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  1. Actually I'm quite amused with Concubine Qiao. She have this overwhelming love for LingYi. I think its suffocating him. And the background story actually she already admiring him since small girl? Don't you think in modern era she can be those sasaeng ? 🤣 The moment she played song in the garden. And he came with spirit " I want to take care my concubine ", but in the end he's not interested with her, and promised he will visit her more often. But that night he didn't come and just pass the musical book. I have to say this scene, soo satisfying? 😁 Like Shiyi said,
  2. IKR @JenLYJG didn't do me much either on HDL, he was better on Circle. But in Beyond Evil so suave. Who said we can't collect oppas from murder drama ? We absolutely can! Wah I love your oppa lists. Keep going, you can do better, please collect more Btw @Jane, so quiet what's your oppa list? Haha.. You're the one suggesting me to do this tracker thingy.
  3. Full Article : https://www.soompi.com/article/1456991wpp/watch-cho-seung-woo-and-park-shin-hye-rehearse-epic-green-screen-stunts-for-sisyphus-the-myth
  4. @Tofuwah Wallace Chung video dance not available to watch in my country haha... I think he no need to dance so hard. I alrd start liking him in Brocade. Haha he looks arrogant but tsundere. However he havent reached oppa status yet for now.
  5. Oh I hope she accept it. She's also quite good.
  6. Haha ep 9 liao. I'm not fast forwarding. I enjoyed those concubine bickering. Me & @abs-oluteMthankful we didn't born on that era HIM lost my interest on ep 2. I didn't like the school girl portion and can't relate. (Yeah im old left school bench eon ago...haha)
  7. This is how i start my day: @Alice Wonderland https://www.instagram.com/p/CL4JwVfDILU/?igshid=1c6loq7rplvkt And yeah I enjoyed so much of this Brocade drama unintentionally...lols @NiteWalkeryeah the rotating visit happened after he quarel with Shiyi from their banquet with her family. Its also funny how she reject his hand to help her out from sedan ahahaha.... He seldom come home early, but I think his new wife really amuse him, that we start to see him roaming around now. Shiyi's character quite enjoyable, she's independent but not over the top
  8. Its first time of me seeing him. He looks arrogant, but he's husband scared of wife bwahahaha.... Ikr whats the deal with them? One super clingy, can feel he's suffocated by her love, one saying powerless people indeed easy to get along with, wah rude. The last one looks meek & nice. But who knows? The funniest scene when he tried to rotate give visit to the concubine, and in the end he realized he's not interested on any of them Wallace Chung got any other good drama?
  9. @NiteWalkerbtw u managed to lure me back to China Charm lols... this harem drama addictive. I even ignore SJK & LSJ 😃
  10. Cinderella Knight OST The drama is quite cute, I like the OTP and the song also fun and light. @TRaNzDon't keep crying, here listen to some cheerful song
  11. Ya I was thinking, the twitter seems gone crazy with the cardigan haha... They really looks good together in that pics btw.
  12. Psychic Detective Yakumo , there is many versions of it. But I like this artwork the most.
  13. New oppa alert. But he's under wife control one. He needs to prove himself first 🤣 @NiteWalker@Tofu@Alice Wonderland@abs-oluteM
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