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  1. Lol don't know why suddenly there are so many pictures of him from young & pre-debut times @abs-oluteM
  2. I'll need to organise my thoughts about episode 13. I need to mourn for the absence of last episode's kiss scene + the bed scene I had been anticipating for a whole week. How dare you, PD-nim! Episode 14 Preview
  3. Oh @TRaNz you like Lyn? This is the latest one I liked from her~ she did the vibrato fantastically for this song. I've also listened to Hyorin's Hello, Goodbye for the longest time
  4. @abs-oluteM Oh no! Please tell me that's not going to be his hairstyle in Snowdrop!!
  5. @SilverMoonTea Oh did he turn it down? I like KDW after watching Find Me In Your Memory so I'm all for him with SHJ. Fingers crossed it'll be good too. Now I wait for Park Eun Bin & Rowoon's news. Hehe.
  6. Can we trust the title? Look at "She Would Never Know" and "Doom At Your Service" True, romance in the midst of danger is super thrilling. I'm already imagining some hot kisses between the OTP. They both can deliver good kisses based on their past projects and they are adults and it's tvN. Woo wahhh!
  7. @SilverMoonTea Nope... my Monday Blues can only be cured by this Oppa right now...
  8. @abs-oluteM @SilverMoonTea What do you guys think of this? I'm hoping there's romance since how can you not have romance with these two? It has mystery as well so I think it's worth a check. Plus it's tvN... what about you @Tofu? Uri Kim Dong Wook anchor-nim, we cannot not check it out, right?
  9. @SilverMoonTea Why marry him off? Leave him be~ maybe he's already got girlfriend/companion and just not officially married.
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