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  1. Dilreba schedule for Aug besides filming
  2. OMG when is this airing!!! next week??? hahhahaa
  3. Song Yiren interview in Ceci being translated
  4. not so fast....they need to edit and also to past the censor board first... give it another half year at the min lols
  5. its not a bad drama to watch to be honest....
  6. i guess we can safely said bye bye to the drama
  7. tomorrow tomorrow.... they both share a very nice chemistry right besides their exploding visual together....their soft burn romance just felt so good...
  8. nope.....woke up late hahaha fully vaccinated?
  9. yea they are the same just most usually call those pretty tape washi tape
  10. Er no I didn't adopt him though I love seeing him... why not he is eye candy after all...good for improving eye sight
  11. They said based on the book Cy's character is suppose to die though we dunno whether will they give us a happy ending first or not
  12. Reba is looking magical in these couple of photoshoot for
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