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  1. I haven't watched it either and want to know the answer to this question too -- is it worth the watch?
  2. Omg!! There's an update so maybe that rumored date in August is promising!
  3. @TRaNz That's so crazy! You are very dedicated. As I'm watching this pre-release clip... I just keep thinking back to this...
  4. Each episode is roughly 20 minutes long. The first two episodes were not bad. As the director mentioned, the first episode was focused on Doo Shim's past. My understanding is that Doo Shim and her grandma are able to see spirits but her mom is not able to?
  5. @abs-oluteM There's absolutely nothing wrong with her hair! I really do not understand people and their need to demand others to fit into their narrow views on the world.
  6. @mademoiselle In Thai lakorns, they force kisses all the time. They even have a genre named after this type of behavior (slap-kiss). I wonder what kind of essay that person would write if he saw those scenes.... Yang Yang, an eye-candy, is back this month. He's is absolutely stunning in You Are My Glory. I think @bairama has adopted him and maybe @NiteWalker, even though I know she doesn't "officially adopt" anyone. LOL!
  7. @NiteWalker If they cut it down, does that mean less chance for them to kill Cheng Yi's character? I would like him to stop dying in dramas for once.
  8. These Nevertheless boys....always trying to steal the girl Chae Jong Hyeop likes. FYI, the guy in this photo plays Nabi's (FL in Nevertheless and the girl Chae Jong Hyeop's character likes) ex-boyfriend.
  9. @TRaNz You name your car too?! My car is also named after someone. Well, a fictional person. It's called Captain, because the color reminds me of Captain America. But sometimes I get lazy saying Captain so I call it Cap. Two cans of RB is so bad. Does your heart not feel like it's racing after you consume one?! I guess since Verstappen's car damage was 1.8 million, you have to continue to drink RB to support him. Hahaha!
  10. This gif was made for you, @NiteWalker. LOL!!
  11. @abs-oluteM Sometimes those websites doesn't include all the frames a video has. It makes the gif a little more choppy because it's trying to condense the size of the gif. Whenever I have time in the future, I'll make a tutorial for gif making on Adobe Photoshop. Haha! Why so cute in those photos, Kim Seon Ho?!
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