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Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 [Pending]

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Title: 长月烬明 / Chang Yue Jin Ming
English title: Till the End of the Moon
Genre: Xianxia, romance
Episodes: 60
Broadcast network: Youku
Broadcast period: TBA



Luo Yun Xi as Zhan Taijin
Bai Lu as Li Susu / Ye Xiwu
Chen Du Ling as Ye Bingchang
Deng Wei



This is a story of period when demons are in power. Demons become the masters, and the cultivators and mortals become despicable beings.
One day, the elders decided to send someone back to the past to discover the demon lord’s origin and prevent him from awakening. That someone happened to be Li Su Su.

Li Su Su then goes back to the past, taking a body of a mortal named Ye Xi Wu. Ye Xi Wu was the third daughter of Ye General, married to a hostage prince which is the future demon lord, Tantai Jin. Li Su Su is determined to destroy Tantai Jin who in the future has killed too many; however, being in Tantai Jin’s past life, she is now seeing Tantai Jin’s different side of story before he rose to be demon lord.
(Source: RedLotusPavilion at MyDramaList)


~~ Adapted from the web novel "Hei Yue Guang Na Wen BE Ju Ben" (黑月光拿稳BE剧本) by Teng Luo Wei Zhi (藤萝为枝). 


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