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  1. Check this OST I love this this one The ending was done well and I hope we get info that there will be a season 5 with DEREK.
  2. The personality everyone knew was an ALTERNATE PERSONALITY. The real Dong Bang Min lacked empathy due to the abuse he had to endure and see. I think the real Dong Bang-Min hasn't realized that he too was a victim instead of someone who was forced to be the person he is now. When he said he created these personalities as way to survive , I think something else kind broke in him and had him thought he did it on purpose. @ktcjdrama I was sad that happen too chingu. Why bring him back just to kill him
  3. "Sweet Home" - One drop. One not on priority list I watched Sweet home until the end. How do you do it @Tofu I was obssesed with it and can't wait for Season 2 if there will be one. But no has mentioned a Season 2 yet.
  4. Park Kyung-Hee got her Karma. She lived terribly and scammed the weak. I never expected her Karma would be for her to die , I can’t feel bad for her at all. Jin went through a lot in the first episode, it was like the universe was out to get her because she was nice. Hee-Ra is supposed to meet a child, I wonder which child?? The Epilogue to episode 1, there was two family pictures, one of Jin and Gil-Young. Lol Jin’s wish was done in appropriately because she has no idea what price she will have to pay like he did She tricked Jin really good. Gil-Young will be bullied a lot especially if hw remains friends with that weak friends of his . His friend is pathetic and will turn on him. A friend like that is bad for your anyone’s health. Like Jin said being nice is wrong. He is so ungrateful dumb dumb
  5. I don’t mind admitting it is all the discord and tweets that got me to start watching. But I kinda am restless of the high school kid crushing on noona’s because these couple have the hardest time making it work. Both FL and ML are really struggling and too nice. They neee to toughen up so they don’t get stepped on. I love that Jun’s wish was revenge because she has had nothing but disappointment one after another. This got to me and now I am hooked
  6. I just started watching this drama. Really amazed at the graphics and the story plot. I am so intrigued right now. I just finished episode 1
  7. I was shocked but I think they may have had an affair. He claims she was his first love chingu I am so so so disgusted by BHR in-laws and ex husband. Their reaction to her saying she will give him the divorce was so fake. Look at how quickly they went shopping for furniture for their new life. The mistress enjoying their treatment and adoration was I don’t think they ever liked BHR. I can’t help but think that may be a reason why she was never warm to them. Let s all think about when they are together, BHR is always being honest but both FIL and MIL put on a farce when talking to her. I am talking about before the divorce. When she came crying to them about the divorce I don’t recall them comforting her sincerely. I agree the wives shouldn't take the husbands back. Now I truly believe that the 40's wife will never take him back. I love PY so much. She is so classy and knows what she wants. The 50's wife isn't wrong because the husband didn't want the divorce, that is why she told her to forgive him for their daughter's sake. But PY's daughter is as strong as her mother and YS will lose his daughter admiration due to his cheating. A-Mi really ruined any chance of them ever getting together. So proud of her and I know for a fact she and her new found family will be misreable in the end. lol
  8. Episode 12 was hot and a lot of questions had been answered. Like for example I alaways wondered where the other people were who helped him do the murder. The midget Clown, the broken neck man ( the tutor) now the woman. I was right DBM was also abused , watched his mom be abused, the death of lots of people. For DBM to have suffered all these at such a young age was truly terrible. His grandfather doesn’t love him but loves his kingdom and his money much more. We find out that all the people under his control are just being used and the people in his village hasn’t realized they are being manipulated. I love the fact that the shaman has finally been killed. She is a horrible person for all the lies she has been feeding the people in the village. All these people who think they are being healed when in truth, he has been drugging them and killing them much more slower. All these people in the village are actually addicted to that plant and have no idea.
  9. @ktcjdrama Chingu have you watched episode 13 ??? I am so lost right now and don’t know which direction this drama is going right now. Let me say these mistresses are so weird and actually believe they can be friends with the ex wife in the future. Lol lol
  10. The song stuck in my head now is The away You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson
  11. I am all caught up. I was missing the PTSD Min was suffering. I recall when the agressive personality told him about his murder. I feel so bad for Min because he has no idea he is has been killing people. The female personality does seem to know Kwon Joo. She saved Kwon Joo from being killed. I feel that village is fishy and needs to be destroyed. @40somethingahjumma Grandpa remembered seeing his grandson personality in the last episode. When Min was playing with the stone. The agressive personality was talking and his hands was injured and cried who did this to him. He has been suffering since he was a child and I can’t believe grandpa doesn’t know about it.
  12. I am at awe with today’s episode. I love the dedication to only the 40’s couple. Some say that YS was full of YOU KNOW WHAT!! But I believe everything he said was because he was taught this way. Even though he was taught this way on how man are supposed to , I believe when he got on his knees was when he realized that he truly messed up. @ktcjdrama Wasn’t episodes 12 another good episode. I am glad they were able to be honest with each other. After watching this episode, I kept seeing them reconciling but not as a married couple. I see him realizing his where he went wrong and understand not all woman will compromise their pride for the sake of their children. When she confess to him the reason why she tried so hard to be perfect, how she never understood her mom for leaving her father and keeping her away from him? Truthfully I can’t reallly say that the reason why he is trying to stay married is due to his image but I think it is from his upbringing that formed the man he is today, his belief of today. I do believe those tears were real and I think he will realize that he truly loves his wife, and that he could have succumbed to temptation. If this affair was his first, I really think he wanted to be forgiven but he chose to be selfish about it. He also knows if his daughter finds out her dad isn’t as perfect as he portrayed, his wife will hate him. I feel bad for the 40’s and 50’s feel that all men are alike and can’t be trusted .
  13. This drama is good for binge watching because there are so many cases and for the hunt of the serial killer. I am loving the plot theme to the Serial Killer and DID case. I learned a lot about this mental health illness. @40somethingahjumma I have a question though. From the translation it seems that he I like this because of watching someone die. I thought DID is caused by extreme trauma to the person himself. Chingu’s I assumed that Kwon Joo and Dong Bang-Min we’re related because they must share the same vision. The Forest is the actual village that DBM lived in his whole life. But only one of the personality ( agressive one) finds Kwon Joo a threat . Maybe she can get through to DBM and get him the help he needs . What do you guys think?? @SilverMoonTea I agree the original personality doesn’t know about the other personality but the it seems the Granpa also saw those signs and never got his grandson the help he needed. I think DBM’s life is spiraling out of control that is why the other personality are coming out so often and for the headaches he is getting. I have a girl crush on her too , I just love hearing Lee Ha Na talk. It puts me at ease , when she talks.
  14. Episode 5 had me crying and the new discovery of the CIRCUS MAN. Wow wow I wonder are they really twins and she forgot she has a siblings. With the mention of DID , I kinda knew it was coming from when they killed GSJ. i love this smile @abs-oluteM Derek is a compassionate person and he is hurting. He is very good at his job and I totally agree wi th Derek , American cops are way better than the korean police
  15. Wow all my Chingu’s are here Annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요 Just finished watching episodes 1-4 I have to agree that I am loving the cases . The Bullying story was so sad and so glad the mom fought for her son. She has a big heart and wondered why she thought she was a horrible mom. She tried her best and I hate the fact people use “ They are Kids to explain bad BEHAVIOR” . I k ow for a fact BULLIES remain bullies until they themselves get bullied or as adult they continu their actions.
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