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  1. It's good, and since it's only 20 mins per episodes, the story went pretty fast. So this evil spirit is chasing those with last rank at school to be his sacrifice. I wonder with all those notes on board, that evil spirit must possess someone's body and act like human spying his next prey. Aw, both leads does have a good chemistry. I agreed with what the article says that one of the best you can get from this drama, a tested talent for both of them. So even the male ghost posess woo soo and hugged her, even it is so sudden, it's enough to flutter my weak heart. This one reminds me of Lets Fight Ghost, they also dealt with evil spirit. But here the ghost isnt that scary like there. Lols
  2. It is started already????!! Oh.. I saw this a week ago but it wast released yet. I will watch tomorrow then.
  3. Ooohhh my green oppa is here!! LOLS It looks good! I'm waiting for this! Please air quickly! P.S. I ike their uniform, looking brightly cheerful.
  4. @SilverMoonTea I come back just to give my late comment on the folming post you shared weeks ago. I was hitting like but didnt really pay attention before. So I think that scene probably happens when he transfers his merman marble to keep her life. They have done filming but not a single teaser release nor any rumor when it will be aired.
  5. Done 12 episode. I love it. Well, I really love it! How it got started was really fun and smooth. They both sell the game well! Lol. I like how they reunited after a long time. The chemistry between the two are just so good. They have this spark that flutters my heart while watching them. I think between his dream and someone he cherishes the most, like his family and probably Jingjing, the later is much important. I wonder which choices he'll make at the end. Seeing how his parents needs him or how his senior must through the hardships, he probably will choose what is more important than just fulfilling his dream. I mean all those are never be more important when you lose your chance to be with your loved one. I wasn't really into it while the trailer came out weeks ago, I thought it would all about lovey dovey romance which easily bored me. But they go like flow with water. So I like them.
  6. I'm wondering myself, I think they trying to say it is about a fantasy romance of a republican, a politician or someone who works in the goverment thing probably. Military fantady romance is so old, so I think they switch it to republican. Lols
  7. I love the village life here, how they portray each characters from the tangelos farm. Some are so naive, some are quite dummy but all has good value in them, that far hidden to be found. Haha The up and down of those farmer life, that is pretty meaningful to watch.
  8. Just done ep 33, it is good. I like it. The story is also fun to watch. How they live in a village and how SQ and DB the new generation will change their village into a successful one.
  9. He is so handsome @SilverMoonTea when will his drama air? So long
  10. I am! I'm wstching it now. It's more cheerful. I see Bo Reum oppa smiles a lot here. MC ahjussi too, hugging him. Yea.. it lits up my mood.
  11. Old video, but YT suggested it to me so I watched. Lols I heard he mentioned LuYi here while hand over the necklace, what did he say here @NiteWalker @SilverMoonTea you've changed your dp already,
  12. @mademoiselle rain?? Bi? Kim Tae Hee's husband? Full house guy? Ooh.. ghost doctor sounds interesting story, reminds me of ghost writer or ghost rider? Haha IKR, but well like you said, at least even being second lead most of the time, at least his screen time and the story arc of him are quite a lot. But it would be better if he is the main lead. So his screen time gets more. I really love him as HJH!!
  13. @Darkarcana I cant move on sushi, what to do??
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