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  1. Happy birthday to dearest Mr Dimples https://www.instagram.com/p/COl6744jXHd/?igshid=o9mdjj4x3zii Even The Swoon wished him and listed all his dramas! https://www.instagram.com/p/COmvcgALjIr/
  2. D-day The Swoon share key points https://www.instagram.com/p/COl_UNirt39/
  3. Me too . That curly hair thing bugged me , lol! Yes , the voice phising guy is the same actor that plays In Bum's uncle in Daebak. Completely agree. LJH's acting range is really fantastic. Not easy to pull off so many different characters. --------- Will he be able to "seduce" the lady boss with his charm & dressing? https://www.hankookilbo.com/News/Read/A2021050818230002953?did=NA
  4. @Chocolate make sure you don't miss the 1st few minutes of the BTS that @mademoiselle posted above . Your boy giving maximum fan service
  5. So from eps 3, Hwa Sun is not the only one who doesn't fully turn into a mutant . That school boy ( the bully) is also infected but he's not gone out of control. And it seems being bitten also does not lead to infection - Tae Han seems alright after being bitten by his friend. Anyway in the preview it from what Hwa Sun said , it seems that someone is controlling the smoke. Apart from Tae Han, driven by my oppa bias no doubt, I am not finding any of the characters likeable or memorable as yet. BTS stills Preview
  6. I laughed at this title...her transforming into a normal woman....so was she not before this? Viu Asia uses KTO as the cover photo. LOL New subbed teaser
  7. A couple of things struck me while watching eps 9. First it was when Do Ki was not particularly satisfied for just leaving the UData CEO to the cops/ prosecutors. All things considered , I would not have bat an eye lid if Do Ki ended his life there. But Go Eun brought up a good point that doing that would make them no better than the "trash" they were trying to get rid off. Secondly, I am glad that Do Ki voiced out his concern (like what I had ) about Jang's reformist ideas. Seeing Jang in hospital and Baek's "private jail" , it dawned on him that this may backfire. One thing though, I thought
  8. She's a stage (theatre) actress - so that's why she's so good and seasoned. From the cuts , I love Do Ki as this rich snob with bad fashion sense . LOL! --------------- Gonna watch eps 9 now but here's a pre-released for eps 10.
  9. Subbed BTS by IQIYI ( eps 13 & 14) https://youtu.be/sxSAXTNUTng (IQiYi does not embedding )
  10. Any particular picture you have in mind ? wahhhh @SilverMoonTea Jasper’s got a great body . Did you notice his neck also very long ?
  11. Personally , CEO's Jang desire to reform these baddies troubles me more than the revenge that the crew takes on behalf of their clients ( and even more than all the crazy things that Vincenzo did in the finale...those of you who watched it will know what I mean) . When a person pushes their own agenda the way he is , it reminds me of what a cult leader would do to brainwash his congregation. Taking revenge is one thing, but the edification of these criminals is an uphill task. On top of that isn't it weird that CEO Jang is closing an eye to Madam Baek's underworld dealings ? It is clear to me
  12. For tonight Up until now, Kim Do Gi has been going undercover alone, but this time, he will join hands with Park Jin Eon (Bae Yoo Ram) to catch the criminals behind a voice phishing organization. For this mission, Kim Do Gi will transform into Mr. Wang, a businessman from Harbin, and Park Jin Eon will become Lee Ja Sung, a person born in 2002 who applied for a high-paying part-time job. On May 7, the drama unveiled new stills that show a peek at Kim Do Gi’s, Park Jin Eon’s and Choi Kyung Goo’s (Jang Hyuk Jin’s) new looks. First off, Kim Do Gi steals the attention w
  13. Ohhhh my mum will be so sad ...she asked me when there will be a S2. Yes, I saw KSC in some of the snippets in AC when my mum was watching. So what sort of role should he play next? What genre? VC left such a strong impact on me that it feels this role will be hard to beat.
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