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  1. Unfortunately, I didn't because I drown my Mac in a whole mug of tea and I had to performed a first aid to it a whole night, brought it to a technician since Apple doesn't covers water damage and just get it back an hour ago..... I saw many snippets in Twitter and they are so cute.....
  2. A cup of iced genmaicha on a scorching hot day....😌😌😌
  3. Just finished The Untamed and this song stuck with me at the moment so I played it on the loop....XZ is smoldering darkly with his dizi. I am positively sure that he was choose as WeiYing solely because of how hot he was while playing Chen Qing (陈情)
  4. @abs-oluteM With Word of Honor popularity I am sure Youku will subs it.....
  5. Of course!! For sure not for the fire trucks.... Actually I am more interested in his drama with Brigitte Qiao but just started filming so maybe next year or end of this year will be the release.
  6. Love you, Youku!!! You take care of us International Fans!!!
  7. This popped out in my YouTube feeds and I was laughing my head off wacthing it..... Smoking cold Chief of The Ghost Valley
  8. Yes, also in WoH in bath tub scene. There was a Q from fans of WHY he is always took off his shirt on screen.... His replied was, if you have it you flaunt it (not the exact words but something along the line). But he also said that he didn't take it off in his up coming drama "The Flaming Heart".
  9. Mao XiaoTong as ZZH’s wife in The Romance of The Condor Heroes. I voted for GJ as The Huang Hou, JJH and MXT as Gui Fei.... He does.... Almost all of his dramas there is at least ONE topless scene....
  10. I can't get GJ's version out of my head.....
  11. It's like ZZH's harem gathering event with GJ as The Empress..... Ooooooh, those 8 packs are no joke!!!
  12. Zhang ZheHan's harem as guest stars in Chuang 2021.....
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