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  1. Oh my goodness, I saw her post another translated video explanation about their family tree and I got so confused. Haha. Cheng Yi & Gong Jun's characters are cousins but Shen Yue is Gong Jun's mom. Where as Liu ShiShi would be Cheng Yi's mom. This is wild. Haha. I was just telling a friend I couldn't imagine if the series overlapped and the characters had cameo's.
  2. This is my newest obsession! The business part is quite intimidating in the beginning but it really does help. I'm caught up with all the episodes and the balance this show has is amazing! It's not overly done for the romance or business. Me and many others on MDL have agreed this one is the better one out of all the shows that are currently out now.
  3. LOL!! They sure don't. Poor Xiaoxiang walked around the sect openly talking about "pair practice" without a clue. 🤣🤣 I love all your GIFs. Such clear quality ❤️. May I ask what you use? But yes, I love all his micro expressions especially those magical eyes of his. I cried so much with him already and we're only on Ep. 18. 😅
  4. Just going to share this here incase anyone is interested. https://youtu.be/2pX-GsElgRY The latest episodes were good. This 3rd lifetime is hilarious. I can't get enough of Qian Ren and Qian Mo. And I live to see the day Chu Kong will finally be able to taste those crab apple cakes 😂
  5. I was quite surprised by all the new additions too. Everything is ok so far but the 2ML. I still can't seem to fully understand his purpose. HAHA. Blue is his color!
  6. Not to burst your bubble, but Xiuming and Jian Ling don't exist in the novel. I'm still a little irked by this addition but I'm hoping they have a greater purpose for being added in. The 30,000 backstory also doesn't exist so... things have changed a lot. As for the heavenly emperor, he's been changed so I have no idea if he's bad or good. In the novel, he's the one who punishes them and that's about it. He'll pop up here and there in the story but not as much as in the drama. Lol. I love the extravagant clothing on them but I can't imagine all the weight. I still wonder how they were running away in those costumes.
  7. Agreed! It was too focused on the political palace things. Lifetime 1 in the novel is my absolute favorite too! But yeah 2ML is annoying AF. I 'm trying to patiently understand his purpose but it's running thing lol. I don't know how many times I've cried already for DYX in this drama. His eyes are the best part and always speaks volume. I love him for this. In the snow scene my heart was beating like crazy when he took her hand and ran off. The fact that he realized it was all her doing and not the mortal Xiangyun had me tearing up. He was so touched by her actions. Yes, next lifetime is disciple and Master.
  8. Oh you read the novel too?! I loved the novel and was excited for Ding Yuxi in his first Xianxia. But I do feel there's something missing. I've seen the 1st 6 episodes but it feels incomplete. And I love their first lifetime. I'm not super convinced at his attachment towards Xiangyun like in the 1st one but I'm trying my best to keep an open mind. Don't kill me but I never got around to watching LBFAD so I don't get the hype or crossover references (which are minimal) but I do agree. I hope the comparisons die down. They literally have nothing to do with each other except existing in the same universe.
  9. I'm going in for Ding Yuxi as well but have heard so many mix things about Yang Chaoyue. I'll try my best to be positive as I read the book and have no doubt DYX will deliver.
  10. I watched the 1st episode but haven't continued yet due to being oddly hooked on this one. 😅 Are you watching it? I plan on continuing it soon. Cheng Yi in Martial arts is 😍. They do! We didn't even get a kiss or proper hug. And Youku wants us to pay for extra episodes of their sweet moments. What a joke. We already went through so much. The least they could do is give us those scenes. I hope they do get paired again. I know they won't disappoint! They did good together here the story was just blah.
  11. Basically, she was so heartbroken over Han Ye's "death" her hair turned white overnight. I don't question logic anymore in the drama lol. But I just finished watching and story was a meh but the cast was an A+. I'm manifesting for a modern drama of GJ and Reba. They deserved much better than this. And so do we lol. The ending was ok but I think I was over this after seeing everything HY did. I was just waiting to see his character come to fruition. Yeah most likely no rewatch for me either. I don't know if I could recommend this but the cast is the main thing that keeps you going. Otherwise, don't go in for the story or you'll have white hair like Ziyuan. 😂
  12. The official Weibo page dropped some gorgeous concept posters of each life time so that must mean it's coming soon! Oh how I've long waited for this one.
  13. Yes it will but it's going to be what looks like a typical 5 minute happy ending. But I'll have some more high hopes for it and see how the last episode goes tomorrow.
  14. I'm glad you're enjoying it! Especially Crown Prince hehe 😆And there are definitely more twists coming! The story really picks up by Ep.20 and it seems you made it past that point so it'll be progressing after but still messy here and there. To answer your question above, Han Zi'an is the founding emperor (Han Ye's grandfather). The Di aunt was never the concubine but more so a good confidant of the founding emperor. The Empress Dowager was just jealous because her husband was spending more time with the Aunt. Hello Saturday airs today with Dilireba, Gong Jun, Liu Yuning and other cast members! And their new photoshoot just dropped. The visuals are 🔥🔥 https://twitter.com/dramapotatoe/status/1687640676555784192?s=20
  15. Thank you @40somethingahjumma and @OsmanthusTea for the recommendations! I'll have to start taking peeks after TLofA finishes airing. Gong Jun has definitely made his way onto my list. Today's Ep.35 was so emotionally driven it makes me wonder why only until now do we get all the good stuff. The relationship between Han Ye and Wen Shuo was the best part.
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