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Why Oh Soo Jae? 왜 오수재인가 [2022]

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Ok, so I watch for points 2 and 3 😂


3 Key Points To Keep An Eye On In The Second Half Of “Why Her?”

Jun 29, 2022 by S. Nam


SBS’s “Why Her?” is gearing up for its second half!


“Why Her?” is a new mystery romance drama starring Seo Hyun Jin as the titular Oh Soo Jae, a coldhearted lawyer who has grown empty after only chasing success, and Hwang In Yeop as law student Gong Chan who would do anything to protect her.


Below our three key points to focus on as “Why Her?” enters its second half!


Oh Soo Jae and Gong Chan’s romance


A subtle change has been occurring in Oh Soo Jae and Gong Chan’s relationship. Since the case involving Park So Young (Hong Ji Yoon), Oh Soo Jae continued to face trouble, and each time Gong Chan stepped up to rescue her. Although she tried to push him away because she felt like her real self that was hidden away was being revealed, Oh Soo Jae’s heart began to melt with Gong Chan’s warm sincerity. However, between them is the huge secret they have yet to bring up, which involves their first meeting from 10 years ago. Viewers are curious to find out if Oh Soo Jae remembers defending Gong Chan in the past when he went by his birth name Kim Dong Goo (Yu Gene Woo) and if the truth will change their relationship.





Oh Soo Jae vs. Choi Tae Guk

Oh Soo Jae and TK Law Firm’s head Choi Tae Guk (Heo Joon Ho) have been attacking and counterattacking one another constantly, creating tension in the story. Eight years ago, Oh Soo Jae became pregnant with Choi Joo Wan (Ji Seung Hyun‘s) child, but she had a stillbirth and was reduced to being tossed aside by Choi Joo Wan and his father Choi Tae Guk. Despite this, Oh Soo Jae worked with Choi Tae Guk, who promised her success and power, in order to fulfill her goal of getting revenge. Due to Hong Seok Pal’s (Lee Chul Min‘s) death, Oh Soo Jae realized just how cruel of a person Choi Taek Guk is. Viewers are highly anticipating the next face off between Oh Soo Jae and Choi Tae Guk, who know each other better than anyone else, as they hide their true intentions behind their cold gazes and smiles.





The unsolved mystery


As the episodes progress, mystery continues to build. First remains the question of the identity of the real culprit who murdered Gong Chan’s step-sister Jeon Na Jung (Hwang Ji Ah). Gong Chan was accused of being the culprit immediately after the incident, and it remains suspicious that Noh Byung Chool (Kim Han Joon) turned himself in and was released from prison after one year. Not to mention, Seo Joon Myung (Kim Young Pil), who did not hesitate to manipulate evidence and induce confessions as the prosecutor in charge in the past, was also involved in the case.




Second, the identity of the mastermind who incited Hong Seok Pal to murder Park So Young remains to be revealed. Suspicions were added when Park So Young was revealed to be pregnant and had checked who the father of the fetus was. Furthermore, viewers are curious about the link between Yoon Se Pil (Choi Young Joon) and Baek Jin Ki (Kim Chang Wan), who dream of Choi Tae Guk, Han Sung Bum (Lee Kyung Young), and Lee In Soo (Jo Young Jin) falling into ruins, as well as Kang Eun Seo (Han Sun Hwa), who is living with the trauma of being a victim of sexual violence and a car accident in the past.





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Wow, episode 9, I think we only got about 10 min of content that is relevant to the plot 🙄


Episode 10 - So Director Baek is the father of the girl who was mentally challenged (sorry for saying he was a sex predator earlier). And CEO Yoon Se Pil was the boyfriend. The girl looked like she was raped. Together they are trying to bring down the perpetrators, who are Chairman Han, Assemblyman Lee and Chairman Choi. Gong Chan’s step sister’s case is also likely linked to the 3 similarly.


Chairman Choi doesn’t seem like the type who enjoys playing with the girls, like the other 2 though. His role is probably to protect them to serve his own purpose - being Prime Minister 👀.


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I am actually getting bored of the drama, for dragging things out.


Like @Chocolate said, nothing really important happened in episode 9. The revelation of Director Baek and Yoon Se Pil's relationship was just confirming my speculation and nothing more.


The romance between Gong Chan and Soo Jae... I couldn't care less 😅

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'Oh Soo-Jae' Choi Young-Jun, who was revealed in the past, turned to Lee Kyung-Young, the blade of revenge

Reporter Park Ah-Reum




In Why Oh Soo-jae, Yoon Se-pil's veiled past was gradually revealed, and complex puzzles began to come together one by one.

In the SBS Friday-Saturday drama Why Oh Soo-jae, which aired on July 2, Yoon Se-pil (Choi Young-joon)'s revenge blade was directed at Han Seong-beom (Lee Kyung-young). Se-pil Yoo bought Han Seong-beom's old house on the same day. In addition, it was suggested that Yoon Se-pil's revenge was related to Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) and Gong-chan (Hwang In-yeop), which further heightened the tension.

Se-pil Yoon, who started revenge in earnest, joined

forces with Oh Soo-jae and began to lead the sale of Hansoo Bio in the direction they wanted. In addition, Yoon Se-pil threw a clue to a new incident by continuously informing Oh Soo-jae of his future steps.

In the face of Yoon Se-pil, who bought Han Seong-beom's house to find evidence of past events, both anger and will were revealed, raising expectations for the future development. Even in the absence of lines, Choi Young-jun expressed Yoon Se-pil's emotions only with his facial expressions, drawing favorable reviews as 'As expected Choi Young-jun'.

In addition, Choi Young-joon completed the gap between Yoon Se-pil as the CEO of a private equity fund who is selling and Yoon Se-pil, a man who plans to get revenge for the woman he loves, with only tone, tone, and eyes, increasing the immersion in the play.

As such, in Why Oh Soo-jae, towards the second half of the play, Se-pil Yoon's narrative and activity increase and the fun is doubled. 




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Nothing much happened in episode 9, but so many things happened all at once in episode 10!


First, Choi Yoon Sang intercepted his father's photographer taking photos of Soo Jae and Gong Chan kissing. Soo Jae doesn't think too much about it. I seriously think she thinks too highly of herself each and every single time. Yoon Sang openly telling his father not to touch Soo Jae & Gong Chan et al. just spells out "you're laying out all your weakness to your opponent" to me. *SMH* His threats towards his father honestly doesn't even shake the sly old man.


Second, I am now 99% sure that Jae Yi had to be Soo Jae's daughter. Just how the scene played out with Joo Wan's wife asking Choi Tae Guk about who the mother is is enough to confirm it. There's no other woman linked to Joo Wan other than Soo Jae. But why Choi Tae Guk had to go to such extreme is beyond me.


Third, Yoon Se Pil buying Chairman Han's house where his fiancee was raped. He's going to tear the house apart to find evidence. Okkkk, good luck with that! I now wonder if the rape was committed by the second gen sons rather than the first gen fathers. That said this father/son-in-law pairing is also a bit silly in the sense that how can Choi Tae Guk not know there's a connection between them, especially they are seen meeting one another. Choi Tae Guk can put a tail on Soo Jae/Gong Chan, he naturally can put a tail on Yoon Se Pil as well, especially he's the person buying Hansu Bio! Additionally, Choi Tae Guk is pushing Director Baek in taking the role of Minister of Justice. What does this mean...?


Fourth, the collapse of the construction site led to two important cases: The injury (or death) of Soo Jae's classmate's son and Gong Chan's step-sister's skeleton being found. Soo Jae is charged to resolve this issue swiftly and yet we know she would want to help her classmate too.


Fifth, Gong Chan's identity finally discovered by Soo Jae... in the worst possible ways which would make her think Gong Chan approached her with ulterior motive.


Sixth, first gen and second gen's relationships are falling apart. I honestly find the sons ridiculous. They aren't even friends. Joo Wan is basically their servant boy. Han Dong Oh now gets caught DUI and being aggressive towards police officers. Assemblyman Lee's son is also in trouble since he was hanging out with Han Dong Oh. Joo Wan has finally gotten smart and wasn't there at the scene.


Seventh, the fall out between Assemblyman Lee and Chairman Han. Assemblyman Lee is furious and dying to clear his connection with Chairman Han for the collapse of the construction site. Not sure with his own son caught up with Han Dong Oh will make them join hands again or make them dob each other out. Heh.


At least the show is getting interesting, again.

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This week’s episodes were highly irritating.


- Chairman Choi’s second son is so juvenile doing all these useless things trying to break them up 🙄

- Director Baek’s lame apology and reasoning for not helping SJ defend Gong Chan 10 years ago

- And of course, making the “lying about his identity” into a big issue, when it is really a non-issue.


It was a painful watch. Such a waste.


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'Why Oh Soo Jae' Seo Hyun Jin vs Heo Jun Ho, the dangerous truth game begins.


 Jeong Ji Won   


'Why Oh Soo-jae' Seo Hyun-jin past shakes up the present.


On the 15th, ahead of the 13th episode, the SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Why Oh Soo Jae' released a still cut that heralded the change of Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin), who faced the truth 10 years ago. the attention is focused on her actions, which are a mixture of feelings of deep guilt for Gong-chan (Hwang In-yeop) and hatred and anger toward Choi Tae-guk (Heo Jun-ho).


0bce093c806bcb.jpg'Why Oh Soo Jae' Seo Hyun Jin Hwang In Yeop Heo Jun Ho [Photo=SBS]  




In the last scene, Oh Soo-jae learned that Gongchan was 'Kim Dong-gu' began to distance himself from him. Gongchan also learned through Choi Yoon-sang (Bae In-hyeok) that Oh Soo-jae abandoned himself by giving up pleading not guilty during the trial of the 'Jeon Na-jeong case'. Oh Soo-jae, who was listening to the conversation between the two over the handset. Choi Yoon-sang's words, "You cheated my sister, and my sister abandoned you" became a dagger and stuck in my heart, and I shed tears of regret and shame at Gongchan who said, "He is the person who trusted me, that's enough."


Could Oh Soo-jae, who 'dreamed of wrong success through the wrong choice', change her life again? The photo released on this day contains Gong Chan appearance in front of Oh Soo-jae house. There is fondness in his eyes as he talks on the phone while looking at Oh Soo-jae on the roof from a distance. However, Oh Soo-jae, who was caught up in everything 10 years ago by Gong-chan, whom he didn't want to be found out the most, is also complicated. Oh Soo-jae, who quietly listens to his story, is curious about the future of the relationship between the two people.


In another photo, the atmosphere between Oh Soo-jae and Choi Tae-guk is also different from usual. Two people who did not lose their leisure and smile to hide their true feelings while looking through the insides of each other. However, in the cold gaze of Oh Soo-jae full of contempt, Choi Tae-guk heightens the tension by maintaining a poker face that does not blink an eye. Oh Soo-jae, who learned the full story of the 'Jeon Na-jeong case' through Baek Jin-ki (Kim Chang-wan), is expected to enter a dangerous truth game with Choi Tae-guk. Expectations are high for the final match between Oh Soo-jae and Choi Tae-guk, who declared war on the previous trailer, "I was afraid of regret for that moment, so I turned away, but now I'm going to do something called regret."


In episode 13, which will be aired on the 15th, Gongchan asks the Legal Clinic Center to catch the true culprit of the 'Jeon Na-jeong case', which returned to the origin after the discovery of the white bone and the suicide of Noh Byung-chul (Kim Han-jun). Oh Soo-jae, predicting that 'the person who moved everything' will pay attention to Gong-chan, sets out to pursue the truth with the members. Meanwhile, Choi Tae-guk counterattacks Oh Soo-jae's attack with words like a blue sky.


The production team of 'Why Oh Soo-jae' said, "Choi Tae-guk is the person behind all the boards from 10 years ago. Please watch the fate of Oh Soo-jae and Gong-chan, who fell from the board he made to the bottom of their lives, and see what changes today." Starting from the broadcast, the hottest and most intense fight will unfold in the remaining 4 episodes.”


On the other hand, the 13th episode of SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Why Oh Soo-jae' will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 15th.




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Why Oh Soo Jae. Seo Hyun Jin reveals the Jeon Na Jeong case for the first time in 10 years.


Reporter Lee Nam Kyung.



Photo = Captured from SBS


Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) began to dig into the 'Jeon Na-jeong case' again, conveying regrets, guilt, and apologetics to the past 'Kim Dong-gu' and now Gong-chan (Hwang In-yeop ). He then visited Choi Tae-guk (Heo Jun-ho) and told the story of the 'day' where Kang Eun-seo (Han Seon-hwa)'s accident and Jeon Na-jeong (Hwang Ji-ah)'s death occurred one after another. Choi Tae-guk, who seemed to hesitate for a moment, revealed to Oh Soo-jae an unbelievable fact about Choi Jae-yi (Han Joo-hyun).


On this day, Baek Jin-ki (Kim Chang-wan) confessed that he received money in exchange for introducing an illegal loan broker to the representative of a savings bank in the past, and confessed that this was his 'cheesy' who had no choice but to close his eyes even though he knew all the truth. At that time, he knelt down to Choi Tae-guk, and now, 10 years later, he kneels again to Oh Soo-jae. It was to catch up with Choi Joo-wan (Ji Seung-hyun), Han Dong-oh (Park Shin-woo), and Lee Si-hyuk (Won Hyung-hoon), who had hurt her daughter Kang Eun-seo's body and mind. Oh Soo-jae turned around in a cold way to his poor excuse, but received data about the incident 10 years ago through Yoon Se-pil (Choi Young-joon). When asked if he would be on the same side, Oh Soo-jae said, “We just have the same goal,” and Oh Soo-jae said that he had to pay the price for his cowardice.


Oh Soo-jae shed tears of shame at the thought that the past choices pushed Kim Dong-gu (Hwang In-yeop/Lee Yoo-jin) to hell and her life to a 'ditch gutter' rather than a 'flower field'. Her best friend Chae Jun-hee (Cha Cheong-hwa) comforted her by saying, "Make sure you pay the price for your crimes," saying that she would make people who should be really ashamed. It was Gong-chan who had the courage to approach Oh Soo-jae first. “I don't care what kind of person you are,” he said to Gong-chan, “I'd threw you away,” but on the contrary, he said, “Take hold of the people who messed up my life and shook up the professor's life,” Oh Soo-jae's heart moved with the two stuck to the 'Jeon Na-jeong case', leaving behind their remorse and resentment.


Meanwhile, Gongchan asked Baek Jin-gi to let him meet Choi Tae-guk. Baek Jin-gi, who resigned from the position of president of Seojung University Law School ahead of a hearing with the Minister of Justice, opened a mock court to replace the resignation ceremony. It is a case to determine whether the prosecutor in charge of the case of Mr. Kim, who was framed for murdering his wife, is guilty of abuse of power and confinement against Mr. While Gong-chan and Choi Yun-sang, who played the prosecutor and the accused, had a war of words, the appearance of Choi Tae-guk changed the atmosphere at once. After the mock trial, Gong-chan blocked Choi Tae-guk's car as he left law school. Gong-chan asked who made Kim Dong-gu and Noh Byeong-chul (Kim Han-jun) the criminals, and Choi Tae-guk asked a meaningful question, 'What would you do if you were Kim Dong-gu? The precarious nerve war between those who knew each other but pretended not to know each other heightened the tension.


Gong-chan officially requested the Legal Clinic Center to catch the culprit who killed Jeon Na-jeong. Oh Su-jae pointed out, “The person who moved everything will now pay attention to Gong-chan,” and the members made it known that Gong-chan was Kim Dong-gu when it was revealed that Baek-gol was Jeon Na- jeong. Then, Oh Soo-jae visited Choi Tae-guk and exposed what Joo-wan Choi, Dong-oh Han and Si-hyuk Lee had done 10 years ago. From the accident of Kang Eun-seo, which he did not know, to the death of Na-jeong Jeon, Choi Tae-guk, who was listening to the full story, sensed a crisis. But after a while, he showed a cool, bizarre smile. “Let’s assume what you say is true. Joo Wan will never catch her,” along with the meaningful words “Jay, this is your daughter,” causing shock and confusion.


The 'Jeon Na-jeong case', which rose to the surface for the first time in 10 years, has now spread to the final match between Oh Soo-jae and Choi Tae-guk. The crimes of three young men, including Joo-wan Choi, and the evil deeds of Choi Thai, who fabricated the case for his son, were revealed. The chairman of a leading large law firm, the chairman of the 20th largest conglomerate in the business world, and a presidential candidate who cooperated with them and it's raised expectation for Oh Soo-jae's counterattack to see if the law can judge the crimes committed by their three sons.




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Seo Hyun Jin "I was happy," "when 'Oh Soo Jae' a character tell me about myself." she said.


media OSEN Seon Mi Kyung.



[Photo] Courtesy of Studio S and Bo Media


'Why Oh Soo Jae' Seo Hyun Jin once again renewed her life character and shared her last thoughts.


Seo Hyun Jin was praised for her role as Oh Soo Jae in the SBS Friday-Saturday drama 'Why Oh Soo Jae' (Directed by Park Soo Jin and Kim Ji Yeon), which ended on the 23rd (yesterday). She took the central axis of the play and led it until the end, proving that she is an actress who can be trusted and seen again.


Oh Soo Jae, who dreamed of success due to the wrong choice, expressed the intense struggle and complex emotions to go to a higher place with Seo Hyun Jin's distinct color. she showed a strong and cold character that had never been shown before with a high synchro rate, and she put her character in search terms like proper nouns.


In particular, the sparkly hot performance with no concessions with Heo Jun Ho (Choi Tae Guk) even cools the conversations of viewers. Even though he was a talented person with sharp eyes and a gloomy face, he cheered on his side, and his pitiful expression and hot tears made his heart flutter together, proving 'Why Oh Soo Jae' again.


Seo Hyun Jin, who imprinted her unrivaled presence with 'Why Oh Soo Jae' like this, finished the drama successfully and said, "It's a work. I have filmed for a long time and focused on many things, so it's rather unfortunate that the drama is ended to pass quickly. Thank you for watching Why Oh Soo Jae. I hope you had a good time and I wish you good health always.”



[Photo] Courtesy of Studio S and Bo Media






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