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  1. Wow, amazing!! Bless that Twitter fan 😇
  2. I attended my very first live fan meeting even though it is online and I understood only like 25% of what they’re talking about
  3. @mademoiselle if watching other dramas I speed up, for this drama I often rewind and rewatch with another sub 😅 Usually it takes me more than 1.5 hour to finish an episode. Ep.8 was quite tensed because of the trial progress and especially the fake witness. O gosh, can I just say again how much I detest that scumbag boyfriend of Ye Seul? I really want to punch his face. I was so upset with Ye Seul but didn’t stop hoping that she will be courageous enough to speak the truth. The writer did well in holding it till the very last minute and I was fist pumping. Otherwise I’m gonna write i
  4. Not really... only because I got to know him in Children of Nobody As I often tell my daughter, if the person acts, then I will know. If not, don't expect me to know who is who in Kpop.
  5. I will definitely be looking forward to this arc. You know I actually came across this drama because of VIXX N, and not the ladies, hahaa... Can you just imagine how luxe the setting supposed to be, when even the maid is wearing red and black, instead of the usual boring white and black?
  6. No, no... the one LMH wore is much better in my opinion. Not on him though. I can wear something like that... but no bumblebee costume for me. Unless maybe if it's for a school play and by school, I mean pre-school and I'm being the good teacher, supporting the kiddies
  7. Yeah, I cried a bit in this episode. The part when the house owner found the remains of her father, when she fell to the ground and started crying. And then also when she got reunited with her brother. They did well casting the same actor of the father to act as the brother in old age. It hits the right emotions. Phew, I was a bit worried that she was going to remain unconscious and die. Glad that she came around when the brother visited and like what IB said, "everything ended well".
  8. I hope it's the good quality type of makjang... something like Graceful Family. Come to think of it, I've been thinking about the title "Mine"... sort of like petty girls or kids not willing to share but clutching on to something and declaring that this is "Mine~!"
  9. Yes, I've been to class. Not much lovey-dovey from our couple last night. But oh, I am so very annoyed by Ye Seul's boyfriend. So glad KSa got to kick him in the shin. If I were there, I will kick him too.
  10. Haha, mostly... I can watch comfortably at 1.25x speed. When no conversation going on, I will usually speed it up. Otherwise, how do you think I can fit so many dramas into my limited hours in a week? Unless you have discovered how we can have 28 hours in a day? Share please! Haha...
  11. @SnowBlob BR's mother is the scientist wife. The one who talked to JE in front of Daniel's office when they were both pregnant. You can compare the faces with ep.1 towards the end (around 1h 5m mark). Yes he is the one. This is quite laughable for me... as if it's the common trait of a psychopath to always want an heir to continue their legacy. Are they telling us that psychopathic tendencies are hereditary? I of course have not done any researching on this, but I refuse to believe that it is hereditary. Some may have suggested it, but I am sure nothing is conclus
  12. @Darkarcana I was wondering why you’re so quiet in the main thread.... so you ranted here instead, haha... Tbh, I lost hope already with Mouse. It’s gotten to be rather disturbing than enjoyable to watch. I am probably just going to skim through the remaining episodes and read recaps.
  13. It's been a while since I would watch dramas at normal speed, usually at 1.5x or even 2x speed. But this drama, I watch on normal... The feel is just different. Not something to rush with... Again, for ep.2, I still see traces of humour here and there... Can we please continue to have this tone until the end? But, but... the unidentified remains... who could it be? I too foresee some love triangles brewing in a distance, but I really hope it's kept sane and normal, nothing OTT please... And also please, no BFF turning into love rivals thing. I enjoy the girls friendship and love b
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