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  1. hahaha totally i love how she ignore him totally for talking ill of the dead.... she was angry with him for drawing conclusion however i guess he must have love YuanNiang at a certain lvl or maybe held certain affection for her till she started asking for more and more.....and ShiYi was there when YuanNiang scheme against LianFang after all which indirectly involved him as being the one to deliver the blow too....
  2. also for her to be ended up as a concubine it was actually beneath her status....with her status from her own family bg as the first daughter of the first madame, she suppose to end up as a first lady, however from some manipulation of YuanNiang hahaha i guess we all knows why she will date all the Luo family so much..... and now they transfer the hate to ShiYi **urgh**..... yes she is definitely the top of the class for what you call her hahaha....
  3. i watch him in 'The Sunshine' with TangYan...i didnt really follow him thru....though @UnniSara might knows a bit more about him since he seems to like him too lols i remember hearing @UnniSara said that he is good in 'General & I' with Angelababy
  4. totally...their chemistry together is very subtle and even though whether they are frustrated with each other or try to understand each other seems so good too.... i love it when they tried to outplay each other too..... **ahem*....i join u and @abs-oluteM in FF thru most of the concubines scenes too :x hehehehe oh i love it when she got the dress down from LingYi too hahaha.....i felt like jumping whenever that happen **ahem** i hate it when i have to listen her how she tried to repent for her action by praying to the Goddess of Me
  5. The Sword & The Brocade finally top the chart on Mar/01 rating chart, congrats!!!
  6. fans really good honestly, they tends to be very creative too
  7. i think the part in the jail is different from the book, cause @Lynne said there is no jail scene in the book.... @Lynne are you able to enlighten us about it? or @themarchioness?
  8. i dont think we will survive that era..... just look at how we cringe at the thought of sharing a husband....it just....plain....'NO WAY" lols and also all those scheming and planning probably either have us having more white hairs and faster than the usual ages does ....or we either ended up being bald cause we will be tearing away at our hairs lols
  9. include me as well....i dont think i will ever survive those era too
  10. yes there are some bugs with the badges display....we had submit a ticket to the developers
  11. hahaha....he didnt visit the first lady though right? or he did? lols it was more towards the concubine that Mom was worried about anyway
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