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  1. Oh they look so lovely together I love all those pose, especially them sitting on the couch. KHY is just so shipable! I fall for Jo Yi and Yi Eon. I need that first look bts!! Liie choco said, which oppa? Lol
  2. No not just you, I was sobbing so ugly last night. This is definitely not a light romance. It's like Joseon melodrama. Lols. I think that this Joseon is much sophisticated than I thought.
  3. So early and she already get caught by so many people. Especially her sneaky uncle who seems trying so hard to find her faults. I feel sorry for the late crown princess. She was the only one with sanity among them. I thought she would live a lot longer to see this switched Lee Hwi grew up. I hope to see LH with more brain to put things back in its rightful place. But before she does so, I wanna see her can defend herself more than just being frightened when things go wrong. Her crazy grand father, the slaughter guard and the incompetent dad. She has a lot work to make these people are accountable for their actions. They set up so many complicated conflict already. So hopefully she won't turn into candy girl very soon just because the romance takes over.
  4. Playing ep 1, this is bugging me everytime I see this scene in saeguk or any other period drama. Something that I could only thing possible in modern time. Since when CPR firstly learned actually? Was it already taught long hundred years ago? Or the writer only used this as a way to make the heart of viewers fluttering? Okay, brb later, continue watching again.
  5. I must be far behind from everyone here, I only watched until ep 8 beginning. I paused it and havent resumed it yet. So I'm not sure which episode you refer your prev question to me @mademoiselle but I vaguely remember you asked wether I would get an SLS here. So far the answer is no. Yamyung prince is smiling so charming yes, but it doesn't go that far enough to waver my ship. Lols. I am still rooting Ha scholar with Chun Gi. She never has any thoughts of the prince even just a bit, all her head is full of Ha Ram alone. And He finally stops pretending to forget her now. So yea, all good lah.
  6. Okay done ep 13-14. Finally got the time write a bit of my thoughts. I like that they take turn on some other stories while DS and HJ are on their temporary break. The angst doesn't feel too annoying to watch so I still enjoy the show like usual. I am glad how BR's mom reconciled with her inconsiderate husband, that baby is a gift, his present is enough to vanish their confrontations before. My mom said, real life married couple life is much harder than that, sometimes you need to lose a bit to keep it going. I heard her as it sounds bitter, then she said, there is nothing in this world which can really be matched with you unless you try to put more of those egos and differences asides. It's good to see HJ got back together with IK's dad. Nam Suk is being a good cupid this time, I grow some love for her character now, I thought she would only remain as that annoying nosy gossiper. And what I dislike here, I have seen it coming tho, DS is being hesitated to be open-up to HJ about himself and his problems that bottled him up but in the end she will hear it from someone else first. The ending twist, that DH's dad connected to DS's past, I see that everyone are blaming him. But I'm sure like what grandfather stories he shared to HJ, this matter need more flasback for me to judge. Lols. Beofe it all confirmed clearly his fault, it means he's innocent until proven guilty. As I think I'm a good judge of a character, DS is actually a good person. Well let's see.
  7. @mademoiselle lols, poor his arm. But she's so cute while demonstrating the aegyo at him, she feels shy right after that and that's how she hits him! And he felt shocked getting a sudden hit liie that.
  8. I'm so busy this week and I'm not sure if I can watch the premiere episodes, I even couldn't watch otuer dramas too. The trailers looks so interesting @mademoiselle you see I feel so jealous with the king, she has 3 handsome guys around him, who ready to save her and do whatever it takea to protect her, she has many concubines indeed! Lols. Look, what I predicted seems to be true, he will witness her reveal herself as girl, the pattern is always the same, night time and the guy will see her true self under the full moon. Lols I think the two men, her teacher and the scholar knows her is a girl. And I believe they pick her a trustworthy body guard, he's not just any guy must be, he probably is told already that his king is female. Again, the kdrama trope we know, childhood sweetheart, they met as teens then reunites in the palace as king and the teacher. I guess he finally sees her secret when he feels some connection whenever he interacts with the king, like reminding him of his childhood sweetheart. This drama somewhat reminds me also with an old manga called Mint-na Bokura, a twin sister and brother and they switched places. I didn't finish this, somehow just stopped somewhere in what chapter I forgot. I just remember here the twin brother enrolled to a boarding school impersonating his twin sister. So many funny accidents and moments in it. So I am thinking that TKA will have some great comedy like here.
  9. That's what I'm worried about. You know like win10 is good but they dont sell it to us now, they postpone it until they release win 11 for example. Like if they lose their right timing, it would be kind of out of date. However good it is, when their timing is off it becomes dull however good and advanced its technology, cuz the upgraded version has released as the better option. Kind of this feeling.
  10. @Chocolate that is the beauty in diversity, isn't it? Honestly their PDA and HJ's aegyo is quite too much for me too, made me cringe. But I let it slide, lols. I see why you come up with the question. I feel it too. But I have nothing to comment other than yea, at least this is still okay for me. I skip ZK or AB, those aren't my cup of tea at all! I think HCC storyline is much better compared to some dramas which have more absurd plot and silly tropes.
  11. No, I listen to music as I work. Lols. Do you wash your hair every morning?
  12. OMG!! I just really cant stop smiling. I found that DS is really a nice boyfriend that kdrama ever had! I like how his honesty that he doesn't have enough money to buy diamond but it doesn't make him inferior and makes something more meaningful to Hye Jin. "You buy something you like with your own hard earned money" Aww.. I don't know but I think this is really cool. And they are perfectly in sync. Hye Jin felt what she was doing was a bit redundant and immediately corrected it. They may be very different but somehow they match each other in terms of respecting each other and daring to admit each other's mistakes. We see DS's past is coming more often at him. It's why HJ feels that something's wrong with him. I hope the writer won't screw this by something like noble idiocy trope. It will be much better if he allows her to help him overcome his problems and trauma together. Anyway, love is the best cure to any illness, wether it's physically or mentally.
  13. @mademoiselle @JenL I love the trailer too!! I just hope the king won't turn into a damsel in distress like some other dramas do. I just love a spunky and a bit cranky female lead, err is this yhe right words, lols. Anyway, you know what I mean right. It's October finally! P.S. ah, I will post something in HCC now, just done watching. Falling asleep last night.
  14. I believe she just planned to run away from her toxic people. But who hit her with that car? The eldest sister or the prosecutor who after YJ? After done wirh ep 6, it seems like they switch places mamy years ago?? They show us some flashback of young MN and her CIL. It seems kang mi na that he thinks is too similar to current KMN which is YJ. I do prefer JY than MN, she's quick-witted and never let anyone else bully her. I love that her charm! Ikr! She tricked me. Lols. Probably still ealy for her to remember that. I hope she won't get caught so soon. I still wanna see how she pulled out some tricks to het away from disadvantages situations she'd face. I ffd too quick, but I remember the two guys who keep following YJ during her stakeout. These guys visits her grandmother's urn and explained that how poor she is, her son is in jail (I think he refers to JY's dad as in the epilogue?) and as it doesnt enough that now JY is also missing. The real culprit would be from Hanju's company, could be the chairman or anyone of them. I see from the cast chart, there are three chaebol group here, Hanju, Yumin and Yeo Ju? I heard of the first two unless the last. Will YJ starts up her own company later? Lols
  15. Imagine all those slap, kick and head butted DS got during their secret dating trope. I'm so glad that he is so patient with her and always listen to her opinion. This boyfriend doesn't exist in real life. If there's one, probably one in a million. Seriously, when a drama couple start dating, mostly they will go very boring to me. But I think only some actors that pretty in my eyes could ever do the exception. They're really hilarious. It feels quite cringy mixed with cheesy but I love it. I laughed and smile a lot like a fool. Our second couple is in progress, waiting for their timing. Wait, not just 2 couples, we got three and even four. Hahaha. And I enjoy all of their stories. At finale, they can have couples gathering at Gongjin community weekly meeting, I can imagine their happy talks over some beer and chicken. I'm all for it! I dont care anymore with the plot. Cant wait to see how their high school style date tonight, I cant believe that they even look good with the uniforms.
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