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  1. I like GS and YS together. I hope they don't get separated. YS is a real good man, he deserves to be happy.
  2. New song for Yonghwa fans 🤩
  3. This is strange. I still didn't reach that part.
  4. Note: So Yi Hyun was in Heartstrings, in the role of the ballerina that Yonghwa liked. She was older than him. Park Yoon Jae was in in "it's my life" in a lead role. Choi Myung Gil was in so many dramas that I lost count. Shin Jung Yun was in Brilliant Heritage.
  5. Red Shoes (Korean: 빨강 구두) is a South Korean television series starring Choi Myung-gil, So Yi-hyun and Park Yoon-jae. The series, directed by Park Gi-hyeon and written by Hwang Soon-young, tells the story of a daughter, who wants to avenge her heartless mother, as she has left her father and sick brother in search of love and desire for her success. (Source Wikipedia) Note: this drama replaces Miss Monte Christo on KBS2 Monday to Friday starting in July 2021 and will air every weekday at 19:50 (KST). Cast Main Choi Myung-gil as Min Hee-kyeong So Yi-hyun as Kim Jem-ma Park Yoon-jae as Yoon Gi-seok Shin Jung-yoon as Yoon Hyeon-seok, Yoon Gi-seok's younger brother Supporting Jung Yoo-min as Kwon Hye-bin, a princess character who is spoiled on a gold spoon. Seo Kwon-soon Choi Yeong Wan Synopsis The series revolves around Kim Jem-ma (So Yi-hyun), a daughter who has strong desire to take revenge from her heartless mother, who left her father and sick brother in search of love and desire for her success. Min Hee-kyeong (Choi Myung-gil) portrays a cold-hearted mother who abandoned her family after reuniting with her first love. Kim Jem-ma has aim to find out the secrets related to her father's death and avenge her mother. Yoon Gi-seok (Park Yoon-jae) does not believe in love due to betrayal by his wife, but falls in love with Kim Jem-ma. Yoon Hyeon-seok (Shin Jung-yoon) is Yoon Gi-seok's younger brother, with free soul and defiant charm.
  6. I couldn't get myself to watch Daebak Real estate, but still addicted to CNBLUE lol.
  7. I am watching. It is good. I like the male singer. He is kind towards his dad who favours his ungrateful son. I think he is among my few favourites in this drama. The gluttonous male is rather funny lol. The three sisters and their dad don't impress me.
  8. I associate myself with Navillera, because I love music.
  9. @Dhakra so good to see you here 😀🎶🎶
  10. I watched this part. Did the mother know or not yet? I really like to know if the grandma will help? She is a wise cheerful person. I like her. She understands the real man behind the angry father. She brings out the best in him. Somehow I imagine her reaction towards the teen girl's pregnancy. She is unconventional.
  11. The ending is so good. I think it says 7 years later, haraboji is practising with CR :)
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