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  1. Just finished ep.2... much more watchable, and I shall continue on. The production team did a good job finding shooting sites and angles that really made it seem like we're in a dystopian Korea. Then there's the scene of the young students fighting in class. That's a first for me to see and the kids are doing a superb job at it, I'm not sure to be happy or sad
  2. Haha yes... in a different setting and context, I would pay money for that swirl of an ear design. I found it creepy because she left everything behind to follow them, including her phone!
  3. - And... we have to rewatch the stabbing of Dae Sik at the beginning of ep.14... I grimaced with pain. - But still admiring LKH so much for his portrayal of DBM. I thought no one could ever rival Mo Tae Gu but DBM really came very close. - I had to roll my eyes when the police threw that important original evidence to the villagers so they can have a look at it. Are they not afraid of the irrational villagers destroying the evidence against DBHY? - Can't help but wonder what does the F stand for in the name of the children hospital... hm... Fabre? - I appreciate that we get to know the reasons behind the Christmas string lights. - The face-off between Derek an DBM is great, but oh man, is Derek allowed to shoot DBM so many times like that?... - What was that ending... it's creepy... I know they're setting up for the next season but still quite creepy for me that Kang is willing to go with these people just like that?? Overall, it was a truly great season! I'd say it's the best written one. Can't wait for season 5! And a special applause for Lee Kyu Hyung
  4. I wanted to calculate by age given, but you know how Koreans are with the way they calculate their ages, so I felt it won’t be reliable anyway. We should get more clues later, just being impatient here haha...
  5. I went to rewatch the scenes. The one washing uniform is the one with forehead injury. He has 3 cuts, forehead, nose, cheek. You can compare with ep.5 when he's back in the hotel room. There are two gestures by the twins to note. One is patting of Da Jung's hair, once in Dec 1994, another one in current time by the dead twin. The other one is the stepping of Young Do's foot, once in between Dec 1992 until Dec 1994 (the time the elder twin was in orphanage), another one in current time at Young Do's office, also by the dead twin. Then, should we be concerned that the person who keeps sending gifts to Da Jung's mother is also surnamed Hong? Considering all the kids in the orphanage is recorded as Hong?
  6. Oo... I had forgotten that they could've switched also when they met up at the orphanage when younger. I should pay more attention to the dates because I thought when Da Jung went there, it wasn't long after older twin was sent there. I do plan to do a rewatch of the earlier episodes, just curious why those episodes don't really engage me on first watch, and whether that will change now. Yes, I watched Find Me in Your Memory. The romance there was just fine, he is more adorable in this one haha... I love to see his calm smile. I could still feel traces of his anchor-nim character in FMYM at the start, not anymore now though.
  7. Episode 4 ~ I thought the wish was rather pathetic... I'm sorry for being harsh, but I strongly believe the world out there, especially the women (and young girls), urgently needs to be told that their world does not revolve around a man's love. Do not ever give up on yourself just to obtain the love of another person. It's never worth it. If that guy cannot treasure you, forget him and move on. There are still many men out there worthy of your love and time. But it's a drama, and that's why we the audience is being shown the consequences. I just feel really bad that she lost her beautiful voice. The episodes are short and I remember this drama is only 8 episodes? I wonder what else is in store. Very curious especially on the childhood of Jin. Mom is hiding something from her... And what will happen to her for eating the leftover chocolate?
  8. Okay, finally I can get on my laptop to write more about this drama. Where should I start...... maybe that this drama sort of reminded me of When Camellia Blooms? There is the drama itself, then it's constantly interlaced with a looming mystery surrounding a death of one of the characters and we're trying to find out what actually happened in the course of watching the main characters development. This made me look forward to this drama because I had enjoyed Camellia a lot. As for the actors. Kim Dong Wook surprised me because he has his comedic side, and definitely he is able to up the romantic side too. I keep learning more about him and falling in love with him more. Seo Hyun Jin, supposedly the main draw of this drama for many people, I believe, but tbh, she is just okay for me. She is a great actress, no doubt about it. I am just not that excited about her. Yoon Park, well, if not for him (and his characters here), I probably would not persevere until now. I love him and I'm glad he's got a meatier role this time compared to what I've seen before. Nam Gyu Ri, unexpectedly interesting to watch. Her role is really enjoyable to watch but like @mademoiselle said, I wouldn't want to meet someone like that in RL, haha... I love her tone of ending every sentences. The mystery. Seriously, I am still not sure who Ian Chase is. One twin is more timid and gentle, the other one is the sociopath. The twins were together in the orphanage when Da Jung went there, but why do I remember only the older one was sent there? Then how come there were two of them there? One who patted Da Jung's head (same one as the one hiding under the tree), the other one who denied patting her head. Which one is the one in the picture? One is wearing a jacket, the other one is not. Also, there is a possibility that they agreed to a switch during their teenage years when they met, isn't it? Although with the toothbrushes request, Ian Chase is probably the older one who had trauma of having to share toothbrushes. The romance. I'm only starting to feel it in ep.7, haha... I love their scenes in the storage room. From his outburst of anger (indirect confession there!) and him coming back to apologise for the door slamming (how cute!) to them copying after each other's sentences. Haha, I love that he didn't mind at all calling himself a fool. Then the cafe staff walking in on them and teasing them with a flat tone... JYD is so gentle I'm falling for him, haha.... Love his confession at the end, and especially the lighting play when they were hugging. That was a beautiful hug. (to be continued...)
  9. Finished ep.8... oh my gosh, I laughed so loud and so much till my belly hurt towards the end (gingerbread man and ripped shirt scenes), but that ending though, when is the next episode?! Ep.8 is another great episode. I am fully on board now. There are so many parts that I like in this episode same as what @mademoiselle had mentioned in her post above. I’ll be back to write more when I get to use my laptop.
  10. I really enjoyed ep.7... it’s like suddenly I’m watching another drama. Ep.7 is so good that I watched everything at normal speed. I will be back with more detailed comments because I don’t remember them all well and it’s too late to go through the episode again. I wonder though, am I the only one feeling the alternate pairing of four main leads would be better? Haha, I feel like there’s a stronger chemistry/tension between Young Do and ex-wife, also between Ian Chase and Da Jung? I’m the only one feeling that?... but tbh, Nam Gyu Ri will not be able to pull some of the emotions and expressions by Seo Hyun Jin as Da Jung though. I do enjoy NGR in her role here as the lonely “clueless” actress. She is rocking the role. One of the characters I was looking forward to see on screen since earlier on, in addition to Choi twins. I only started feeling for the OTP in this beautiful ep.7 😅
  11. I finished 5-6, and staying for Yoon Park The love line is just okay for me... but I have to say that I love a lot of the cinematography that the director is using. Still not understanding some of the inner monologues, eg. when Da Jung talking about the tree on campus. So I cannot really relate with the healing aspects of the drama (yet)... curious about their backstory though, esp. the twins.
  12. I LOL so much during Ja Sung's lunch with Young Won's mother, and how it didn't go as he (we) expected...... but seriously, I would have problem with a guy who would just do anything blindly because I said so. The way he immediately decided to change the chairs in meeting room, the way he not want to scold Young Won even though she made a mistake covering up for the freelancer. I know he's a total novice in dating, but that's really not good at all. I love Young Won's strong (yet gentle and kind) personality, and love that she stood her ground for wanting someone who will never let go of her hand. So I especially love the writer's way of reconciling them. She didn't change that standard but just a discovery of what Ja Sung has been doing all this while. And we get other nuggets of wisdom in stock investment through our freelancer's story, and a way to get our couple back together too through the possibility of matchmaking with his sister. I love this writer! UiJoo's story is so sad I cried listening to the reason why she wants to live in a rented place with monthly payment. Glad she was able to at least tell someone (Editor Nam) about it. I had expected the guy must be her father with new wife and daughter. Then there was the unexpected twist at the end of the mountain guy. Have I mentioned I love this writer? Writer-nim is really good! This is what I thought as well. He just sleeps in her room. I believe it's her room because there's the big partition that connects to the foyer hallway.
  13. She is the Master of Ships... I don't really want to burst your bubble... but he's that chummy with Seo Ye Ji too in Dinner Mate BTS
  14. I have not bought one yet, haha.... I think you'll have to compare the specs of each model. I know they have a newer one (with the word "plus") which has more powerful suction. VC01, VC20 plus and VC25 plus (different models). And remember to check out their weight comparison also. Xiaomi products not bad. I have a friend who used to use iRobot but switched to Xiaomi also due to inability to find a broken part, and found that it does the job as good as iRobot. Again for a fraction of the price.
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