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JangHaven 0.6.0

In Development

Key Changes

  • Matter Theme removed.
  • AQ Matter Theme added.
  • Revamp of JangHaven Light Mode 4.4 (Beta+).
  • "Theme Changer" feature added.
  • Visual bug with floating usernames on reputation display fixed.
  • Enhanced anti-bot security measure added.
  • Default Theme Changer fixed (bottom of the page)
  • Enhanced footer added.
  • "Contact Us" added.
  • Missing Veilon © Copyright for theme fixed.
  • Missing "Powered By Invision Community" fixed.
  • Enhanced editor tools added.

Additional Information

This is mostly a security update for the community. Developers have observed strange visual bugs from JavaScript and CSS upon fixing essential issues found by our forum staff members on the previous theme. We have switched to another design from Veilon and most of the inner workings on coding errors have been resolved. We also added a theme changer feature which members can switch themes to their liking. We provided some hotfixes towards the reputation display and enhanced our security measures against malicious spammers and bots. We added some features in the footer and restored some of its missing components.

We are one step closer to the grand opening of JangHaven!

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