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JangHaven 1.0.0

In Development

Key Changes

  • Dark Mode Enabled as "JangHaven Dark Mode 4.4 (Beta+).
  • Trophy / Medal module added.
  • Clubs added (Closed Testing for Staff only).
  • Discord logins enabled.
  • Google Adsense enabled.
  • Google Adsense basic algorithm added.
  • Donation module with IPS Commerce enabled.
  • Paypal integration added.

Additional Information

Hello, everyone! Thank you for being patient with the development of JangHaven.


We are excited to share that Dark Mode has been made available for every member of this community. The developers are excited to bring it online for you with the official launch of our platform.


The trophy / medal module has been successfully installed and we are working hard with our GFX designers to create upcoming content. The Members Shop is definitely coming soon although we are actively working on our existing features to make sure all our add-ons are fully operational without forum-breaking issues.


Clubs have been added but are currently in testing to make sure the module is stable and has ground rules before being made available.


People can now log on the forums through the Discord integration. However, whoever chooses this option cannot use anonymous mode due to software limitations.


Google Adsense has been added. It will be our second form of revenue (with donations being the first) to help us upkeep our community. We acknowledge ads suck but that's how our website will primarily gather funds to keep servers running. Developers will work to make sure the ads won't be intrusive with filters and algorithms. It take some days until the ads show in after Google verifies our site's core integrity.


The direct donation module is open with IPS Commerce. All payments and funds are managed with the third-party, Paypal. Donations are appreciated but not expected. As this is a community-driven crowdfunded platform, we want to make sure forums operate without server problems and keeps getting updated by our staff.


Thank you for supporting us!



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