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  1. anybody already watched Seobok??? How was it???
  2. Hopefully Netflix will pick up Dooms Day....Can’t wait for May 10! Sooooo excited to watch this dramaaaa...Finally Kdramaland has a new couple to ship with!
  3. Love their behind the scenes toooo....i so love their interactions...the female lead Jian Qing looks and acts so cute without even trying to be one...her acting is way better than those other more famous actresses than her....Not mention her lovely chemistry with Gu Nanzhou....Can’t wait for episode 19 later tonight!
  4. I am still on episode13....hopefully they could be together for real before it reaches half of the full episode....love this couple...the love that girl is spunky and does not have a princess in distress attitude..her acting is quite impressive considering this is her first drama...while Gu Nanzhou what can i say but he is really cuteee
  5. Wow! Love the teaser! can’t wait to watch it! In what streaming app can i watch Youth of May???
  6. @TofuOmgggggg! Thank you sooooo much for sending me so much pointsssssss!!!
  7. @TofuWow! Thanks for tagging meeee here! Sorry for flooding your twitter timeline of my BTS Grammy tweets yesterday! LOL! And i dont think i have enough points to get a badge...i am just a little disappointed yesterday bec i knew from the start that Grammys will do that to BTS..Anyways they got another an award from Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.
  8. @TofuXiao Wu for me is the strongest soul master among the shrek monster group....This part was made clear to me right after watching the finale episode of 40...The romance of Tang San and Xiao Wu was beautifully explained and connected to his parents lifestory on the last scene too..And that made me more excited for their upcoming season 2....As for the soundtrack, better late than never...though the ost for Xiao Wu was released so late atleast it could be played while i repeat those sweet and funny scenes of Tang San and Xiao Wu.
  9. My answer is maybe the wolves died ( but that scene was not explicitly shown on episode 5)...So i am not sure what happen to those wolves since i just rely on the drama series and i haven’t read the novel nor watch the anime...the wolves will eventually die as this is the norm for the soul master to retrieve the spirit rings of the beasts.
  10. @TothestarsIn episode 5 Xiao Wu asks her soul beastly wolf friends to absorb some of their spirit rings (which by the way is her very unique power) so she could help Tang San and not be a burdened to him while he tries to rescue their eventually master Da Shi / Yu Xiao Gang who was captured by the Governor’s son Xiao Chen Yu.
  11. @TofuThis is such a great news now that DC is nearing towards its finale...I will eagerly wait for the the coming seasons since the novel is too long for me to read and i might just sleep on reading it.
  12. Yesssss i heard about the scriptwriter’s plan for season twoooooo!!!! So glad they are pushing through with the second season! Hope all of the members of the shrek seven devils team will be back to continue their adventures on season 2!!!! Thats what i love about Chinese dramas...they can easily decide and give a follow up on their hit dramas and make use of the fans anticipation to increase more of their profit 😆☺️😍
  13. @UnniSara you can see on that gif u posted how powerful Xiao Wu is...she just sit there with those dogs and she was able to absorb their soul beast rings.
  14. Yes! Same girl group as Yamy where she acts as their group leader...and i noticed that one too in episode 15 - Xiao Wu shakes her head secretly to the Titan Ape not to hurt Tang San...And if you remember Xiao Wu instantly got her soul rings just by talking to those wild dogs in the forest while Tang San is trying to save their master from the governor’s son....So i had a feeling too that Xiao Wu has this special bond with animals in the Star Forest...no wonder she is already a strong fighter ( and is fond of initiating a fight) when she emerged on the episode 2....Hope Wetv will still update s
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