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  1. honestly....its good that yumi and woong break up!! seeing this one make my blood boil!!
  2. sigh.......well then its really in Woong....he had to know how to draw a lines in between himself and SaeYi.....he had fallen to be a scumbag in my eyes if he let SaeYi hook onto him just because they knows each other longer.... :/ im enjoying clips of it to be honest....lols...and of course those toon are cute whenever they fight against each other thought and how they blame each other for each behavior outcome lols guess as much lols
  3. sigh.........honestly i hate this kind of woman / man.....cant they get their own partner? must be always other partner looks to best for them??? is the webtoon about Yumi's strings of bf???!!! why nickname him as such? because he seems to be trigger by Yumi all the times? lols
  4. is that why we have a 'Bobby' entering the scene?
  5. arent they are at the crossroad of their relationship now?
  6. i will be very very much the surprise if they release this for viewing so soon lols....however it only for their iJoy event lols
  7. did i see 2 horns at the beginning of the trailer? lols
  8. hahahahaha............no comment yet **ahem**
  9. YiRen almost looks like a doll....though yunlong look a bit awkward?
  10. no.... u like changing your phone theme?
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