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  1. @mademoiselle same! I was thinking of all the possible ways this could end and I highly doubt the writer will kill Hae In. It seems too cruel to make us see the depth of Hyun Woo and Hae In's love for each other and then just have her die in the end. But I recall reading somewhere that the writer tends to have bitter-sweet endings like what we say in CLOY and Love from Another Star.. it's a happy ending but with a twist. So I thought that perhaps she will have some sort of surgery that will allow her to live but might have to suffer with occasional memory loss.. exactly like 50 First Dates as you said. I really hope we get a complete happy ending... with a baby/child please. Now about ep 11 and 12... I was surprised to learn that it wasn't Hae-In's older brother who saved her from drowning. I did not expect that Hyun Woo was actually her saviour. Just when we think their first meeting was at work, the drama told us they met earlier in life during Hyun Woo's first day at school, and then now we find out no, it was even earlier than that - during the accident... I do hope that Hyun Woo and Hae In discover these "connections" at a later episode. Love Hyun Woo's "Avengers" coming together. Baek Hyun Woo's character is one who is intelligent and highly capable so it's fitting that his close friends are just as competent and capable as he is. Also loved the ending scene where the two families are eating together and coming together as one unit to help and support Hae In. The scene when Soo Cheol defends Da Hye. He's perceived as weak because he tends to wear his heart on his sleeve and he trusts people too easily which makes him gullible especially when it comes to business. But that is his strength when it comes to his personal relationships. It's his naivety and sincerity that ultimately won Da Hye over. It's not just that he was willing to take her back despite what she did, but also the fact that his love for her and Geon-u didn't diminish with the knowledge that he's not even his. I love that Hae-In finally told Hyun Woo how she really feels about him albeit I wasn't expecting her to reveal it as soon as she woke up. The scene where he takes her to his apartment was so cute! And when she tells him that she even if she was reborn a hundred times, she would still marry him every single time... I just love it! I love that she's being so straightforward with her feelings and I really hope they both improve their communication from this point on. The scene where he asks her to take back the divorce was so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. But I love that she explained why she was turning him down. It wasn't because she didn't love him.. but because she didn't want be a burden to him as she knows her condition is starting to worsen. And that scene where she goes to his room to try the ring on! HILARIOUS! Kim Seok-hyun is so good at making his eyes do the talking. The way his eyes turned into these big round saucers just looking at Hae In with surprise in finding out she had it on her..
  2. oh em gee! How did I miss all of this information?! Now I'm wondering if the accident caused her not only to lose the ability to walk but wiped her memories of him? UGH!! Preview of ep 3-4 look good! I'm excited!
  3. @mademoiselle Finally watch episodes 1 and 2 and my goodness, I love it! It makes sense that time stops when she tries to tell him anything about the future which means there's limits to what she is able to do and she'll have to figure out another way to change the outcome. I was a little worried that I would find the FL's eccentricity annoying but that wasn't the case at all. I found myself laughing at her goofiness and the way that she kept embarrassing herself in front of Sun Jae. They have good chemistry and I just hope the writer doesn't kill Byeon Woo-Seok in this one like what happened in 20th Century Girl
  4. I agree with this. I also felt Hyun Woo wasn't after the will. I think he was more hurt and disappointed by the fact that Hae-In didn't mention anything about it to him when she promised to take good care of him. I don't think it was about the money, I think that at the end of the day, Hyun Woo just wants to know that Hae-In loves him just as much as he does her. I think when Yang Gi made the suggestion, at that point, Hyun Woo was so hurt that he was like "what the heck, I deserve to get something after all that pain and work I went through.." but I think it was more the hurt and anger talking but he wasn't actively trying to make her change her will. He's such a good lawyer and he's so smart that I feel like if he really wanted to, he'd find a way. Hyun Woo and Hae In were great before they lost the baby and I think that was when things started to go south.. They dealt with the loss differently and the lack of communication did further damage.
  5. Thank you for sharing this! I wonder, though, if the next morning, Hyun Woo has any recollection of him doing this. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.
  6. @mademoiselle I have this in my watch list. I didn't realize it started already. I'm going to go check it out. Sounds like my cuppa tea for sure. Even my mom told me she saw it in my watch list and she's also planning on watching it.
  7. I gave this a lot of thought as well. I think mum got upset because it was dishonest. Hyun Woo decided to stay in the marriage for the wrong reasons.. when she said, "and here to think that I only pitied you..." to me, that meant she understood that pain it must have caused Hae-In to learn that he would have asked her for a divorce had she not beat him to the punch so-to-speak. Think of it from Hae-In's perspective, she's thinking he wants to be with her through the hardest time of her life, he tells her he loves her and does all these sweet things out of the blue.. and then she finds out he wanted out. Ouch. I think that in the years that followed their loss of their baby, Hyun Woo saw only the negative side of his situation - being married to a woman who was cold and ambitious, being told by her family what to do and where to go.. that he felt trapped and suffocated. So the only thing he could think of was to end the marriage. There is that scene in Germany.. when Hae-In finds out about the divorce and holds up her phone to show him the papers.. and she asks him to deny it and he doesn't... and then he says softly, out of the blue, "I found it.. I found our lock.. it was still there.." That line struck me actually.. I feel like that's him saying, "yes, I thought I wanted out but I found what I thought we had lost.." He had already realized at that point that he still loved her and despite having the opportunity to now walk away, he doesn't want to. The reason I say this too is because there's a scene (I can't remember if it's the one where she had that memory lapse and forgot what happened in Germany) where she's telling Hyun Woo that she's concerned about forgetting things.. and he says to her, "we all forget sometimes.. even I forgot..." Again, for me, he's telling her he momentarily forgot how special she was to him but now he's realized it. Yes! My mom and I were saying the same thing! How he doesn't do many projects and yet he has a knack for choosing the right kind of projects and his acting gets better and better. I didn't know he has been doing a lot of ad-libs in this drama and if that's true, count me impressed! He seems to have a knack for understanding the characters he portrays. Yes, the way he portrays emotions and shows it is amazing but you know what else I find amazing? It's the little gestures. Like that scene where he's out drinking with his friend and his complaining about being cute when he's drunk.. honestly, I don't know how one can look at him behaving like that and not find him totally adorable. When he says, "she said I'm cute when I'm drunk.. that it's my special weapon.. I was known even in Yongdu-ri for being cute as a pear.. why am I like this?" and you're watching him and you agree! You're like, '"yes, you are adorable you sweet little baby.." And that scene where he gifts her the shoes! When he makes that flirty "suzy" half smile but he does it in a way that is both cute and awkward at the same time. Honestly, he deserves to win.
  8. YES!! I love that despite his many accomplishments and talents, he doesn't brag about them. I love that it only comes out when others talk about it or when something happens where he needs to let them know about it. And YES, I love his innocence when it comes to Hae In. I think it's also what Hae In loves about him. The scene where she passes by him in the bus stop after his confession and seeing him just smile so innocently and sweetly.. I think she fell hard for that. And the way Hyun Woo just obeys Hae In... lol. After he comes home wounded and she tells him to open his mouth and he literally stops talking and opens his mouth.. so cute! And this! I was talking to my mom the other day and kept saying that Hyun Woo's acting has leveled up and every time he's on screen, I can't help but totally be drawn to him and even the way he says "I love you Hae In" in episode 10... I cried! It's the way he says it.. all full of emotion, sincerity and softness.. and the way he looks at that door.. his eyes all teary and innocent. He portrays his character really well. A very capable, intelligent, and mature man but with the innocence, sensitivity and softness of a boy.. ugh! SO SO GOOD I love this. From the very beginning, despite Hae In being cold and aloof, I never once felt that she didn't love or care about Hyun Woo. There were scenes of her telling Soo Cheol not to humiliate Hyun Woo, of her staying up in her room waiting to hear him come home, of her looking at photos of him from that interview they did in the beginning of episode 1, her showing up to meet him at the restaurant even though she had a memory/time lapse that caused her to miss it.. she still showed up.. and the fact that he was the first person she went to when she needed to go to the hospital for her diagnosis. He was her person from the very beginning. Even Hyun Woo knew that Hae In didn't wasn't angry about the divorce. She was just hurt because she had never considered even walking away from him and to learn that the only reason he chose to stay was because she told him about her illness. That's why she lost all desire to live after finding out about the divorce. I think the only reason she's even agreeing to it is to set him free. So now that she knows he loves her really and truly, she's showing that she's willing to give up everything too because he matters more to her. I love that in that interview they did together, when she was asked about her goals, everything she mentioned was about her growing her empire so-to-speak.. but eventually what she really hoped to be able to do was to travel and just spend time with Hyun Woo. I really can't wait to see the next episodes.. I wonder what Yoon Eun-sung is going to do now that Hae In has made it clear that she's not going to agree to his demands.
  9. Guys, episodes 9 and 10 were so good and the ending of episode 10 came out of left field for me!
  10. Hi peoples! Popping in here because this drama is going to be the end of me. I sorta regret starting it before all the episodes were out because the waiting for next episodes is killing me. I'm really enjoying this one. I've got so much to say and don't really know where to begin so just be patient with me First, thank you for posting the preview with subtitles @abs-oluteM! It's so cute how after Hae-in slapped her brother, Hyun Woo's sister looked at him as if to say "she hits you like this?!" And I chuckled when Hyun Woo was so quick to clarify that Hae-in isn't like that with him. Just like @ktcjdrama said, this drama is doing a very good job of showing how much Hae-In and Hyun Woo love each other that you can't even tell who loves who more. I loved the fact that when Hyun Woo first met Hae-In he had no idea she was from a wealthy family. He truly liked her for her, so much so that he was willing to be with her even though he thought she was poor. I loved the scene where he told her that he had always envisioned his wife to be a working woman but if it was her, he wouldn't mind if she stayed home as he would be willing to provide for her. And then he re-enforced that sentiment when they were eating ice cream together, saying that even if her family had debt, he would still stay with her. You can tell this meant a lot to Hae-In especially since she grew up feeling lonely and unloved by her own family. You can see this too when she was having dinner with Yoon Eun-sung, she said that love means being with someone and staying with them even when they have debt. She knows that by Hyun Woo choosing to remain by her side despite everything means that he loves her. This is also why that scene in the elevator where she asked him why he's not leaving the company despite being humiliated was so pivotal for me - Hyun Woo responded that he's staying because he wants to. She knows he loves her. That scene in the rain when Hae-In momentarily forgot about what happened in Germany broke my heart so much. You could see how happy she was to see him and how much it pained him to have to break it to her again. There were so many little things in that scene alone - from the way she wiped the rain off his shoulders, the way she was looking at him, how she told him she loved him.. and then you can see it in his eyes - the relief and sadness he felt realizing she forgot about the divorce, the hope that she could look at him so fondly again and also the inner struggle he felt knowing she would have to remember.. ugh!! And when she told him she loved him.. it's all he's ever wanted to hear! I thought it was cute too that when Hae-In's family was discussing the divorce and how they couldn't believe Hyun Woo would bug the grandfather's office, Hae-In's dad goes, "I can overlook all of that.. what I can't believe is that he wanted to divorce" and then Soo-Cheol goes, "that's the part I can believe.." I think the dad actually likes Hyun Woo because even when Hae-In said that she would make Hyun Woo pay for it, the dad went "do you have to go that far?" and this coming from someone who, in a previous episode, said that if someone leaves you, you have to stab them in the back. Despite how Hae-In's family treats Hyun Woo, I do think they like him and think highly of him. They listen to him, they pick up his calls, they go to him for help/advice. I am quite surprised that the drama revealed the relationship between Yoon Eun-sung and Mo Seul-hee only halfway through the series. I thought it would happen at a much later episode. Makes me so curious to see how the rest of it pans out. I have a suspicion that Soo-Cheol's wife might have a change of heart but we'll see.
  11. A little late joining this party. I had recently come across posts about this drama on IG and in reading the raving reviews, I decided to give it a try. My goodness, I watch all episodes in 2 days. Needless to say, I am very sleep-deprived. I am so very glad I decided to give this a try because IT. IS. SO. GOOD! I have not read the novels (I want to but don't know where to find them! And are they available in English?) so I didn't know what to expect. The first few episodes sets the stage for Xiao Yao and Cang Xuan but as you watch the drama, it makes it impossible to tell who Xiao Yao is supposed to end up with! Personally, I do not see Cang Xuan being a match for Xiao Yao. At most, he is her big brother who loves and protects her. I did not even consider Ye Shiqi. The way his character was introduced was so subtle that without having read the novel, I thought he was just a side character. A person that enters her life who is going to likely be her right-hand man or something like that. The person I thought most suited for her is Xiang Liu. I loved their chemistry right from the beginning. So I was really surprised to learn (through Google) that the main CP is Xiao Yao and Tushan Jing. Like everyone here, I also felt frustrated at how indecisive and passive Jing is, especially when it came to dealing with his family. But I think I understand why. His gentleness, loyalty and warmth is what made Xiao Yao love him so it is both his greatest strength and weakness. I agree that his character in the drama falls short of the magnificence everyone talked about prior to his disappearance and I want to read the novel to better understand his character. The scene where he finds Xiao Yao's body hanging from the trees and how he breaks down as he gently holds her while the fire around the burns.. that scene was done beautifully. I love, too, how Jing always knows how to find her. Every time she has gone missing, he is always the first to find her. I would say that the only inkling I see of his supposed brilliance is in the way he deals with situations. He is always calm and always seems to know the best way to handle situations to keep Xiao Yao safe and also help the people she cares about (Cang Xuan). It was him who gave Feng Long the advice about moving Cang Xuan to the Central Plains. Jing is highly intelligent but I love that despite everything he has to offer, he never uses Xiao Yao as a bargaining chip. Although he feels jealous and intimated by the men around Xiao Yao, he never gets upset with her and instead tries to sincerely win her heart. I think this is the problem - he feels the need to earn her but this has led to his downfall. My heart hurts for Xiang Liu/Feng feng Bei. Ugh, every time he is with her, I ache for him. You can clearly see how much he loves her but he holds himself back because of the debt of gratitude he has toward his adoptive father. The constant push and pull between them drives me crazy! I find myself screaming, "just be with each other already! Just run away together and be happy!" I cannot wait to see how Season 2 unfolds!!
  12. @Tofu @ktcjdrama I decided to check it out and breezed through all the available episodes. I like it so far. At this point I’m hooked and I hope they can keep the momentum all through the rest of the episodes.
  13. I am tempted to start this but gah, it's a weekend drama with 50 episodes and there's only 8 eps so far. LOL how is it so far?
  14. Interest of Love... why??

    1. abs-oluteM


      Mouse, my mum watched this and said it was too draggy towards the end.

      By the way, check out Crash Course In Romance if you have time.

    2. Mouse


      @abs-oluteMI just don't really understand the FL's hang up. It felt to me that a lot of what happened could have been avoided if it wasn't for her creating problems. And the ending was so unsatisfactory IMO. I only watched it until the end because of the ML. I'm a fan of his.

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