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  1. @TofuGosh ???I didn't realise there was two seasons. Okay thanks for the heads up. I will put this on hold then.
  2. All I can say is that I am ready to move on from the seaside to the mountains! IQIYI must have had a fierce bid with NF for this one.
  3. @TofuI finished up to Eps 28. XC really had it hard...but in some ways I think it was his pride that made things even more difficult. Clearly PQH and even Xie Hang want to help him and would have if he had just shared his struggles. But anyhow it looks like PQH managed to leave some $$ for him and he found the guy who scammed him that laser disc thing. XC is also lucky he found a good friend in that gangster kid he met in GZ. Anyhow it looks like now they are headed back to GZ and Xie Hang is applying to work in GZ as well.
  4. Think so... But woah....real plus 19 scenes...ahahahah I saw someone post on twitter. Don't watch with your girl.
  5. SPOILERS for Eps 9 Remember our speculation about JH being the one who killed his colleagues? LOOK what just happened... Do Jin-suk (Jang Young-nam) tried to make a tangent with Baek Mo-sa (Yoo Oh-seong). “There was something I really wanted to say. All of this stems from a misunderstanding. I want to explain what happened that day,” Do Jin-sook tried to explain. However, the NIS already knew of the contact between the two, and even deployed a sniper. Ji-hyeok tried to protect the two by visiting the site of the encounter, and Je Yi (Kim Ji-eun) informed Han Ji-hyuk of the location of the sniper. Han Ji-hyeok found the sniper and interfered with the sniper, and Baek Mo-sa detonated a bomb that had been pre-installed. Han Ji-hyeok ran to Baek Mosa and pointed a gun at heim and said, "I don't want to kill you. Why did you come here?” he said. "Baek Mosa has only one purpose for me. Finding and destroying enemies. I never changed. The environment has changed,” he said. When Baek Mosa, “We are actually alike,” Han Ji-hyuk asked, “Do you know me?” “I know you very well. Maybe more than you know yourself .” Baek said, “Think about it. Are you doing this for your colleague? Is it for yourself? Depending on that, the target of revenge will be different.” Baek Mosa then said, “There is no need to be in a hurry. Soon, the past will come to life and bite your neck.” Then he disappeared. Han Ji-hyeok was in agony as he remembered that Jang Cheon-woo (Jung Moon-seong) had said the same thing the other day. Yoo Je Yi , who turned away from Han Ji-hyuk, was actually a strategy to deceive Lee In-hwan (Lee Kyung-young). While digging for information from Lee In-hwan's side, Yoo Je Yi asked Han Ji-hyeok to make a deal to save Baek Mo-sa. After Baek Mo-sa disappeared, Han Ji-hyuk went to Do Jin-sook and asked why, saying, "You gave Dong-wook an individual mission." Do Jin-sook said, "I knew that Mo-Baek and In-Hwan Lee were going to do something big together. I would have done it if the only way to stop planned exile was to kill Ri Dong-cheol. But I did not give such instructions.” Do Jin-sook said, "If Ri Dong-cheol refused to threaten and tried to expose the truth to the outside, wouldn't Lee In-hwan try to cover it up even by killing him?" Do Jin-suk insisted on her innocence. As Han Ji-hyeok put together the mixed memories, he said, “Jang Chun-woo was there. The only thing that could give orders to Jang Chun-woo was the executive committee. Then he came to the conclusion that what made our team that way was…” Han Ji-hyeok freezes Kang Yong-tae (Jung Min-seong) and calms him. It's a second job. It was a check in against a well-known truck driver.” When they reached the conclusion that 'The Rat in the NIS ' was Lee In-hwan, Yoo Je-yi and Han Ji-hyeok became confused. "Dad. Was it Lee In-hwan's action a year ago?" Yoo Je Yi wondered and said to Han Ji-hyuk, "Our colleague... right?" Han Ji-hyuk said that Seo Su-yeon (Park Ha-sun) said, 'You never accepted us as colleagues. You didn't say anything, recalling the memory of accusing you of chasing after your goal." Han Ji-hyeok, who learned that Planet was related election interference, went to their office and tried to extract the data. However, Lee In-hwan also came and mocked Han Ji-hyuk, saying, “The ending was wrong.” Lee In-hwan kidnapped Yoo Je Yi and threatened Han Ji-hyuk. At a moment of crisis, a phone call came from Kang Pil-ho (Kim Jong-tae), who had regained consciousness. Before coming to Planet, Han Ji-hyuk had asked, "If I fail to find evidence of the second chief, I will release the video I sent in the past." The video released when the National Intelligence Service Director and Do Jin-suk gathered in one place contained a shocking message, "Han Ji-hyeok, you were the one who killed your colleagues!" Han Ji-hyuk was shocked and terrified to find out that he was the real culprit who killed Dong-wook (Jo Bok-rae) and Kyung-seok (Hwang-hee). Viewers were astonished at the true identity of the criminal. “I thought it wasn’t Han Ji-hyuk, but it’s true”, “Isn’t Seo Su-yeon finding out the reason for Han Ji-hyeok’s murder?” and “There must be a reason why Han Ji-hyuk killed his colleague.” http://enews.imbc.com/News/RetrieveNewsInfo/327963
  6. hellooo @YourHighness. Welcome to JangHaven. I will be frank and say that IRL I would choose Ji PD LOL. I will find it very hard to deal with someone like Doo Shik who tells everyone (or at least her ) what she should do or how to behave when he himself has not been able to fully open up to her. Maybe as I age, I have less patience with babysitting broken souls. . But because this is drama, then I suppose the charm of KSH's dimples and angsty expressions will bring out the maternal instinct in me and I will patiently wait for him. Lee Sang Yi will sing the 8th OST
  7. At the BIFF Actors Lee Joon-hyuk and Lee Joo-young hold the closing ceremony of the 26th Busan International Film Festival. The two will be on stage as hosts for the closing ceremony held at the outdoor theater of the Busan Cinema Center in Haeundae-gu, Busan on October 15th at 7 pm. The two left a deep impression on the audience with the movie 'Baseball Girl' in 2019. Lee Jun-hyuk appeared in the movie 'Along with the Gods' series. Lee Joo-young won the Actor of the Year award at the 23rd Pusan International Film Festival for 'Catfish'. This year's Busan International Film Festival opens on October 6th. -------------------------- Wish there were subs for his recent v-live
  8. Me too...I mean these days it is so normal to sponsor & hire influencers to come ...it is not that they have to write good stuff. You're just paying for their presence & to create some buzz. There's still a part of Dali that is very idealistic. Think she has never strived hard for what she owns, she doesn't realise that making money is hard. And right now the gallery is facing a cash crunch as it is, not enough time for word of mouth to slowly build. I think I get his logic more than hers. LOL Same here. Was he trying to move her with "I didn't change the passcode " speech? Pffttt! He's full of himself and he has no regards for her feelings at all. Yes, he has not apologised nor explained to her why he did what he did. Leaving her in the rain was just cruel & is close to unforgiveable to me. Edit : Forgot to mention...from eps 8 , think it is quite clear that Won Tak and Dali have a sibling like relationship . He is protective of her but not in a romantic way. More like as an older brother. Do you all sense that too?
  9. @ktcjdramado you think Woo Jae tried killing himself ? Or Hee joo attempted to kill him? See this. I didn't realise they were married. Bigger in the spoiler Character chart
  10. Oh my …as expected, so he cheated on Hae Won as they were about to get married
  11. Oh my god....what could go wrong ?
  12. Loved what you said here . Eps 7 was awesome. I have been waiting for a long time for the confrontation between MuHak and Tae Jin. Though Mu Hak is new money compared to TJ and may not have a silver spoon upbringing, I love how he isn't intimidated at all. MH helped his father build up their Gamjatang empire so his confidence comes from making it on his own. And usually I am not attracted to loud MLs but I find myself drawn to MuHak. I love that he's practical , industrious and determined. More importantly he sees Dali's value and what she is capable of. Tae Jin treats her like a possession . I understand he wants to protect and help her , but it is very much on his own terms. I don't understand how he can toss a 5-year relationship so coldly out the window , and then expect her to take him back. ------------------- Oh my ...Mu Hak has to fend off ex and over protective "brother" She managed to evade him many times from finding out that she lived upstairs . LOL But oh wow he finds out Dali is staying at Won Tak in a most unexpected way Next week's eps looks fun. Gotta wait. But she goes to his place...and wahh the love triangle ( or maybe quadrangle) intensifies
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