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  1. He is Li Bo Yang, I used to mixed him up with Wang Han Yang. He is a good actor. He does comedy really well too.
  2. I think they got married very young. The girl Yang something is under 25 at the moment. The first batch of Douyin dramas were like Mexican telenovela mixed with American 80s soap sprinkle with Chinese very own spices... Majority were adapted from the online novel by unknown authors with no copyright that catered to people with certain guilty pleasure.... Those authors were inspired by Chung Yao the fame Taiwanese novelist specialist in angsty romance story. CY has a penchant of writing a romance story with a righteous justified xiao san.. Heard that it was from her personal experience who was a xiao san during her younger days (not sure if it's a true account). Douyin dramas are uncensored. They used to have more liberty in the past but I noticed that since those dramas become extremely popular both inside and outside Mainland even some big production houses starting investing in them, the amount of questionable scenes have been reduced significantly. Older one were very steamy, violent even featured bi MLs with male xiao san... @rocher22 @40somethingahjumma Shen Hao Nan is a very versatile actor. His chemistry with every single one of his CPs is flawless. He is the best in romance, he can looks totally in love with anything in skirt even in pants.....
  3. @40somethingahjumma They got married after this drama 😎😎 LDD has a such sensual cum sadistic face 😎😎 He is super convincing as abusive husband 😖😖
  4. @abs-oluteM LGX is famously bad in kissing scenes despite being in the industry for sooooo long....
  5. I'm watching a mini drama Part For Ever by Youku. Cute CP, good acting with love and hate relationship with lots of extra baggage that was doomed from the beginning. ML got that boyish charms but at the same time he can turns on his murderous aura when necessary. FL is super cute with adorable height difference that can cause waist pains for the ML.... Never seen any of the casts before. The styling is simple but elegant, none of those flashy simmering dangling hair pieces. Fight choreography is good maybe because ML is an idol. https://mydramalist.com/754309-wan-wan-ru-meng-xiao Two of my fav MLs got new dramas.....
  6. I finished all eps... I have to say that this drama is what we Cdrama fans have been pleading for. It got great casts (great chemistry and great acting), great pacing (bit slow sometime, slow burn I would say but not draggy), great styling (simple but beautiful, clean lines and unostentatious), no unnecessary misunderstanding or noble idiocy tropes, great characterisation and development, especially great story with all loose ends tied beautifully with pretty bows. The best part is the ending where we are given ample time to see how happy ever after they become, unlike some where the happy end were only 5 seconds at the end or worse, open ending..). The thing that I really really appreciate from this drama is in how the writers respect us as viewers but never insult our intelligence.... Heavenly Grandchildren Sibs are the best character aside from the CP. Furong is naughty but he have never been a black-hearted character. He is vain and spoiled but all stemmed from his sheltered upbringing as a noble. The moment he was face with a dire situation he has always make great decision. His sis has similar character. They are delightful to watch. I was ROFLMAO when You Lan tried to activated the beam to bring them up to Extranatural Heaven and when she knocked her bro off just to open his head up to binges on his memory.... XZ is what a god should be, I have to say one of the smartest god I have seen in my history of XianXia watching. He has never does something without a meaningful purpose. When he imprisoned SL, many thought he is simply infatuated with her but actually he wanted her to sees her history so when it time comes she knows what to do willingly and prepared. He is powerful but never unreasonably overbearing, once again everything has it's purpose. SL is young (well, compare to the Lolo/YeYe/Kakek/Grandpa XZ ) but she has never blinded by her love for XZ. She has strong sense of responsibility, great self control and ready to sacrifices herself for her people. She never wavers in her quest. The most pitiful character is SL's dad... He was created for the sole purpose of being a sacrificial lamb... I love Miss Snake "Jin" Demon too. She is very likeable and loving. Her boytoy is cute and I think I saw him in Kunning Palace snippets. The scenes where ZX and SL swapping body is delightful to watch.
  7. I'm on the 28th and I finally realised why XY showed such hostility toward MF, his hostility didn't sprang from a merely jealousy but more I believe. I appreciated the writer where they don't let us hang high and dry over a measly misunderstanding or stupid miss encountered. Especially during the scene where XY found SL by the seaside. Most dramas will drag it and let XY overlooked her body several times.....
  8. I have reach eps 14 and I love how the drama doesn't insult our intelligence so far. SL remains a smart and strong general who despite XY's attempts to denied their past she can totally see through him and even give him a dressing down.... He thinks too highly of himself when it comes to her but SL plainly said, sorry XY is XY and you is you, 2 of you are different people in my eyes so stop your shenanigans.... You go, Girl!! Btw, I always LOL so hard every time XY showed how ancient is he, how wide the gap between him and other young ones....
  9. This time the husband is the faked fool....
  10. Totally agree with you. Especially the ending, it's absurd and stupid. I FF thru it for the sake of WCP and very cute kids. Recently Shu Tong and ChaiChai (the mute girl) have been pairing in quite number of great drama.
  11. Wang Cheng Peng's....Different take of "marrying s xiao xa gua". I like this FL, saw her in few dramas but don't know her name
  12. This is originally iQiyi drama, I watched this last year in iQiyi. The ML has few mainstream dramas under his belt, one of it was Till The End of The Moon. The ML is smoking! Their chemistry is sizzling! He has a retro drama if I'm not mistaken. His bad boy vibes is solid.
  13. Yes, that one. That was a really great drama. The SML is a good actor, he is WGG's abusive husband in the drama with SHN-WGG-ZJJ tandem. The kids are superb both visually and talent.... They upstaged the main characters....
  14. Just finished this, great drama. I think WGG and SHN got something similar with a tweak here and there. Love how ruthless the ML is and how decisive the FL is after enough is enough. I hate it when either FL or ML insisted on an unrequited love, pluuueaseee!! people!! have some self respect and self love. Btw, the ML 王嘉懋(Wang JiaMao)can passes as a bio sibs with this ML 王坤翰 (Wang KunHan). I kept double takes while watching.
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