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  1. Yes. confirming that she is currently in a happy state, really proves that she's well taken cared of these days (and that i believe is SG). I hope someone also ask SG if he is happy, and definitely he will also say that he's happy now. They really bring the good and better of each other through each other. Big part of this is they are in a mature relationship. A stable and secured relationship. That is why they wont be shaken easily this time. They have weighed a lot of things and tested the waters before taking a dip, and when they took a dive, they know it will be for keeps. I m
  2. Yes i think its part of her vlog that she did months ago. I think her latest vlog is a mix of vids of yeol moo taken months ago, she just compiled it. On her latest vlog though, i noticed a clearer view of the other ring she wore on her ring finger. A thin and simple band that I've seen her wore it months back from her vlog as well where she was sort of gardening in their roof top. Wonder what's that ring for. A thin-band. On her ring finger. I think it's on her right hand.
  3. SM uploaded new vlog. And she's even prettier without make up. I love how simple she really is, and nice that she can still do normal stuff like going to the mall without any hassle. No crumbs much though N
  4. I just saw the m.house's teaser and cant wait to watch it, it looks good just from the teaser itself. Im glad jbtc is starting to promote the drama already, so for sure we'll get a lot of SM's all over yt and social media these coming days. They are still very quiet specially SG. He must've really forgot IG exists! Hahaha! Also SM. They are both in hiatus.
  5. and noticed that after this episode, after SM complained of back pain, SG is the one often carries Yoo Jin, i think so that SM wont carry her so much. Out of context, after 6-7months since i discovered LF, I had the will to watch another kdrama, and I love vincenzo. I remembered Seungmin to Joong Ki and Jeo Been. They have a lot of shippers but Vincenzo is not a romcom, there's also just few skinship but the chemistry is so strong and good.
  6. Thanks for the observation @ishipSGxSM. We have the same thoughts in this episode. And noticed that he made the oranges in halves, maybe he noticed that it's too big for SM. I love how gentle he fed it to her and hang on to it a bit compared to how he fed LSJ. And the tone that he always uses everytime he talks to SM, he uses a sweet low tone just like how he talks to the kids. One of the scene I love in this episode was when they were sitting next to each other eating popcorn. SG can sit anywhere but he really chose to sit with her, and I think LSG's meaningful look was for the t
  7. She gained weight right? It suits her! She's so pretty, her outfit is kind of weird but hell yeah she pulled it off pretty well! She's so pretty and so blooming. I wonder if SG's seeing her pictures in social media right now and for sure in awe on how pretty she is! I hope we can watch it in youtube pretty soon.
  8. I love the picture of SG laughing in home town flex, it's 100% very somin! I think he mimic her so much in this picture because they were "just getting to know" each other deeper so it reflects the other so much. That is the closest somin-like in all of his photos laughing. How SM covers her mouth definitely the same! And yeah, he used his phone there often and you know why a guy is into his phone so much, it's only when he's in a relationship. Right? I hope the radio show will be shared in youtube for us to watch if its off limits to non-KR location. I want to watch her body language and spot
  9. Since the forum is quite silent these days, i've been watching random episodes of LF. And I tirelessly love observing their interactions over and over again although it's been analyzed many times by us. I just cant help it still. With SG's current on-screen partner in Mouse we all saw how he built this invisible wall in between them and how he distance himself to her as him being a gentleman and polite guy that he truly is. But whenever I see SM and SG in LF, I always asked myself "where's the distancing from SM, nothing right?" The screenshot where he's in red shirt, really shows
  10. Agree with you @SGxSM. SG seems to be a very determined person, i could see that attitude during LF. He knows how to be close to someone he likes and get her attention. He knows how to test the waters before taking a dip. What we saw in LF was a blossomming friendship and I hope after LF he did try his luck. And i think he did. He's perkier, happier and glowing nowadays.
  11. Wow @Seung-Min i love your comment! I miss reading long comments here. But yes, shat you said is true. SG is really different with SM. The uneasiness is a sign that their skinship in yoga was not just a normal thing for him. He's so happy that he agreed to play with grace. I liked the fact that when you watched that scene, he's just so happy he was able to pulled it off. The way he looked at SM to complement her though she's not looking at him and he love even their high fives.
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