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  1. “I never thought that I climbed up to a certain position through gaining popularity. I’m just one of the actors who got casted in the ‘Reply’ series. I want to be an actor that can be helpful in real (daily) life. Someone that you can touch when you reach out your hand, I will try my best to be an actor that can share comfort and consolation, and also an actor who is able to give a great strength to fans. Please watch over me.” Source eyesonryu
  2. Thanks @mademoisellefor sharing... Haha some said he looks like Disney prince 🥰
  3. Agree with you, been thinking to drop around ep 10, but it did get better with HCC, so I still continue. They drag the reason for Mr. Hong issue for too long. And it was too lovey dovey sugary for a while. I told @TofuI have hard time munch it. I think I secretly enjoyed the characters being tortured. Not so much when the love is mutual (I'm so evil!) Actually I don't feel to pick up any new drama recently. Seems nothing really interesting, so this Lost really my favourite drama at the moment. Our JH book club is dying, maybe you can help revived there? The people more excited posting oppas reading a book, then writing a review 😅 (me yes guilty too)
  4. Looks savage @Chocolate “There’s only one way to kill an emu,” one veteran of the bizarre conflict remarked to The Herald. “Shoot him through the back of the head when his mouth is closed, or through the front of his mouth when his mouth is open. That’s how hard it is.”
  5. Now that you mentioned this, I kind of seeing the resemblance on their attitude. Both don't mind being lead by other people. In Traveler, obviously the boss is RJY. In Twogether LSG is the boss Yes, if you don't want to see whole episode, just check ep 8. Both of them become quite tanned in the end, and they walk a lot. I think RJY quite tired at some point. But your oppa still bubbly and cheery (but no, I not adopting him 🤣). Yes the dialogue often quite relatable. In latest episode I like how KJ describe about his work, and why he didn't choose normal 9 to 5 like most people in his age do. I think this drama is the type that can't be binged. Just try to watch it slowly. If you continue, please drop by in @bairamathread with your opinion. Will love to see your comment.
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