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  1. additional behind the scenes pics from the actress who will play young deokmi and Court Lady seo WHo is a mother figure for Deokmi FanMade video:
  2. Lee Se Young and Lee Junho cut at 57th Baeksang Awards [210513] And HERE is the subbed version: https://jlml718.home.blog/2021/05/14/eng-sub-2pm-junho-2021-05-13-junhos-part-in-baeksang-arts-award-2021/ Junho was also asked a recent interview regarding him preparing for his role: Esquire Kore August 2021 Question: In MBC's upcoming drama <Red Sleeve Cuff> due at October, you are playing the role of King Jeongjo. In <I Live Alone>, you were practicing for the character using the chopsticks with your right hand, This Left a deep impression. Answer: I am a left hander. I thought to act as king Jeongjo who was deep into Confucius culture, he was probably eating with his right hand. I also read a lot of books to try to understand his character. I've discovered his perfectionism. In some ways, I think this is the part where I find our similarities credit: JLML718 I Live Alone clip Where junho practices Right Hand eating and ask Jinyoung for pointers: hahaha, I kinda havea little more clarity since I already watched the Kdrama Yisan with Lee SeoJIn and Han JiMIn. the characters are based on the same historical figures.... But yup for the most parts, the chart needs more explanation
  3. introduction of MBC Dramas, COMIC STYLE source: https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.naver?volumeNo=32289878&memberNo=53360300 and now the fanarts begin: though I am pretty sure its western take on guy profile... as I've mentioned Junho has an alter-animal, and now with fanarts about, let me introduce red sleeve penguin,
  4. Stills of main supporting cast Funny and adorable skit (?) or game where Junho plays as king and 2pm members Nichkhun and Chansung as servants/attendants: he really is such a brat...!!! plus his alter animal is an EMPEROR...!!!
  5. More than being from a history, this drama will be based more from a korean novel of the same title. Thus it is an interpretation of writer Kang MiKang of what Sung Uinbin and Lee San/King Jeongjo romance was, based on her careful research. HERE is the link for the novel, sadly I have not seen any translated version of said novel As for for Kang Hoon's role, based on history, there was no Hong Deokro, but there was a Hong Gukyeong. the characters are quite the same but the names was changed, So I don't t know what it is for. But there is no information of him having any contact with LSY's character. And even in the drama Yisan (same character), there was no romantic entanglement between the two, but there could be in this drama So like most drama, it is based on mostly real people but maybe overly dramatized. also here is a good information of Red Sleeve Cuff novel: and here is the character chart done for the drama
  6. they officially announced this will start airing on November 5. and it is gonna be a fri-sat schedule. source from MBC twitter official: He has been quite busy with 2pm schedule (Korean comeback, their 13th anniv and now Japanese comeback ), that I remember in one of his vlive he mentioned that most of the cast has been filming extensively while he has been filming a bit of his scenes on and off to fit his schedule. It would most he would go full filming for the drama by October. watching 2pm shows are my stress reliever. and I love the contents they (2pm) are releasing now, I feel their brotherhood so much. they have missed and loved promoting as a whole with the hiatus from military service. thus I tend to watch as much as I can whatever show they as a whole are in or shows other members are in, but I do pick special attention to when he is on shows, he is just a fascinating man to watch. He really is such a hard worker and he really is like wine, he so fine as he ages... In ILA he was practicing for right hand chopsticks (he is left hander) for King Jeongjo role, thus here he is getting better at it with hard work and practice:
  7. Yes he did mention it in ILA. hahahaha He is my fave 2pm member, he is such a brat...!!! thank you for the welcome...^_^ behind the scenes pics and short clip at the filming site from aug 16- aug 20
  8. He gained a lot of weight during his military enlistment, and thus he went on diet and exercise to lose that weight and then some. He lost about 16 kilos and until now his self management has been pretty strict... and thank you thank you for the welcome!!! ^_^ Behind the scenes with Ha Seokjin who will make a special cameo as Lee San's father Crown Prince Sado
  9. Thank you for the warm welcome ^__^ Sadly I have not seen yet any of their clips with English subs. I think the subs would most likely come from hottest. but with 2pm just celebrating their anniversary, plus their japan comeback, it would probably be take a bit of time to get some subs... i did see some of the articles and character descriptions being translated in twitter... Video Clips released by MBC about the script reading as well as some behind the scenes parts This part is probably my fave cause they have this adorable interaction: Vide
  10. hi first time posting here, wanna share some clips from the script reading.... They look so adorable together!!!!
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