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  1. @abs-oluteM @Chocolate I think I'd still choose the seaside over the mountains xD To be able to see the visual of the mountains, I'd have to CLIMB it first. That in itself is something I can't / not interested in doing unless you can helicopter me to the top! However with the oceans, I've seen the beautiful view of the blue ocean when I was in Taiwan, think it was Genting (by car) and it was soooo beautiful. Blue over Green for me too, hahaha.
  2. Hehehe, I'm just looking forward to Kim Seon Ho's acting tonight!
  3. @Alice Wonderland My current main Oppa. @abs-oluteM Not so good for me. Can't see the video. LOL. Will you watch this too?
  4. Walaoeh, sexy scene also complain. Actually I've to say it's not really 19+ @abs-oluteM @ktcjdrama The drama is an OK for me. Average. I kind of guessed it. Probably have to say I'm not into this fist / knives fighting between gangster "The Young & Dangerous" storyline. The bit that I do like is both sides trying to play with each other's heads. Anyway, you watch & you tell me.
  5. New teaser Alternate link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVEtonzLNGg/?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. The Swoon is promoting HCCC so much. I can only hope it'd do the same for Affection 🙏🏻
  7. Had to take a break from all these actions (fighting) scenes... @Chocolate are you watching this now? Enjoy... lol. So much fight scenes
  8. They were both holding their breath for the kiss scene I think. Found a C-sub version you can watch: https://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4692691712409646 Coz he's feeling over the moon...? 😅
  9. Really? I've watched 4 episodes haven't come across anything 😆. Ok I went to twitter to check 😁 looking forward to ABH...😁
  10. Saw a cut on weibo. Woong got rid of Sae Yi. He tells her he knows she doesn't want him but can't bear to see someone have him. He was acting ignorant because it didn't matter then but now it does.
  11. Finally some normal looking pics @bairama
  12. Have they worked together before? They seem to be friends already. I do like how chatty they are, especially Joe lol. https://fb.watch/8F4PwCB9hX/
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