...


@abs-oluteM my fav too !! she indeed is collaborating with all those amazing actors... I surely do not want her to be collaborating again with Jialun / Li Xian or the likes of them because i feel moving to a serious role is far more better...withs erious artists where one's acting skills will be tested..!!

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