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  1. Well, I couldn't finish ep.9... I don't know what I'm watching anymore other than NGM. There are too many charactes/names to remember, and what happened to who and who, between who and who is mostly told in narration. Like if you don't make notes, you won't remember anymore who is who. I think I'm just going to watch clips and read recaps/review...
  2. Netflix has dropped 8 episodes today. Is that everything? If that’s the case, I might wait for a suitable day to binge watch all instead of starting today.
  3. Less than 3 minutes in and I’m feeling so sad already for the impending heartbreak of Yumi. Then the OST playing also so softly in the background Be strong my heart... ~ ~ ~ ~ Finished the episode. It’s a good one actually. The issue about Sae Yi was resolved, but I could see where it might be heading now, if still following the webtoon. In spoiler: It’s a good episode because some things went not as I expected. I admit I was watching the whole episode anticipating their breakup, but at least until the end of this episode, they’re still together. Bonny made an appearance towards the end. I will be back with more thoughts. @NiteWalker Woong redeemed himself later on. And tbh, I can understand his defense and reaction about the whole Sae Yi issue.
  4. I wish they’ve shown more action on KMJ’s part when kissing. But I still think it’s a beautiful kiss. What is the meaning that reaction at 3:18? Somebody, please explain... 😆
  5. Each cell is fun to watch in their own way, but Yumi’s Naughty Cell is the one that made me laughed out loud whenever he made appearances I can rewatch so many times and still laugh so much. As for Woong and Sae Yi, I think he does know about her trying to get close to him, thus the dumb bear mode, but have to rewatch earlier episodes to be sure what happened between them before. Can’t be bothered though. I don’t wish to see more of Sae Yi than necessary.
  6. Yes yes, I get that vibe too... One love rival is enough for MH to deal with. I think it’s no coincidence that he is a police because I think later on MH and/or Dali will need his help with all those scheming people around them. And I am guessing bromance will bloom between MH and him too.
  7. Well, they will not end up together... if going by the webtoon story... sigh...
  8. I was thinking along the same line regarding twins. But didn't think about that child being a love child. Whoa, Grandmama is going to be so pissed if that is so...
  9. 멋있다 meositta, meositta... MH so cool when he told Dali that he makes no mistake with whatever is done with his mouth. What he eats, what he says and what he does with his mouth. The way he told her that she needs to think again carefully whether the kiss was a mistake for her I can totally understand Dali feeling flustered because of that. Oh man, I actually feel sad watching the flashback of what happened to Dali and Tae Jin. Anyway, it's history between them. No SLS here. MH's stepmom propped one leg up the chair at the dining table. Supposedly fine dining atmosphere... MH's dad is adorable in his almost discreet way of supporting his son's love life I love that MH doesn't hold back in lecturing Dali about spending justified money to have visitors to the museum. I actually cannot really relate with her idealistic thinking of having people appreciate art without any probing. Most people do need some push/incentive to start doing something they've never done before. So I agree with MH's way of promoting the museum. I'm going to guess the person who ransacked the rooftop apartment is someone from SeGi. The only people who knows where Dali is staying at now is Tae Jin and his driver. I think Tae Jin is sincere in his effort to get back with Dali. There are people in his company helping the main villain - whom we don't know the actual identity yet. Sadly, Dali is going to misunderstand MH having some ulterior motive in helping the museum based on the preview for next week. Moo Hak's name in the Chinese subs is 无学, which literally means "no education"... I laughed because no parents will give their kids such name. Although that serves like a pun to his character's seemingly uneducated manners. I laughed so much at the meeting about those English words (kiss, keith, keats) mistaken as "kiss" by MH Anyway, I think I've seen a different version of his name translated in Chinese 武学 first character means martial arts. Another funny one also, the name of his company Dun-Dun, I believe it's the same sound/pronunciation as the word for money (don)
  10. Because of a body being dumped at the beginning of first episode, I am more inclined to think he was harmed. Most probably by Hee Joo who didn’t want her life disrupted. Maybe he’s gotten too obsessed with her and she’s had enough of him. Then husband found out and rescued Woo Jae and sent him for treatment overseas. Because he is a kind person? Because he wants to protect Hee Joo? Hae Won then found out later what happened to Woo Jae and that’s why she went on revenge mode. ~ all pure speculation from me. Interesting though, why the director of the gallery is surprised to find out Woo Jae’s sculptures are with her. Is their marriage not known to other people? Because Hee Joo’s husband also was surprised to hear Woo Jae has a family.
  11. Yes, it was another good episode. The mystery now is, who is the Hannah who checked him out of the hospital and brought him back to Korea, when around this same time, Hae Won is in Korea “stalking” Hee Joo and family. If we were to draw the timeline back, Hee Joo had this affair as a married woman. I remembered the ladies met when she was taking care of her young child. So it could also be that the husband found out and try to get rid of him by sending him overseas? Hae Won doesn’t seem to know about what her husband is doing.
  12. LOL, their favorite cells are also Lust and Lustsaurus.
  13. Yes, I noticed that... So it might seem that they were dating the same guy, maybe that's what caused their fall out. At the moment, KJY's character is in comma, so I think there's this one party blaming another for what happened to him? He won't be able to clarify for now. I think we'll see him mostly in flashbacks. The green coat was indeed bought by Hee Joo. There's a very brief moment of flashback by Hee Joo when she saw Hae Won picking up that coat. And yes, Hee Joo was taught by Hae Won, and her hubs is aware about this because Hee Joo once told him. Not clear if he's met her before or not.
  14. I am so curious about the choice of red and green for each of the FL... In episode 1 alone, it happened two separate times when the women met . And then there's the poster of them, again one in red and the other in green. I hope there'll be an explanation of the significance.
  15. I really like last night's episode too!! They're growing closer and people around them all sensed that they're an item. MH is already displaying jealous boyfriend syndromes whenever he sees men being around Dali. He is such a goner, and so I was surprised that Dali is the one who initiated the kiss. I'd like to think that he is being a gentleman, not wanting to cross the line unless it's a clear and defined relationship. I love that he opened up to Dali about himself. I'm guessing she is the only person he showed this side of him. I also love that both of them think highly of the other as a great person. How cute is this USB! Me want one too... They can totally do a series of Chinese zodiac of these and I would buy as gifts for myself and others... Wonder what's inside the USB...
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