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  1. I also found the ending is mind blowing, disturbing, but also very aesthetic at the same time? Cto.
  2. @40somethingahjummaI guess when people asked, indeed they must at least watch V1 or V3. I skipped V2, but still know about Fabre organization that apparently appear again on the ending of V4. @UnniSaraFirst time I'm happy with hanging ending, as Derek should appear again, or else it will be awkward. Felt sad for him, being shocked with his partner suddenly decided to dissapear, just with promise, "I will comeback". If there is no S5 it will be weird and the case is still not closed. @abs-oluteMYes DBM original personality also cold & cruel. So it should not diminished his responsibility towards the crime he did. I like the overall message in the end, that family is pillar of society. Once it crumbled, our society also in danger. @DarkarcanaSasako Ritsuki character introduced towards the ending, any idea if she's related to Kaneki or KW? BJS really never die isn't he 😅. Was waiting for him to appear, so a bit shocked that he last minute showman lols.
  3. Saying I love you without saying the word I love you 😆 : I don't know whose his previous partner lols... seems he's not on partner mode in US. But Kang centre, wah how abt your 2 previous partner lols @bluepebbles's son asking them a question 😅 @abs-oluteMMaybe I'm not too delusional after all. Hahahaa....
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