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  1. Vincenzo's screenwriter is definitely on crack. It's all over the place and yet, the story makes sense thus far.
  2. It's a classic anime. It is definitely worth watching.
  3. Meanwhile, I am like this on the stock market!
  4. --- / / / Members Shop \ \ \ --- Welcome to the Members Shop! We are really excited to bring this feature for the community. It has been a project worth of months in the making! Janghaven is offering a new economy system for our registered members to purchase items in our shop! This economy system will offer a digital currency called "Haven Points". How to earn Haven Points Daily Log in (+2 points) Starting a thread (+10 points) Reply to a thread (+2 points) Thread Starter for each post made by anyone (+1 point) Joining a club (+10 points) Posting a status (+1 point) Reply to a status (+1 point) New registration (+10 points) Please note earning post reactions do not grant Haven Points and it is impossible to make that happen! As of now, Haven Points cannot be purchased with real fiat currency or cryptocurrency. How to lose Haven Points Leaving a club (-20 points) 1 Warning Points (-5 points) 2 Warning Points (-25 points) 3 Warning Points (-125 points) 4 Warning Points (-625 points) 5 Warning Points (-3125 points) The Warning System will be reset 365 days after your last received warning. Within 365 days, losing Haven Points via warning points are cumulative. Let's say if you receive a warning point on day 50, you will lose 5 points. If you receive 2 warning points for a higher offense on day 300, you will lose -125 points because you have earned 3 warning points within the allocated year. This deducting system was put in place to encourage members adopting a good behavior within the community and acts as a deterrent for trolls and spammers. Banking System Members will be able to store their points in their own personal bank and earn compounded interest to be credited monthly. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees and the feature is absolutely free with the Members Shop. Current Monthly Interest Rates Members and Titled Members = +5% Staff & OG Members = +10% The Shop The Shop will contain several items available for purchase. As of now, we can only offer medals. As the Members Shop is further being developed, the staff will add games and new account unlockables! Prices Static Medals: 120 points Animated Medals: 150 points Special Medals: Variable Gifting System In addition to the shop and the banking system, we have added a gifting option for members. Whoever feels generous can donate their purchased / unclaimed items to other members of the community. Seasonal Content Members will encounter seasonal items from the shop. Every seasonal item is a limited-time purchase. Our very first seasonal content is a mashup of community-based created medals featuring the most popular/recent dramas & couples. Upcoming items in the shop may retire some inventory from prior seasons and archived content can be purchased through a discounted store to be rotated on a regular basis. ----- We acknowledge that is a lot to take in and the staff members at Janghaven are really excited to bring this into the community! The Members Shop will launch on Monday, February 22, 2021 Enjoy & stay safe Havenites!
  5. Soju


    Members Shop launches on February 22, 2021 First seasonal content launches on February 22, 2021 Second Economy System Banking System Auto-ban bot for suspicious registered emails Storage allocation increased for future personalized profile accounts
  6. Members Shop launches on February 22, 2021 First seasonal content launches on February 22, 2021 Second Economy System Banking System Auto-ban bot for suspicious registered emails Storage allocation increased for future personalized profile accounts View full release
  7. Soju

    Halloween Event 2020

    The prizes will be gradually distributed starting next Monday on October 26, 2020. Watch out for new badges and emojis! While the [Halloween Champion 2020] medal has already been claimed from a top participant. There is still time to redeem the [Halloween Event 2020] medal and the ranking medals!
  8. Soju

    Halloween Event 2020

    @oppasaranghaeyo Try sending me another pm after logging back in. There is a possibility that some background processes in our forums are upgrading and are preventing temporarily some features from working properly.
  9. Hello, Havenites! As we went along building our website, we have forbidden the use of embed Instagram content since our launch due to two lawsuits in the United States in regards of sharing original copyrighted content - putting a risk to members of our community. As of today, we are now authorizing the sharing of embed content from Instagram on JangHaven. On September 21st 2020, Facebook has updated their terms of agreement in the use of their products including Instagram. They have also announced publicly and released a tool of Rights Manager empowering content creators to protect their pictures, including those embedded somewhere else. This creates a precedence for content creators. They must be aware that such feature exists. If they are sharing their pictures through their social media platforms without applying this security measure, they are held personally responsible for their own sharing settings. For more info: https://about.fb.com/news/2020/09/helping-creators-and-publishers-manage-their-intellectual-property/ Thank you for your patience and understanding!
  10. Soju

    Halloween Event 2020

    Yes, you would have to submit your findings to unlock that pumpkin medal.
  11. Welcome to the official Halloween Event 2020! All hands for a Trick-Or-Treat community mission! The objective of this mighty adventure is: [Find 30 lost candies] This is a community-based event! Every 6 lost candies found will unlock a milestone for the entire community to be granted a new Emoji Collection. Where do we find those 30 lost candies? Candies are dropped on the entire JangHaven website. This includes any pages in the forums, clubs, compendium & more. The only exempted locations are: member profiles, spoilers, this event thread (duh) & staff sections. When does the event end? The event will run until October 31st, 2020. How do I submit my candies? Please send your submissions to @Soju in one private message. Make sure to edit your message if you find more candies! A valid candy submission is a URL link pointing to where the candy was found. Who is eligible for this event? Anyone who is registered to JangHaven is eligible for participating! Can I share my findings with any participant? Of course! Any retrieved candy from the hunt will bring more emojis to this community. However, you are accepting the risks of decreasing your chances to earn exclusive Halloween event medals! Will emoji collections from this event unlocked permanently? They will be staying with the community for a while. We wish to keep offering cosmetic content to our forums. The idea of retiring old emoji collections in the future is not excluded. Community Prizes Party Collection: Awarded for finding 06/30 lost candies Halloween Collection: Awarded for finding 12/30 lost candies OwO Collection: Awarded for finding 18/30 lost candies Duck Collection: Awarded for finding 24/30 lost candies Panda Collection: Awarded for finding 30/30 lost candies Challenging Difficulty The first member who finds all 30 lost candies will be awarded the [Halloween Champion 2020] medal! Event medals [Halloween Event 2020] - Awarded for participating into the limited event [Halloween Champion 2020]* - Awarded for completing the challenging difficulty Ranking medals Awarded for collecting the highest amount of lost candies [Platinum Medal] - 1st place [Gold Medal] - 2nd place [Silver Medal] - 3rd place [Bronze Medal] - 4th place *Exception: TOTAL CANDIES FOUND: 30/30
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