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  1. @TofuHi! No i haven’t tried doing the unlocking thingy even if i haven’t seen the beginning of the drama…im just curious if its possible since i only have the cheapest subsciption for iQiYi
  2. @Tofuso sorry i was not able to help you unlock the Forever and Ever episodes...i just open my account just now :(
  4. I super looooove this highschool romcom! They look soooooo cute together!
  5. @Tofui will watch episode 17 tonight…but on the raw version i am on episode 28…this will be the finale week for those Yoyo channel VIP members. Since episode 28-30 will be shown tonight.
  6. Just finished episode 16 with english subs and episode 27 without the subs…Feels soooo saaaad it only has 3 episodes left…the hunt for an easy watchin’ and sweet fluffy romcom drama will begin soon for me again.
  7. Hello! Has anybody watched its episode 1??? Is it available in youtube?? Thanks!!!
  8. anybody already watched Seobok??? How was it???
  9. Hopefully Netflix will pick up Dooms Day....Can’t wait for May 10! Sooooo excited to watch this dramaaaa...Finally Kdramaland has a new couple to ship with!
  10. Love their behind the scenes toooo....i so love their interactions...the female lead Jian Qing looks and acts so cute without even trying to be one...her acting is way better than those other more famous actresses than her....Not mention her lovely chemistry with Gu Nanzhou....Can’t wait for episode 19 later tonight!
  11. I am still on episode13....hopefully they could be together for real before it reaches half of the full episode....love this couple...the love that girl is spunky and does not have a princess in distress attitude..her acting is quite impressive considering this is her first drama...while Gu Nanzhou what can i say but he is really cuteee
  12. Wow! Love the teaser! can’t wait to watch it! In what streaming app can i watch Youth of May???
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