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  1. Ice Cream deserved more post about him (yes he's a boy 😅😆) : Cr. Shira.
  2. Use for My Talent Post : Cutie : https://www.instagram.com/p/COmgwjQHB2L/?igshid=1t0wclo3cn0xx
  3. Actually I become quite excited too with this drama @Tofu. Cr. renjialun_03.
  4. They're looking so good at the press con. Still unsure if I'm going to watch this, maybe you guys can convince me haha... And I think I'll wait for more episodes to be up, then decide later.
  5. Yeah he's a merman. Lols. Im not fans of long hair. But at this rate, I will watch him in anything, I don't mind 😅😆
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