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  1. quoting my friends @stroppyse @UnniSara @ktcjdrama the drama is good,
  2. Suji and Uri (KBS1 drama from Monday till Friday) Jin Soo Ji is a psychiatrist at Haedeul Hospital and a celebrity who is considered the most sought-after for variety shows. In addition to medical treatment, she is a hot shot who has never slept more than three hours a day due to tight schedules such as broadcasts, book concerts, and fan signing events. However, her perfect life, which seemed to be on a roll forever, starts to fall apart. It all begins with Chae Woo Ri, the new doctor. He is talented, humorous, and full of justice. Therefore, in the eyes of a doctor who believes understanding and trust of patients are the top priority, Soo Ji seems to be a selfish person who only cares about her own success, and they naturally become enemies in the hospital. However, when Soo Ji disappears due to various scandals, he starts to understand her pain. What will happen between Soo Ji and Woo Ri, who were at each other's throats from the beginning? Native Title: 수지맞은 우리 Also Known As: Su Ji & U Ri , Suji & Uri , Su Ji and U Ri , Soo Ji and Woo Ri , Sooji and Woori , A Profitable Cage , We're Profitabl , We Are Profitable , We Are in Trouble , Sujimajeun Uri Director: Park Ki Hyun Screenwriter: Nam Sun Hye Genres: Romance, Drama, Family, Medical Main Role Ham Eun Jung Jin Soo Ji Baek Sung Hyun Chae Woo Ri Oh Hyun Kyung Oh Seon Young Kang Byul Jin Na Young Shin Jung Yoon Han Hyun Sung Support Role Sun Woo Jae Duk Han Jin Tae ['Haedeul Hospital' director] Kim Hee Jung Kim Ma Ri [Jin Tae's wife] Yoon Da Hoon Jin Jang Su [Soo Ji and Na Young's father] Jo Mi Ryung Jang Yun Ja [Soo Ji's stepmother] Seo Kwon Soon Park Bok Sun [Soo Ji's grandmother] Im Ho Kang Woo Chang [Farmer] Lee Sang Sook Kang Jung Soon [Woo Chang's older sister] Song Ye Bin Chae Doo Ri [Woo Ri's sister] Kim Jong Hoon Jin Do Yeong [Soo Ji's younger brother] Yoon Chae Na Jo Ah Ra Kim Kwang Young Mo Young Soo ['Haedeul Hospital' chief of psychiatry] Lee Si Young Yoon Ga Rim ['Haedeul Hospital' nurse] Kim Young Hoon Ahn Soo Bin ['Haedeul Hospital' assistant nurse] Jung Tae Ryung Kim Joo Hee Kim Ha Rin Seo Ji Young [Ma Ri's assistant]
  3. Beauty and Mr Romantic is a new KBS long drama is airing on Saturdays and Sundays. It seems promising.
  4. Long time no see dearest chingu. Actually due to both of my parents death in 2022, I was a bit behind, so I rewatched short dramas for consolation, one was Naeli's Cantabile, I did sneak a bit in current revenge KBS2 daily revenge drama starring Lee Sikang. But I was more into Yonghwa's new solo album, his wonderful song "Your City", watching it daily. I also developed a new fandom for singer rapper Zico, my profile pic. On the other hand, I am doing much progress in learning Korean spelling, I was focusing more on listening, but now I am learning how to read and write more. Ps, I am rewatching Navillera. I adore Park In Hwan.
  5. I am not a veteran watcher, unluckily. So I don't recognize most of kdrama, whether short or long. But sometimes I come across good drama that is rerun at KBSWORLD. The drama I watched was Naeil's Cantabile. It was suburb, so full of classical music. Right now, I am not following any drama. I am watching "Gone with the Wind" for the tenth time, maybe lol. I am also trying to learn a bit of Korean again. My parents death was so painful for me, I got totally shaken. I am trying to collect myself, I really hope I am not getting out of the subject.
  6. As far as I understand, he gave the secretary one of the tiger t-shirts?
  7. No one mentioned GW's colleague, who was wearing a tiger Tshirt. I find him hilarious 😊
  8. I liked Park Bogum in Naeil's Cantabile. Watched it a few days ago. It's over now, so.... No oppa for now ,,🙂
  9. Yonghwa is really too energetic, he moves from TV to a concert then to another tour, isn't it too exhausting?
  10. Did anyone try Colleen Hoover? She is very popular lately, that is why I am wondering if she is good.
  11. Jang Se Hyun finally posted new photos 너무 귀여워 neomu kwiyeowo!
  12. Seems quite interesting. The mom was in the Miracle We Met, right?
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