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  1. It's something that not evey kdrama cant break through easily. Both are falling for the princess, and Master go will be the sad boy this time. Sigh.. if pyeonggang deosnt want him, give him to me. Lols.
  2. I just watch him in MasDe as well. 😄, agreed Mas De is the best. Eeehhh what's going on?? I dont even know they're gone?? Lols. Well, fighting JH team!
  3. @SilverMoonTea ooo... you listed LHY as your youngest gege, lols. I like him too. So did he have recent dramas that worth watching? Lols @mademoiselle is joining you both @Tofu @SilverMoonTea hahahaha
  4. @SilverMoonTea @Tofu you both needs to learn his name right. Lols
  5. @Tofu even so, to me both are handsome 🤩😍
  6. Lols... glad, I'm not the onky one who confuse on these two https://www.instagram.com/p/CLbF4_OpTUC/?igshid=1aikcmia2yxr6
  7. I see. I have free pass premium from my provider so I can. But it wont last longer. Lols.
  8. Try it on viu, they has this show too. Ooh okay @SnowBlob I'll try to come a lot more often... well when I will reach 100$ lols.. I want that panda noodle!!!
  9. Ooohh @SnowBlob this novelist chef is so scary!! He look nice at the beginning but he was so evil. He gives death due date. 😲😲😱 @abs-oluteM agreed. I like how he hides his true emotion and fakes those smiles to deceive his opponents. Ooohhh @ktcjdrama yes yes... min is one of my fave villains. It was first time I see PBG and fall for him, for this evil role he plays. Lols
  10. Just done ep 5 to 8. I like how finally she reveals who she is. Glad it didnt get drag much longer. Now she needs to take steps into the palace to reclaim her status back and put everything back in its rightful places. It seems that they intentionally to give the sweet deer showering GJ with his unconditional and overflowing loves and then they will test them with troubles later. I like the master go and the princess, and I like on dal too. Hahhaa. Nice triangle, bring them on!!
  11. @SnowBlob he was acting like a snob lawyer who takes bribes and does dirty suffs for the rich. But something behund all this ugly deeds, he has other plans for goodness. Well, it was good story and I watched it when I didnt really watch too many dramas back then. So it's fun. Btw which round we're in now? I read the games rule but dont really get it well, but I just post something and let me know how do we know somone ins winning or losing the round.
  12. Btw that gif cr to @Dhakra haha, found it on google... hey yaa.. come play with us... lols
  13. Here you go, one of my fav villain but not so villain, jang do han from lookout.
  14. Just log in back, games?? How how? Lemme see how
  15. Ohoo new episodes are coming out tonight. Hope one of our questions will be answered or at least gets some clear cut of what is really going on in the sisyphus world. So as my morning routine, checking IG post, I found this, and the caption are so witty! Lol https://www.instagram.com/p/CLi2YpBpGsE/?igshid=zgslyn25bmzg Mr. Han is troubling, handsome, rich, smart, really mature. This time, Mr. Han is getting married. Mama's curse was broken. (Refered to Mr. Queen). Lolss.... they're so creative to come up with this joke! 🤣
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