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  1. Thank you for a lovely video again @Warm Paws! I dont know how to begin typing all the thoughts in my brain is just scattered everywhere right now. I love your video, please consider in making another one. please? Thank you for answering our requests for another video. Everything in the video was on point again! and you are right, LSJ is the silent Seungmin Shipper. I always like how he acts as the mediator of the two, he knows LSG well and He's just always observing the two from a distance, maybe gauging how SM handles the very active LSG and how LSG handles the very independent SM that break
  2. SG is such a transparent guy, you can easily read him. He can't hide much! Hahaha maybe only when it comes to SM? Because in MITH he always have a poker face. Right? I think SM won LSJ's heart, it's already a plus point for SM since she won the heart of SG's dearest friend to gave that compliment as we all know LSJ rarely shows emotions. he was able to know SM so much thru LF specially how she managed it when Yoo Jin nearly drowned, i think everyone in LF see her differently after that incident. And I also think SM is so comfortable with LSJ no matter how cold his attitude is, she's close to h
  3. Omo @WaterCat yeah, we read each other's mind! ๐Ÿค— definitely the editing it's not iun real sequence, scene jumped from one to another. You should just be good in puzzling it down together which one comes first. And this was the scene where SG was still addressing SM as "Somin-sshi", but I also think the flower that he gave to Yoo Jin was a bit odd. He gave it to Yoo Jin? ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿค” SG samchon likes throwing hints here and there since LF. I agree that Yoo Jin really played so much to glue these two and Uu think for SG to really got closer to SM. Yeah, even without eng sub I think L
  4. Since you mentioned ep.6 was everything begun, and I totally agree with you 100%. This was the episode where SM was always standing next to SG, she would always stay close to him. She's a little "cliingy" per say here. I know i've posted this here before, i just love how sweet this scene was (if only I know how to upload gif here, i'll be much better) and damn the camera men, they just didn't want to capture their sweet eye contact here, the way SG slightly noded to her (whatever she's saying) and how he tiltec his head up giving her all his attention. I think by looking at SM here, maybe she'
  5. Right on! I also noticed that several times. She's really being noona and unnie to both of them haha! Specially when they were in the meeting room talking about the blueberry tree. I think the two were almost had an "argument" since SM wont back down and would like to do the planting by herself. I think SM was kind of upset that SG didn't want to plant the tree and she decided to do it alone, SG's voice was so sweet and soft when he said they'll do it together and SM said she'll do it. Noticed the tone of his voice when he said "how can you do it alone" soft but you'll sense his irritated too.
  6. Yes me too. My thinking was, when he heard that SM wa with the kids alone and at night, it's dark, he followed them ๐Ÿ˜Š he said his body was aching from playing earlier, but he was seen with SM and the kids in the chicks and rabbits den. Awww sweet! Yeah, I think SG is a jealous type of guy. The way he said it in one of the MITH episode (with the girl silhoutte), i just felt that he's the type who gets jealous easily. I noticed it in LF that he always watched SM whenever she interacts with LSJ, i dont know, its just my observation and feeling.
  7. I just noticed Na Rae's look here, it's like saying to the two "Hey, Oppa LSJ said the show should focus on the kids. Stop flirting, it's too obvious!" haha! and LSJ look just like saying " Ya! I told you the show should focus on the kids, not your blossoming love story! ya!" and I remember reading somewhere, that SM said if she likes someone she will stare at him to let him know. (i dont know if I read it correctly, correct me if i'm wrong) and SG stared at her so sweetly, then he agreed to SM's suggestion to invite the kids over for alumni homecoming but when Na Rae first suggest
  8. Hello thank you for the warm welcome! I'm so thankful you created this thread! Count me in! I m definitely with you. again, thank you and may this forum be more active than ever!
  9. thank you @SGxSM, i hope i'm not tiring everyone here with my endless posts. I really posts long comments and attached photos whenever I have time and not busy with work. Do you think it's so bizarre that both of them will launch a series at the same month after LF? TV networks in KR should guests the casts of Mouse and M. House together to promote each of their series, we'll be in cloud 9 if that happens! haha! SG will personally witness how the hosts will tease SM and her co-star with the chemistry hahaha! since theirs is romcom :) Waah! I really wish to see them together! Jebal
  10. oh wow! thanks for the update @SGxSM! let me check in IG. I love this forum, Seungmin shippers so cool! we all have eagle eyes! I love the purple observation, i am also watching MITH and carefully tuning my eagle eye on all the episode hoping to get any hint about seungmin. I didn't know that i will be this into shipping, though this is my 2nd ship already, but with Binjin ship i'm just a lurker and silently smily, giggling and reading comments I barely posts in the forum in soompi. But Seungmin hits different! and I also not been able to watch another kdrama after seeing LF, I finished LF las
  11. Long post (or long observation rather ๐Ÿ˜‰) this is what happened when you rewatch LF for the hundred times. You get to see in different angles ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿคฃ. I love that Seungmin always hate to give each other space ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™„, and so cute that SG always stand close to SM from behind, Na Rae was also standing beside SM but look at the gap between them. Right? And i love the height difference, you can barely see SM with this behind shoot โ˜บ๏ธ This is my ultimate favorite scene of them. This just reallt further justify my hunch that there's really something going on between the
  12. I really hope they already realized how wonderful it will be to end up with each other. Little did they know, LF was their eye opener of what their future will be. Like we always said here, this ship will continue to sail as long as neither of them confirms in a relationship with someone. Just like this candid screenshot, a picture perfect of a family coming home from a sunday family day ๐Ÿ˜Š For now, let's enjoy the "Jung-Lee Family Tree" ๐Ÿค—
  13. I Find this cute. SM is so motherly to Yoo Jin. And SG being a typical dad to just let the wife take care of the daughter ๐Ÿ˜Š yoo jin came with SG here in the market, but the moment they returned to the restaurant, we can see SM scooting removing yoo jin's shoes so she can enter and SG was just waiting for them to finish. Yoo jin really love being with SM, (picture 2) the moment she's back in the restaurant, automatically she'll be by SM's side and its also natural to SM to look after yoo jin. SG on the other hand, just like most husband do, once the wife is ready there, the wife wi
  14. Sharing this again here. How the two has a soft heart to Yoo Jin. And you really cant separate the two for a long time. SM joined the twins and Yoo Jin eating plums after dinner, few minutes after SG followed to clean up the tables ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜„
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