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  1. Written preview Suji, who is tired of living as brother and sister, confesses her true feelings, and although Uri congratulate Seonyoung on legally getting her daughter back, he cannot help but feel sad. Mari, who keeps feeling attached to uri, invites him to her house, and Jangsu's family becomes curious about Duri. Meanwhile, Jin-tae hears a shocking story from Jeong Soon-jeong's neighborhood...
  2. I am hundred percent sure that Uri is the lost child. Did you notice how he looked at the closed room? And the garden too. And the ambulance car too.
  3. Home made love story is very good. Here the fantasy element is good.
  4. From the flashbacks, JT lost the child in the hospital when he was tending to a patient.
  5. I think Uri is HS brother. If so, he will regain his parents name, thus he will be able to marry Suji.
  6. Past Love by The Bridge https://www.shazam.com/track/701691260/지나간-사랑?referrer=share
  7. Uri also accepts our breakup with Suzy. The two begin to live together as siblings rather than lovers, and their psychiatric colleagues feel puzzled by the sudden change in their mood. Doo-ri is very suspicious of the producer named Charlie Kang who transformed Do-young into an old-timer. Meanwhile, Jin-tae heads somewhere with Ma-ri, who is suspicious of his relationship with Seon-yeong...
  8. Written preview Seonyoung goes on a catering trip to Jintae's house. Jin-tae and Jang-su's family, who all have personal feelings for Seon-yeong, meet each other in an impromptu atmosphere. We are worried about Suzy, who keeps avoiding her, and Na-young feels anxious when she sees Jin-tae and Seon-young being close. Meanwhile, Seonyoung makes a big decision for Suzy...
  9. Na-young begins a new life at Hyeon-seong's main house and becomes curious about the empty room on the second floor that is always locked. As Seon-young spends alone time with Su-ji, she hears about the lonely times Su-ji had to go through alone while she was away. Meanwhile, at the dinner table where Jangsu and Jintae gather, an unexpected person appears and the atmosphere becomes a bit of a mess... Written preview
  10. NY's mom is hehind whay happened to Suji. I am bored by this.
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