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  1. Eps 5 Spoiler recaps : (translated from News1.Kr) In KBS 2TV's Monday-Tuesday drama "The River with the Moon Rising," which aired in the afternoon, Pyeonggang (Kim So-hyun) declared that she would not leave the Ghost Valley, saying she owed Ondal (Jisoo) a lot of debt and had to pay back to the villagers. The sight of the two holding hands boosted the excitement. On the same day, Ondal initially pushed away the approaching Pyeonggang . This was due to the fact that she was the daughter of King Tae (played by Kim Beop-rae). Pyeong-gang said, "I was young and scared at t
  2. Too many dramas too little time for me to focus on all the threads! Subbed BTS New stills - confrontation between father & son Preview eps 6 The romance took off but then how will that be now that she is going to return to the palace?
  3. Not yet. Will get to it soon. Sigh. You? @SilverMoonTea I am surprised I’m intrigued by these annoying concubines. But it’s nice to see Wallace Chung again .
  4. WHattttttttt? Where’s my bed scene ? A lot happened . To the drama’s credit the main issue btwn HS & SA is real . Career vs love . I have seen it happen all around me . Going long distance isn’t easy even for couples who have established their relationships. I know that ambition is important & what SA desires is important. And there’s no wrong or right which she chooses . But the tricky bit is that the relationship is not hers alone. His feelings also needs to be considered . I know a lot of dramas these days are into female empowerment & always try to send the
  5. @SilverMoonTea I sure will die la if I am in this era. Sewing is not my thing. Plus all the power grab between the women will make me murder someone. I am up to eps 11. Poor gal gets misunderstood from time to time by the husband. But funnily he's intrigued by her despite saying she's got a sharp toungue and is unreasonable. @Olivia Kate The concubine stuff really drive me batty sometimes. I have to FF their scenes. Main couple need more scenes together because there's tension / fireworks when they are together.... This cracked me up when she was struggling to unbutton for him
  6. Yesssss....I am here for JSJ and also Yoo In Na. . Maybe they can have their own love line! Not a fan of the hair!
  7. @mademoiselle With a title like You Are My Spring , I expect them to have romance! ahahaah...I was under the impression this was a romance melodrama...but then I read about the murder. But heck romance in the midst of danger can be very exciting
  8. Oh my ...look at Kim Kwon’s amazing body . I hope he dances without his shirt in Navillera @mademoiselle
  9. Look at handsome with his longish hair . His staff updated on IG Casting News
  10. Hello ! Welcome to JangHaven. Happy you’re joining us here. ——- Some stills @Darkarcana @SilverMoonTea @Alice Wonderland is your oppa doing a show & tell ? For this reason alone , I will hv to watch this
  11. Thanks @SnowBlob for organising! CONGRATS @katakwasabi Oppa has accepted his fate that he didn't win this
  12. Thankfully I remembered this...gotta get to work...see my sad face . Eversince WFH, hard to call in sick
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