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  1. I'm glad everyone is loving The Sword and the Brocade. It's probably the only thread in China Charms I'm not visiting because I'm not a huge fan of concubine stories. However, I do think that Wallace Chung and Seven Tan look stunning. @SilverMoonTea - I've only known Wallace as a musician/dancer so I can't recommend any other dramas to you. Maybe @NiteWalker or @Lynne will know more dramas with him?
  2. It seems like Pyeong Gang will enter the palace with On Dal to save her assassin friends. Video from their character photoshoot. Not going to lie, Lee Ji Hoon looked pretty cool in his clip. Haha!!
  3. Hi @Bee! Are you a fan of Lee Seung Gi too? Why does this look like Lee Seung Gi in real life and not acting?
  4. @Tothestars - I haven't seen Yang Yang in many dramas, maybe only one. Haha! Look at these fan art of Yang Yang's photos! Credit A video of Yang Yang Some more photos of him
  5. @UnniSara - Some of the novel excerpts were funny. I agreed that there are some dramas/scenes in dramas that are deemed unsuitable when that's far from what it is. Besides there being something available for LGBTQ+ watchers, I think another thing that drives the BL drama trend is money. There's a lot of money to be made within this genre and a lot of popularity to come out of it for the actors. By the way, whoever is running the YouKu Twitter right now is hilarious! Some new photos:
  6. They finished filming already?! I guess that's good. I see glimpse of the bleached hair and the scene doesn't look too good.
  7. I'm glad that they didn't drag on the issue between On Dal and Pyeong Gang. I really enjoyed watching the growth in their relationship from this episode. They are super cute and the scene where Pyeong Gang grabbed his hand and he goes, "This is nice" made me smile. I don't know what the future holds for Go Geon. His father found out that he lied about the dead body (he said it was the assassin and the Princess when it wasn't). Maybe catching the assassins at the end will redeem him with his father? It seems like Pyeong Gang is going to return to the palace based
  8. Anchor-nim! I think out of the actors/actresses tied to this drama, I'm actually more excited for Seo Hyun Jin. Haha!
  9. If he doesn't prove himself through the drama, he can prove himself through dance? Wallace is a good dancer, he was in Street Dance of China S3 with Wang YiBo.
  10. Possible good news for you, @SilverMoonTea?
  11. I think there is an aquarium date in many modern day dramas. Haha! Here's the English subs for the trailer. =)
  12. New poster with skeleton hands all over them?! The cast is going to be featured in Cine21's magazine: Photos of Jung Hye Sung: And then Lee Yoo Bi injured herself -- another person on this drama.
  13. Chen Zhe Yuan's BTS photos --- it is so strange not to see him with long hair and wearing a robe. I know this is a lot of Chen Zhe Yuan photos. I wasn't trying to turn this into his shrine. LOL!
  14. I think I might have to bow out of Jin Xin Si Yi because I don't know if I can do that type of storyline. Haha! @Tothestars - I tried looking for clips but I couldn't find much at all. This is all I could really find: Also, I learned that he sang one of the OST for Under the Power and Mowgli Boy.
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