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  1. I watched this part. Did the mother know or not yet? I really like to know if the grandma will help? She is a wise cheerful person. I like her. She understands the real man behind the angry father. She brings out the best in him. Somehow I imagine her reaction towards the teen girl's pregnancy. She is unconventional.
  2. The ending is so good. I think it says 7 years later, haraboji is practising with CR :)
  3. I really like Hoon with EJ. That's the difference between EJ and villains, she has a heart.
  4. @UnniSara I really don't watch these days, got hooked by Navirella. The good thing about daily drama is that I can skip some episodes and still guess what happened lol.
  5. I liked the scenes of haraboji and HB. He is a positive person despite his Alzheimer's. I find haraboji a warm sociable person, everyone likes him.
  6. A Yonghwa fan?? You should listen to his songs, they are original. He covers so many genres. I like The Moment (I posted it earlier a couple of days ago), it has a French jazzy style. Also Diamond Girl, with CNBLUE, with a Latino beat. So many others. I lost count. Oh and the OST of Daebak Real Estate, a bit of country music. And of course rap and techno. He is so versatile. Try this one
  7. Watched episode 3. Luckily it is not scary. Yonghwa is good looking lol. I like his song too (OST 1). It is like country music genre. I am too distracted by Yonghwa's good looks lol. I understood that he is psychic so he sort of absorbs ghosts. He has to wear the necklace to protect himself and not get possessed by spirits
  8. When I cry my parents think there is something wrong with me lol. I was so sad when haraboji was crying in the toilet while trying hard to remember things at the end of episode 9. CR was so worried. The way CR keeps following haraboji is so touching. He sort of protects him.
  9. She wanted to own a restaurant and she sold fake clothes lol. I think she is being practical. Otherwise she is hilarious. She visited EJ at the hospital and soothed EJ's mom. I like her because deep down she is genuinely good.
  10. They are like a cat and a mouse lol. But still SH's mom gave EJ's mom a job. She is hilarious :D
  11. @mademoiselle all scenes make me want to cry. Poor haraboji, he dances in the street in front of CR and his son.
  12. @joccu__ I like the grandma too and Hajun. I like spark pants friendship with EJ's mom 😁
  13. I think Haraboji says in the last second of the preview 채 록아 나도 무서워 Chae Rok, I am scared too 😢😢😢😢😢
  14. Navillera is the best drama of the year, in my opinion. Haraboji tearing up in ep. 7 is heartbreaking.
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