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  1. I guess this will be the part of the melodrmaa being said in the working title. Lols. I can't guess. I also doubt he has the power yet to disobey his father.
  2. @Tofu doneeee!!! Until ep 17. Ahh... 1 more episode to go but I have to go back to do some work. So I will watch it again later. I get it now. I am with you that WW and GC relationship is one of the non-toxic relationship. I was wondering what is the conclusion of the first episode prologue. So she's here to tell. She's a cool character. And whoooaaa GC is his award outfit, ooooh so dashing, too bright to see him I think JXN expression at that moment is just like us all here who swoon over RJL. Lols. I have no time to gif it but she's so iconic. Hahaha XM
  3. I believe he does know she isnt SR he supposed to date but he choose her anyway. I like how he ounter-attack her trick here, "Did you knownthat you even havent asked my name?" Lols. MH is busy thinking how to kick him out and he knows that.
  4. Oooh it's not XM?? Lols. Who is wenwen?? Is she the girl XN talked with in the pool?? I resuked episode 13 a bit this afternoon. Not yet done. I do wonder it is inpossible to get rid of the villain if they still have long episodes to go.
  5. Kyaaaaa @Tofu he is so sweet!! I love the confession he made! Btw XN's male friend is quite handsome as well. He is like a Korean actor but I forgot who. But he is so similar. Ooh XM redeem herself. It's good. I always wonder why would those drama writers obsessed in turning the second female lead to evil when she doesnt get the guy. Real life doesnt work so. I mean giving up something isnt ours is also a cool thing.
  6. @mademoiselle @ktcjdrama I watch it in normal speed so far for most of my current drama watching. It's just when they start to bore me I will ffd them to quickly finish it. I like Mafia boss!! Haha, so I dont use ffd button for it. it seems HT's dad want to join the assembly or something? The higher up he follows religiously told him about marrying his son it's why he suggested the date to HT. The actor did olay many roles in previous drama projects. But mostly I watch him in villain roles. But him in cloy left the strong impression of him as that bad north korean traitor. Lols.
  7. Yes, in ep 2, in the dinner scene with the chairman or so, it was hinted so. @abs-oluteM What makes me wonder is who is JSC. I dont really catch that part, I mean why it seems HT feel the burden of responsibility. I just hope they both can continue their study. And I really love their date moments. He watches at her carefully and undestand the situation pretty fast. He knows when she's uncomfortable right away. I believe HT realizes who she is actually but play along with it as he said he wants to know the nurse than his actual date. He's the genius guy who admitted in
  8. Episode 2 is just so goood!! I love it!! This drama is just so classic romance! The feels, and its vibes are just so perfectly in balance. I love all the pace to the end cliffhanger is just making me even more curious. Aaahh... I ship MH and HT!! haha GT's dad is scary. Everytime I see him I keep seeing him as the north korean bad guy in cloy. Lols. I wonder how would GT face him later when he start to disobey his orders. I have a feeling he will do something bad even to his son when he knows they don't give him anything he expects. @mademoiselle hey chingu, I'll try
  9. This is good. Done 1 episode. Pretty solid start and satisfying ending. I wanna write nore but it's very late here now, so I will do it later. And LDH is back!! Ahh.. miss him after 18.
  10. So quick question, which drama if his airing now that I can watch while waitinf for crow-lizzard??
  11. Yea @SilverMoonTea that one is much better, even looking mightier. Hahaha whatever hairstyle he gets, he looks good. And yes, the manbun style made him looking undeniably gorgeous.
  12. Ooo... it's been a long time i didnt post and bow see this is already airing?? I miss sacho!!! How is it @SilverMoonTea
  13. @SilverMoonTea he looks like queen elsa here, lols. Can they stop making him wearing the coat? I always wonder did people in this era have fashion like this coat?? Lols. Just curious. Indeed. Hahaha, that's so unfair.
  14. Unfortunately, this drug leader only exist in dramaland. Lols. If they're real, I think i would consider it too. Well, I'm a rightous person fyi, so this is hard for me to decide. Oh this one is airing now?? Ok ok, will gonna check it out. I guess we all got into RJL fever now. So contagious and very dangerous for your heart safety. Where do we seek for help @SilverMoonTea 🤣
  15. What what are they saying? Jiejie tell us please 😄, anything with RJL becomes interesting I guess. Lols What is that? A drama of the two or being a presenter of an award show? Okay, just scrolling up, so I am in a new thread of another drama, lols. Aww, he has many dramas ya, when??? TBA means so unclear, Tagged me in back to remind me ya if it airs. Lols
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