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  1. @N3buLa84 your Didi drama airing soon lols
  2. sometimes it because of the rating they are about to air in your country or there is a restrictions in your country rules over certain film
  3. How some of the trainees describe Esther during Youth2
  4. hahaha yes...i love GG ... though i think one of her action is a bit over was when she threw the hop for Taec....thats a little over for me, the rest was pretty much okie....
  5. what u guys will do for the love of RJL lols... he will be happy lols
  6. You guys are done and i just think i might just pick this one up hahahhaa.....these two stills actually convince me
  7. i like Taec in WGM....**ahem** the rest hehehehe history
  8. er No.....hahahhaa... your things is sitting there collecting dust **ahem*
  9. erm....i dunno....its not my usual theme right now.... i prefer C-Drama cause i dont have to concentrate lols
  10. thats Ren Jia Lun from 'Ms Crow with Mr Lizard' right now..... he propel into stardom last year from Under the Power
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